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Rajjo 20 July 2203: The Episode starts with Rajjo worrying for Mannu. Madhu says don’t worry, everyone is worried because of you, I had gone to the temple and prayed for your mum’s safety, have the prasad. She gives them the prasad. She says you handle your duties as a bahu, you should take care of everyone, but you have ruined our peace and sleep. Chirag asks what are you saying, Mannu is her mum. She says you are my son, look at yourself and Arjun. She says Rajjo look at yourself, take rest, then you can think well. Arjun takes Rajjo with her. Rajjo falls asleep while thinking of Mannu. Arjun cares for Rajjo. She gets a nightmare and wakes up. Inspector calls Arjun. He says we didn’t get anything in the lake. Rajjo says I m sure Maai went there. He says we have checked the lake well, but we didn’t find your mum.

Arjun says okay. She says how did her dupatta go there. Arjun says there are many such dupattas, listen to me. She thinks I know its my mum’s dupatta. She worries. She says maybe someone else had the same dupatta, but the dupatta reaching the same lake isn’t a coincidence. She calls Golu Kaka and asks did Mannu come to the village in the bus. The man says no, she didn’t board my bus, why, is everything fine. She asks does any other bus go there. He says no, just my bus goes to the village, what happened, tell me. She says mum isn’t anywhere. Sia comes and says you will get your mum soon, don’t worry, I heard Madhu talking to someone about Magar taal on call. Rajjo thinks how did Madhu know about it. Chirag asks Arjun to go to village and find out.

Kartik says its not easy to go in such weather. Arjun says I should go, I worry for Rajjo and Mannu also. Rajjo asks Madhu do you know anything about my mum. Madhu says no. Rajjo asks who were you talking about Magar taal yesterday, when Arjun and I went out, we didn’t tell anyone about it, who were you talking to. Jhilmil asks why would she ask. Rajjo says she was at home, Sia told me that Madhu was talking about Magar taal and got scared. She asks Madhu not to hide anything.

Madhu says we have thrown her in front of the crocodiles and killed her. Everyone is shocked. Arjun holds Rajjo. Madhu says you wanted me to say this, that I killed your mum. Rajjo says no, she is missing since she went there. Madhu says your worry got high, so its my mistake, how, who am I here, a family person or a murderer. Arjun says Rajjo is saying, Sia heard you talking on call. Madhu says Sia is a kid, she might have heard something else, why would I talk to someone about the lake. He says we just wanted to hear that. She says I didn’t talk to anyone. He asks Rajjo to come and have food. Rajjo says no, Sia can’t name that place, she won’t lie, she won’t know what’s in Magar taal. She asks Madhu not to hide anything and just say it. Arjun says Mannu is fine. Rajjo says no, she isn’t fine. He asks her to stop it. She says I spoke to Golu Kaka, he said Mannu didn’t board the bus, she didn’t go to the village. He says she can go in a private taxi also. They argue.

He says I worry for your mum also. She says I m not blaming you, I know you are also worried, you are trying your best to find my mum, when Madhu was ready to sacrifice me for a blind belief, then here I m sure that something wrong happened with my mum, listen to me, let me question Madhu. Madhu says I made a mistake, but I won’t be wrong always, I m also worried, I kept a puja for Mannu, pandits have come. Rajjo says Madhu has called the pandits to keep puja for Mannu. Rajjo goes to apologize to Madhu. She says Madhu isn’t there in the room. Madhu meets a goon. Rajjo says don’t know where did she go. Madhu asks did you do my work. Rajjo hears her and goes to see. The man says yes, I got whatever you wanted from Magar taal. Rajjo hears this.

Chirag worrying. He asks Sia did you hear Madhu talking about Magar Taal. Sia says yes, I got scared and she was also scared. He asks who was she talking to, did you hear any name. Sia says no. Kalindi sends Sia to school. He says if Sia heard it… Kalindi says she is a kid, it doesn’t matter, I understand you want everyone’s good, you are sensitive about Arjun and Rajjo, but please understand, you aren’t Madhu’s fav son, our life is coming on track, don’t forget that you are someone’s son also. Madhu says tell me fast. The man says I got what you wanted from Magar taal, no one saw me going there. Rajjo asks what’s all this. Madhu says give me that cover. Rajjo says I came to apologize to you, you knew about Mannu, this is the proof. Madhu says no, listen to me. Rajjo

runs to Arjun and shows the cover. She says this cover has a proof against Madhu, it will prove she knew about Mannu going to the lake, I heard her talking to this man in the storeroom. Madhu asks why would I do this. She asks Arjun to trust her. Rajjo checks the cover. She gets some soil. She thinks there is nothing in this. She worries. Madhu asks what happened, are you satisfied now, you are wrong, this soil is fertile, so I got this sample for the factory. Rajjo asks why did you ask this man to hide and go. Madhu says our business is big, people are after us to know our work model. Mukund says Pushkar wants to do a new business with me. Jhilmil says I want to know since when is Madhu entering this business.

Rajjo says I m saying the truth. Jhilmil says its limit. Pratap says its wrong, Madhu won’t harm your mum, she is ashamed for her mistake. Madhu pleads and cries. She asks do you want to make me out of the house. She gets dizzy. Arjun and Chirag run and hold her. Madhu apologizes and asks will I get proved wrong always, I m not so bad. Arjun hugs her and consoles. He asks Rajjo what happened to you. Rajjo argues with him. He says I talked to Nanku, he spoke to Biswa, Mannu is fine. Rajjo says wait, did you talk to Mannu. He says no, why would Nanku lie, how can you think that my family can harm your mum. Rajjo says what we are seeing isn’t right. Madhu talks to Pushkar. She says everyone thinks Rajjo is going mad, as per your plan, I made Rajjo hear all that, she went and did a drama in front of everyone. Pushkar says now she will think from her heart and not understand our plan. He laughs. Rajjo takes Chirag outside.

She says Arjun doesn’t trust me. He says I trust you. She says don’t lie, I just want to express myself, listen to me, I want to find my mum. He says I know kids are connected to parents, you know Mannu well, listen to your heart, it’s a big thing, get more proof. She says I can’t find anything, Arjun spoke to Nanku, Nanku said Mannu is in village, why would Mannu call him instead me. He asks her to go to Nanku and talk to her, we will drop you, don’t worry. She says yes. Madhu comes. Rajjo says sorry, I didn’t see you. Madhu acts to take permission from her. She asks her to check the tiffin. Kalindi signs Chirag to be quiet. Rajjo apologizes to Madhu. Madhu asks Kalindi to drop her to the office, so that Rajjo gets a proof. They leave. Rajjo reaches Nanku’s house.

Pushkar calls Madhu and says my men are with Nanku, Rajjo reached there, how will I disappear Nanku, couldn’t you stop her. She says I can’t make her doubt me, its your work to shut up Nanku, she shouldn’t say anything. Rajjo says Nanku isn’t at home. She hears some sound and says it means Nanku is inside, why isn’t he answering. Goon threatens Nanku. Nanku cries.

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