If you were not there update Monday 14 August 2023

If you were not there 14 August 2023: Niyati asks Abhimanyu to see after opening the video, which will reveal the true face of Angad, Abhimanyu turning questions where is the video and the truth, Niyati is shocked seeing that the phone is empty and she starts checking it restlessly, wondering where could have it gone to, Abhimanyu asks her to stop questioning why is she lying, Niyati replies that she herself saw the video in which Angad was talking to the ward boy, Abhimanyu asks why is she not accepting her lie, but Niyati says she will surely prove the truth, she takes him back inside the police station. Niyati questions the inspector if he saw the video which was in this mobile, the inspector replies that he never saw the video and she came into the police station but before they could see it, Abhimanyu came inside and they started fighting, but he did not see the video, Niyati starts blaming him saying that he deleted the video but the inspector questions from the other constables. however Abhimanyu gets really tensed.

Ram and Sulochana are feeding Nidtiya in the house when Sharma jee comes mentioning that he got angry in the morning but will not throw the garbage in front of their house, Nidtiya exclaims that it will not be of any use because her mother has already gone to the police station. Sharma jee gets tensed questioning what is she doing since this is wrong and no one files a complaint on throwing garbage, Nidtiya replies that her mother is very strict, she doesnot tolerate wrong actions, Ram informs Sharma jee that he is mistaken, Niyati went to the police station for some other work and not to file his complaint, Nidtiya mentions then they were lying to her all this time, she wants to know the truth. Sulochana informs she has made her favorite pudding but Nidtiya insists on going to the police station, Ram tries to console her revealing that the police station is not for children however she runs away saying she will go by herself.

Niyati mentions she found a single proof after so many years that could provide justice to her daughter and punish the murderers but they even removed it, she questions them when the inspector explains she is having a misunderstanding, Niyati replies that since Abhimanyu came here it proves he called Angad because she came here without telling anyone, he called Abhimanyu here so he could delete the video., Niyati reveals it was the case of murdering a seven years old daughter, did he not feel ashamed of doing it and she asks how much money did he give them. Inspector gets angry saying he would have filed complaint against her if she was not the daughter in law of Panday family and the wife of Abhimanyu, he from the back explains she is not his wife and they do not have any relation. Niyati turns to look at him in shock, she starts crying before rushing out of the police station while Abhimanyu is still standing there in anger. Niyati reaches out of the police station, crying.

Niyati is walking when she hears Nidtiya calling, she turns to see her running towards her, Nidtiya hugs her, Ram and Sulochana also reach her. Niyati wipes of her tears looking at both her parents, Nidtiya questions why did she come to the police station.

Sulochana reveals she heard them talking and did not stop even when they tried to, they both had to bring her, Niyati reveals it is wrong since the police station is not for children, Ram signals her asking what happened in the police station when Niyati mentions nothing happened, Nidtiya questions if she is fine. Abhimanyu sees Niyati hugging a child who is calling her mother, she leaves with them all while Abhimanyu is shocked exclaiming that this means Niyati has gotten married.

The inspector calls Angad exclaiming that he played a really good master stroke revealing that now there is nothing which can ruin him but how did he knew that they both would start fighting, Angad replies this is what he has done in the past six years, he played on that part in which Niyati was blaming Maa, and showed it to Abhimanyu but if they are such idiots then what can he do, Inspector asks him to not think of them as idiots since Niyati has seen the video and is now trying the best to get him thrown in jail, but if Niyati and Abhimanyu end their differences then he will not be safe, Angad replies he will not let it happen.

Angad ends the call thinking that the death of the child because of which they both got separated is still alive, he is the only one who knows the truth and until they get to know anything, nothing can harm him.

Nidtiya is questioning Niyati what was the reason that she was in the police station but Niyati assures she is going to tell her everything when she receives a call from Angad, Niyati replies that she is not yelling at the child but he should himself talk to her, Nidtiya replies she doesnot want to talk with him since he always defends Niyati, Ram stops an auto, in which Sulochana and Nidtiya sit, Niyati feels as if someone is following them and so turns but Abhimanyu suddenly hides, Ram asks what happened when Niyati explains she felt that someone is following her, Ram questions what happened in the police station as she was really happy in the morning, Niyati informs they all are with Angad, Ram asks her to come since they need to leave.

Abhimanyu standing in the corner thinks it was so easy for Niyati to move ahead in her life, he exclaims It was so easy for her to forget their daughter and give birth to a second child, he gets really mad thinking how she moved ahead.

Nidtiya is dancing while listening to the music, Sulochana questions why has she made the entire house as a loud speaker, Nidtiya asks her to first give her mobile since she needs to set her alarm since Mithai Massi is coming to meet them at seven thirty, Nidtiya reveals that she even has her Munni when Sulochana questions who is she, Nidtiya replies that she is her cycle. Ram brings the sweets which she makes mentioning that they have finally come, Nidtiya in excitement takes the sweets while Sulochana also tastes it, she praises the sweets revealing how she feels they would have to watch her Mithai masi.

Abhimanyu in the room is thinking how he heard Niyati talking with Aanad, he in anger starts thrashing the room when maya enters questioning what is going on, he reveals he has been deceived, she asks what is he saying when he in forms that Niyati has married Aanad and even has a daughter while he has been living in the pain for the past six years but she has been using the case as a way to hide her own crimes, he vows to never let it happen, Maya questions how can Niyati do anything like this, she turns to go talk with Amma je and uncle but Abhimanyu stops her from saying anything, making how vow on his life.

