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I do 22 June 2022: seher is boggled while razia says that after she does that work, her whole work shall change, and she wont have to work cheap. She asks who is razia. razia says that she is the Aladdin’s jinh and shall fulfill all her wishes for her to become rich. She says that she knows all about her, and wants work from her, and for that, she would get the money, that she hasnt even dreamt of. seher wards her off rebuking her and leaves. razia tells her that she may not believe it, but she is 100% genuine, and offers up upto 50 lakhs for this work, which makes seher turn around, asking who is she. Razia says that she isnt giving her money for answering her questions. Seher thinks that she is bluffing. razia gives her the bangles, saying that they are at 5lakhs, and consider this an advance, and the remaining after the work is done.

seher takes and says that if these are genuine then she would meet her here only tomorrow, or else she shouldnt think of showing her face ever again. Seher leaves. razia comments that this may be her last jewellery, but it would pay her off nicely.The lawyer says that they shall have to wait till sanam’s hand gets better. tanveer is frustrated while sanam smiles. Ahil goes to see off the lawyer. sanam too begins to leave, when tanveer stops her, and compliments her on learning the game so easily, and asks her if she thinks that she can stop her from doing what she wants, by such an immature act. tanveer says that she wont be able to, as she is the master at this game. Sanam says that this iant a game but life to her, and she cant let anyone play with it.

she says that she is indebted to her, and she respects her for that, but when they are talking frank, she wants her to know, that she understands everything, and it may be ahil’s benefit or not, but she definitely benefits, having seen the desperation and till she doesnt get to the bottom of it, she wont sign the papers. She leaves, while tanveer is tensed and irritated. tanveer thinks that by tonight, she would get sanam to sign the papers, be she dead or alive, and that she wont ever know her truth. Sanam enters her roiom, and finds ahil, and they awkwardly face each other. Ahil eyes her bandage, and asks that her left hand was hurt, then why she didnt sign with the right hand. sanam says that she too felt that signing meant their relation shall end, which she doesnt want at all.

Ahil remembers saying the same thing to her, and their intimate moments together, and then gets disturbed remembering tanveer’s words. He says that she should have signed the papers, and then adds that its better that she doersnt start dreaming of a life together with him, as his life is complicated, and she would be hurt if she tries to interfere in it. He begins to leave, and the diary of his falls down on the floor. He is stopped by sanam, who asks what happened last evening, that separated them after having come so close. she says that she can see that he too wants to stay together, then whats the problem, and wants to know why is he detatching himself from her. He says that he wont understand nor does he want to argue with her on this matter. He leaves.

She turns around resignedly and finds ahil’s diary on the floor, and starts flipping through the pages, and is shocked at what she reads, in ahil’s childhood diary. She gets emotional as she goes through ahil’s childhood recount of ahil’s turmoil and trauma that he faced due to their parents fighting, and his father’s drunken state, and how he was neglected and terrified all the time. tears stream down her cheeks as she is apalled at ahil’s pain. she closes her eyes in emotions. She gets ahil’s call, and is about to receive the call, when tanveer cancels her call. Ahil wonders if sanam is mad at him for behaving like that. tanveer asks sanam to sign, and when she refuses, tanveer throws her on the bed, while sanam is shocked and asks whats the matter. Ahil is tensed as to why is sanam cancelling the phone again and again.

tanveer takes her by her face and says that she doesnt know her yet, and what she doesnt get, she snatches, and that she would get signatures from sanam anyhow. ahil is extremely tensed that sanam isnt picking the phone, and then sends a message, that in between them there’s something that hasnt and isnt able to be ended, hence he doesnt want it to end anymore. He says that he wants to say something to her, which he hasnt been able to, and asks her to meet at his old constructions site. Tanveer, through Azhar’s parents, gags and suffocates Sanam by tying her in a plastic bag, while she pants for breath and muffledly screams for help. Ahil thinks that he cant bear this pain with her, and that he would tell her everything. They forcibly try to get sanam’s thumb impression, while ahil thinks that she should have reached by now, and asks if she is really upset. azhar’s parents ask her to give in or she shall die. Ahil keeps getting tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
rahat is tensed as he remembers his promise to haya and then to faiz, and the dilemma that he is in right now, and he stopped faiz from knowing the truth. faiz comes asking what were they talking, and why was faiz so happy, and why the gifts. He asks her not to overhink. she asks how can she not, as faiz insulted her so much and gave her divorce and threw her out, and had he not been there, she would have been begging on the roiad. rahat says that faiz is guilty of his behaviour, and came to apologise. Haya says that she isnt angry at him, as he doesnt matter to her, and that she has only loved one man in her life and thats him, and says I LOVE YOU to him. she hugs him, while he is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam keeps suffocating and panting for breath, finally almost dozing off to unconsciousness, while they keep trying to get her thumb impression, but she doesnt relent. ahil meanwhile keeps getting frustrated. Tanveer doesnt let go and continues to torture her, while sarcastically saying that they shall test her limit of tolerance. meanwhile, a tensed ahil arrives and starts walking to his room, while tanveer warns sanam that they shall see if she signs or dies first, and if she dies, she would get her signatures as it is, and the whgole world shall know that ahil refused to accept her and she committed suicide. she asks sanam to open the clenched fist, while ahil progresses to his room.

