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If you were not there 15 August 2023: Abhimanyu exclaims then it is nothing to be worried about but both Kaviya and Nidtiya exclaim they want to party, Abhimanyu agrees that now they are going to party, however Nidtiya apologizes she will not be able to come, which worries him so he asks the reason, Nidtiya in forms that she got kidnapped when she was young and her mother found her at the Mandir so after that she doesnot let her go anywhere alone, Abhimanyu asks her to not be worried since he is going to be with her, Niyati answers the call requesting if she can go to the house of her friend Kaviya when Niyati replies that she has advised that she will only go out with either her Grandparents or her so she must not create any drama in front of strangers, Abhimanyu however takes the phone saying that he will take her daughter with him to their house, Niyati is shocked and she drops the groceries, he exclaims that there is nothing to be worried about since his family has the security, he is aware of the incident that occurred with her daughter during her childhood. Niyati in shock says agrees, Abhimanyu thinks he can surely take her daughter with him while he will even drop her back.

Niyati gets worried thinking what will happen, she reveals that they would have to make sure Nidtiya stays away from Abhimanyu, Niyati mentions that she never thought he would try to use her own daughter against her and what if he creates hatred in her heart just like Manaroma did with Abhimanyu, she starts panicking and rushes to bring Nidtiya back explaining she will not allow Abhimanyu to use her daughter against her, she rushes out to bring Nidtiya back from the school.

Niyati is traveling in the auto while Abhimanyu is following her, he is constantly thinking about how he heard her talking with Aanad on the call explaining that she did not scold the child, he gets really angry.

Mr Panday is sitting when Maya comes asking what happened since he did not even touch a single mango when he informs that he is really missing Niyati, Mr Panday reveals she really liked the mango and as the season arrived, she would insist that he bring them from their farm, and until they remained in season she would eat them more then the food, he felt lucky to have a daughter in law like her but Manaroma wronged both Abhimanyu and Niyati, she even then accepted her with all her intentions, he informs that he remembers Niyati whenever he sees her but it is his bad luck that he lost Niyati.

Maya asks is it not possible to mend those relations that have broken, he replies if it was that easy would he have not tried but he feels Abhimanyu is eager to take revenge.

Niyati is in the auto when she notices the car following her so gets really scared, she thinks there is something wrong. Mr Panday informs Maya that he and Amma tried a lot to convince him but he is not ready to listen, Niyati wonders who is following her, Mr Panday reveals that Abhimanyu only listens to his mother, Maya explains what if they talk to the person who is ready to listen, she suggests they should go to the house of Ram as she has seen how he cares for each and every plant that he plants in their farm, she requests that they should go to his house.

Niyati recognizes that Abhimanyu is following her and she gets tensed thinking that he would try to create a scene at the school, she doesnot know if she would be able to reveal the truth to her daughter, Niyati immediately asks the auto driver to stop and she gets out, he keeps on following her.

Niyati reaches the house thinking she must bring Nidtiya before he reaches, she is shocked to hear his voice and turning sees his car, Niyati starts running with all her might when even he starts following her with his car, he is about to run her over when she falls on the ground, he steps out of the car explaining he felt really nice to see her in pain, he explains that he used to stand in front of her whenever she suffered any problem but things have changed as she is also going to pay for the crimes which she committed six years ago, he threatens to cause a lot of pain to her informing that he will make sure she doesnot die and lives till the last breath because now just as he suffered crying for their daughter, she will also pay the price, he gets in the car warning her to wait for him just like this because he will return.

The teacher asks Niyati to wait while she will bring Nidtiya, Niyati thanks her and is eagerly waiting for her daughter, she walking down the stairs calls her, Niyati immediately hugs her but Nidtiya questions what happened to her beautiful dress and what happened, Niyati reveals that she fell down which worries Nidtiya who asks if she is fine, Niyati assure she will tell her everything but for now she needs to come back with her, Nidtiya replies she still has two classes left and then has to go with Kaviya, she herself gave her the permission, Niyati is left shocked.

Sulochana is standing at the door in anger, Mr Panday wishes her when Maya introduces herself and then tries to take her blessings but she steps back, Ram also bars Maya from taking the blessings revealing that he has seen the act of the Panday family as they have just pretended, he asks them to not worry as he can take care of his daughter while he should stop this act. Mr Panday questions if he has understood him even after their friendship, he reveals that he is helpless even when he knows the entire truth, it is all the planning of Manaroma and her son Angad, she has trapped Abhimanyu to the extent that he is not even able to see the truth, Ram in anger questions why does he not kill such a woman, Mr Panday replies he has tried a lot but stops because of the love for his son. He reveals they all know who is the criminal.

Niyati explains she did not give the permission and he heard it wrong so she must come back with her, Nidtiya replies it is wrong as she and Kaviya made a lot of plans and they are even making pasta for them, Niyati forces Nidtiya to leave with her while Kavya keeps calling her from behind, Abhimanyu brings the gifts for both Kaviya and Nidtiya.