Niyati comes out and wonders why is the lights of their house gone when everywhere else it is coming, she sees that someone has taken off the fuse box so wonders who might it be, she closes it when Abhimanyu from behind covers her face with his hands, he pushes her against the wall so she is left shocked seeing how angry Abhimanyu is.

Niyati has rested her had on Ram’s lap, he tries to question her but she doesnot reply when he reveals that the path to truth has a lot of difficulties but his daughter has never lost hope, he exclaims what happened if that inspector is with Angad but she is has not ran away from any troubles, even if the entire world goes against her but she must always remember that she is standing with the truth, Sulochana exclaims that because of this truth she is going to make sure her daughter gets justice and she must not lose, Niyati mentions she was really close because today the entire truth was about to reveal, she could have proved all the blames that Abhimanyu place on her to be wrong but now she has once again lose in front of him.

Abhimanyu shows the photo of Niyati to one of the neighbors who signals him towards the house, Sulochana mentions that she is worried what he might do after the way he behaved with Niyati, she exclaims she is not scared of him and requests them both to go and rest since she has to help Nidtiya complete her homework, Niyati feels someone is coming, she looks out the window where she sees Abhimanyu standing in the dark,she is not able to understand when Nidtiya calls her, so she replies she is coming, Abhimanyu gets shocked hearing this when Niyati wonders who was standing there, she covers the curtain, leaving Abhimanyu in distress.
Nidtiya talking with the stuffed toy exclaims that Mummi would come and sing the a bed time song after which they will sleep, Niyati questions why did she not sleep till now, Nidtiya replies because she is really worried about her, she questions if everything is fine when Niyati replies that she went to the police station because of some work, Nidtiya questions if it completed but Niyati assures it will eventually be completed, Niyati informs that they should not be scared of the problem that arise in their life but then fight them with all the strength, she exclaims it is now time for Nidtiya to rest since tomorrow is her school, however Nidtiya insists on first listening to a bed time song.

Niyati questions if this is her age to listen to such songs, Nidtiya exclaims that child tend to remain young for their parents. Niyati asks her to come on her lap, she starts singing the song meanwhile Abhimanyu is walking to the backside of the house thinking of the kidnapping incident that happened six years ago. He pulls out the fuse box, Niyati wonders what happened to the light and she goes out to see the light of only their house is gone, she seeing the fuse box wonders who has taken out the fuse box, Abhimanyu suddenly covers her mouth from behind and she is shocked, he in anger exclaims it was so easy for her to move on and be the Niyati of someone else, he exclaims she married someone else and even has another child, he exclaims it was very easy for her to move on, he doesnot even let them speak anything.
Abhimanyu mentions he knows she wanted to move on in her life but then what was the need to file this case, why is she pretending to worry for their daughter when she just tries to ruin his life, she caused him pain to make him feel as if he has lost everything, he doesnot allow her to speak, he questions why did she keep causing him pain to him, he was already broken but now he is going to reply to her every pain. She pushing him away says it is enough as this is what he knows, he only blames her and she is already trying to wash the mark of those blames that he placed on her six years ago, but now it has been enough as she will not bear these anymore and he can do whatever he desires. Abhimanyu leaves asking her to see what he does since he took out the fuse box so she is not humiliated in front of her daughter but now she will have to suffer for everything while he will not care for anyone.

Niyati is in shock when Ram starts questioning who is there, Ram sees Niyati and questions what is she doing here, she informs Abhimanyu came to threaten her as he thinks she has married someone else while Nidtiya is her daughter from the second marriage. Ram getting angry says that he will not let him go like this, Niyati however stops him explaining there is no point in going to that house because those who can differentiate between right and wrong no longer have the power while those who do not have any sense control everything, she takes him inside.

Abhimanyu steps in his car crying, thinking how he heard the child call Niyati as mom, he believes that she married Aanad, Niyati is also really tensed sitting on the bed when she thinks he has gotten so ahead in his anger that he is not even able to differentiate between what is right and wrong as he should be the one to see it clearly.

Abhimanyu reaches the house, he steps out of the car in anger recalling how he and Niyati promised to always defend their daughter, he exclaims that now she has to pay for all the promises that she broke.

Abhimanyu sees off Kaviya to the school when he hears Niyati calling for an auto so thinks that even her daughter studies in this school, Abhimanyu heads inside when Nidtiya calls him from behind, he stats smiling when she questions if he came to meet her but he replies that he came to meet someone else however Nidtiya starts to question him about the name of that person, he asks her to let it be. Nidtiya in forms him that she has a lot of respect in this school just as her Mohalla, so if he needs anything then can ask for her help. Kaviya seeing them both calls out to Nidtiya.

Kaviya comes in between Abhimanyu and Nidtiya, she reveals that Nidtiya has caused a lot of problem to her so if she doesnot speak to her then neither will he, Nidtiya in forms that she took new admission in this school but Kaviya and her friends teased her a lot so she warned her to not mess with her since her grandmother named her as a problem, Kaviya warns her to not complain to her uncle about her when Nidtiya replies she is not calling him as her uncle and they start fighting, Abhimanyu separates them both informing how he had planned to watch their favorite cartoons with them but if they are fighting then he will enjoy all alone, both Kaviya and Nidtiya agree to watch with him, he mentions they should first end this fight and be friends, both of them shake their hands.

Niyati reaches back, she gets a call from Nidtiya, Niyati gets worried hearing her voice so questions from whose mobile is she calling, Abhimanyu takes the phone revealing that he is the uncle of Kaviya and is going to take them both with him after school, Niyati drops the bags in shock, Abhimanyu gets tensed when she doesnot reply.


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