As a knock on the door startles tanveer and scares azhar’s parents, sanam doses off into unconscious state, just when ahil arrives. the screen freezes on sanam’s face.As ahil’s phone rings, it alarms tanveer and azhar’s parents and they get alert. ahil moves away, while tanveer asks them to get her on th bed, and then get the entire room okay and perfect. ahil gets busy on the phone, while they ready up the room as if nothing happened, and make it seem that sanam is just sleeping, with covers drawn. they sneaks out the room, escaping ahil’s eyes. After they are gone, ahil finishes the talk and enters to find sanam asleep. He comes and sits beside her, and then drawing himself close, he caresses her face and her hairs, while she is unconscious, and the nightmares of her turmoil hautn her in her semi conscious state.

She turns around, and starts screaming to be left alone, and ahil misconstrues it that she is addressing it to him. He is hurt and distraught. he gets up from the bed and leaves.Then sanam wakes up the next morning, apalled and boggled. she looks for her phone, and is shocked to find so many missed calls and messages. She is tensed thinking that ahil had actually wanted to talk to her. She rushes out screaming for ahil, while tanveer confronts her from the balcony, smiling and applauding her for her good dedstiny and fate, but says that it wont be with her for long, as ahil has gone for the Kohinoor Project’s opening, and she is all alone with them, in this big mansion. sanam gets tensed. tanveer tells her that she wishes she could see the fear of her face right now, as she dreads what Tanveer would do next.

Tanveer tells her that today she would have to sign the papers, while sanam says that she would die but not sign. tanveer tells her that she can go to any limits to get her work done. sanam recounts the horror. tanveer tells sanam that today she would isgn the papers in front of everyone at the opening, and also get ahil to sign them. She tells sanam that she has understood very well that she doesnt dread her death, but knows one more thing and shall ensure one more thing. Tanveer tells her that she must be wondering what she got in one night, that she thinks would get her the edge over Sanam, and asks her to continue thinking all that she can. Tanveer says that if she doesnt reach her before the initiation ceremony, she would hurt her so badly, that she wont be able to bear it. She leaves, while sanam is tensed.

Meanwhile, razia is excitedly showing different kurtis to dilshad, who stands dazzled, and then tells Dilshad that she is excited about something very vital to her too, and wuld be dancing in joy if she could. Razia tells dilshad that she found seher, and dilshad is overjoyed and overwhelmed with joy and emotions, and when she continues that soon everything shall be hers, and seher would help her, proving her ace card, Dilshad gets very tensed. Razia tells that today she would pull out a big one, that tanveer would be dazzled as to how did this happen and that tonight would be the best night of her life, as today her fate shall shine. She is shocked when she hears Tanveer’s voice asking her who is she talking to.


Dilshad is shocked and enraged too. razia is dumbfounded as she eyes both of them. Razia changes her tone, and says that she was just selecting dresses for the celebration. Tanveer points out that this celebration isnt for the seravnts and mocks her that she would send leftovers to her too. Razia fumes in anger but doesnt say anything. tanveer tells her to get the stuff in the car and leaves. Razia thinks that tanveer is instigating her to turn evil all the more, and that she would love every moment of ruining tanveer and the most enjoyable part is that her granddaughters would help her in this. dilshad is tensed, wondering whats happoening, and whats going to happen, and prays to the lord to bless them.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and ahil’s residence
Ahil is tensed rtemembering sanam’s reaction last night and almost collides into a peer baba. he comes out concerned, and the peer baba asks him not to dwell in the past or think about the future, as it should be left to God, and that life;s a journey but everything happens to god’s will, and man proposes but god disposes. He says that he can see in his eyes, that ahil is unable to embrace the future as he dwells in the past. he leaves blessing ahil, while he is boggled at the baba’s thoughts. meanwhile, sanam keeps trying ahil’s phone, but he doesnt pick up. Ahil is tensed as he isnt able to forget Baba’s words. He thinks that tanveer should have come by now. He tries to take out his phone, but out falls the wallet and along with it the taveez that belonged to sanam, and again takes it as a sign, that he should be with sanam, but then remembers sanam’s words last night, but thinks that he only distanced her from himself, and starts blaming himself for trying so hard to lose the girl that loves him with all the imperfections that he has. He decides to apologise to sanam rightaway and not lose her anymore.