Mr Panday questions is it is not possible that they as the parents of the children that they take care of their lives, Niyati enters the house when she is shocked to see the mangoes on the floor, Nidtiya kneels down to pick them when Niyati questions Sulochana about what might have happened, however Sulochana signals her, she asks Nidtiya to go and change in the room, before starting her homework, Nidtiya starts arguing with her but then says she doesnot understand her mother who first brought her back before the end of classes and now wants her to complete the work.

Niyati questions Sulochana what happened, she reveals Gaju bhai came with the wife of Karan and after that the police arrested Ram, Niyati thinks it would be the work of Abhimanyu as he wants to take revenge from her.

Abhimanyu bough gifts for everyone including Nidtiya and Kaviya. He was excited to meet the bombshell Nidtiya in the evening.

At home, Sulochana tells Niyati that Ram was arrested by police. Both cries. Sulochana tells Niyati that Ram and Gajender had an argument. Gajender wanted to sort the issues between their kids resolved. Ram wasn’t ready to accept that Niyati was mistaken. Gajender however accepted that his son was blinded by his mother’s love. Ram shouted if no one else had a mother in this world. Ram was determined not to accept that his son was worth his daughter, even when he was sick and now when he is fine. He cursed that Gajender’s son’s life will be worse than life. Gajender slapped Ram. Ram now slapped Gajender. Both grabbed their heads. Maya tries to stop Gajender

from the fight. Ram pushed Gajender towards the wall and his forehead was hurt. Maya took Gajender. The police came with an arrest warrant for Ram later, as Gajender Panday’s son filed a complaint against him in police. Niyati was determined to bring her father home. She says Abhimanyu did this to hurt her. He reached Nidtiya’s school as well and threatened her last night as well.
In the school, Kavya tells Abhimanyu that Nidtiya’s mother took her home. Abhimanyu asks how she can now back up, she permitted her herself to come along. He calls Niyati. Niyati was in an auto, she thinks it seems Abhimanyu doesn’t know Nidtiya is her daughter. She decides to hide her relation with Nidtiya from Abhimanyu. Kavya was upset and wanted to go with Nidtiya, otherwise she won’t go home, or have lunch. Abhimanyu looks around and stops a teacher who had a crush over Abhimanyu. He asks for Nidtiya’s landline number. The teacher holds Abhimanyu’s hand, and goes to get the number. Kavya teases Abhimanyu.

Niyati reaches Pandey house. The blames and accusations from the past flash in front of her eyes. She recalls Abhimanyu’s blames and the way he had thrown her out of the house. Niyati remembers how she had vowed she won’t enter the house, nor will leave the city until she proves herself guilty. Niyati calls Abhimanyu Panday from outside. Gajender was delighted to see her and introduces her to Maya. Niyati apologizes to Gajender for Ram’s behavior. Gajender says Ram is his friend and there is nothing wrong in fighting with each other. Niyati tells him that her father is arrested as his son Abhimanyu filed a complaint against him. Gajender was shocked to hear and says Abhimanyu is unaware of the incident, so this is impossible. Angad comes from behind confessing he filed the complaint against him. He called Abhimanyu to tell him about the incident and made him file the complaint. Gajender shouts at Angad that his son Abhimanyu cannot do so. Angad says Abhimanyu told him that he wants to see Niyati in pain. Niyati recalls Abhimanyu’s threats. Gajender shouts at Angad to be enough with his lies against Abhimanyu. Niyati tells Gajender that Abhimanyu wants to hurt her. Angad recalls following his father to Ram’s house. He silently thinks that he got Ram arrested, but he was sure that love will be overpowered by hate and mistrust even now. Niyati tells Gajender she couldn’t ever understand Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu could have seen the truth of Angad in killing their daughter, but instead he is threatening her. Abhimanyu is still unable to distinguish between the right and wrong.

Nidtiya wasn’t ready to have lunch with Sulochana and asks about her mother or nana. They get a call on landline. Nidtiya was excited to hear from Abhimanyu. Sulochana was shocked to hear the name. Abhimanyu asks for Nidtiya’s address. Sulochana cuts the call. Nidtiya was offended. Sulochana forbids her tell anyone about their house address, and agrees to let Nidtiya go with the new friend. The phone bell rings again. Nidtiya asks Abhimanyu to pick her from the same jacket shop they had met for the first time.

There, Gajender tries to clarify Abhimanyu’s position to Niyati. Angad instead dials Abhimanyu’s number. Abhimanyu says he does not want to hear Niyati’s name, he has done what he wanted to do. Angad smiles at Gajender, he silently thinks Abhimanyu is not aware of his plans even yet. Gajender goes to get his phone and get Ram out of lock up. Angad tells Niyati no one get Ram out of lock up. The only condition to get her father bailed is, forget about her deceased daughter and take her case on Angad and their mother back.

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