Sanam thinks that it seems that ahil is very upset with her, and continues trying to reach ahil’s number. She finally gets through ahil’s phone and starts ranting that she needs to talk to him urgently and is about to spill the truth about tanveer, but just then, she hears tanveer’s smiling voice from the other end, asking her whats the matter. She is shocked and tensed. tanveer tells sanam that there’s a lot of time to praise her, hence she kept ahil’s phone with her so that she isnt able to talk to him. tanveer says that her complaining is in vain, but he would only listen to his mother. Meanwhile, ahil is trying to search for his phone but doesnt find it. He thinks that baba was right, and that his mother may be right or wrong, but he knows that sanam wont let him be wrong anytime.

he says that with sanam by his side, he would be a bettre man forever, and that he has to give a second chance to their love. the screen freezes on ahil’s and sanam’s tensed face, and tanveer’s smiling face.Sanam is distraught to find that ahil’s phone is with tanveer. tanveer asks her to stop doing this and get ready for the celebration and to sign the papers, and understand clearly, that she would go to any limits to get what she wants, and asks her not to test her patience for this property. She cancels the call. Meanwhile, Ahil thinks that he would try one last time and would tell everything to sanam in the party, and after that whatever destiny wishes, he would comply. Tanveer comes and asks him to come along for the party. he resignedly leaves.

Dilshad, meanwhile is tensed as she remembers Razia’s words, and is scared of what razia might do to her kids, and hopes ardently if she could warn sanam about the impending danger, wondering when would this parade of sadness end from her life. she musters all the will power in herself, to try and move the wheelchair, bringing herself to extreme pain and tears, but in vain, and is frustrated when that happens. Finally, she is somehow able to wheel it ahead slightly and slowly. Her wheelchair collides in the door, which is locked from inside, but its strong enough, that it reaches sanam, who starts moving towards the locked door, finding the source of that noise. sanam finds a noise coming from a locked door, and tries to find out what behind it, while dilshad on the other end, tries hard to scream out sanam’s name so that she can hear it, when she sees sanam just outside the door. Finally sanam opens the door, but the one behind which dilshad is, and dilshad is frustrated to find that sanam couldnt hear her.

Sanam finds noone and tghen is about to lock the door back, when he finds an old newspaper, containing ahil’s father’s murder mystery, which remains unsolved, and how the reporters couldnt unravel the mystery behing ahil’s father’s murder, which happened in the wee hours of the morning, on eid, at 5:05 in the morning, and wonders how is this possible, as a bad idea crops in her mind. she thinks this isnt possible. as she begins to move out with the newspaper, dilshad again tries to grab her attention, trying desperately to call to her, but in vain. Sanam passes by.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As rahat and haya are in the car, he finds that haya is dancing. He amusedly asks whats the reason. she happily responds that she is happy and dancing from the heart, doubling her happiness. rahat smiles, as she then goes onto tell him about the latest dance show, Dil Se Nache India Wale. They both are excited, but then rahat gets tensed and emotional. haya tells him that she feels scared and highly nerbous, as she went through a lot of stuff, and couldnt tell it to sanam and is tensed for her reaction, at her divorce with faiz. She says that she feels sanam, being mature, would understand all this, and that for one time, if she agrees, then there wont be any troublke between the two, and they shall be able to get married. Rahat gets tensed. Their car comes to a screeching halt, and they both get out of the car.

Rahat tensedly tells haya that they should go to the nearby resort where they shall be able to get a mechanic too, and she can rest in the meanwhile, till the time the car gets working again. From the resort room, rahat calls for the service company to get his car working. Rahat is distracted by the sound of bangles, that haya makes to get his attention. She writes and tells rahat that she doesnt have clothes. Rahat writes that he gave her clothes for drycleaning. She reads and asks how should she stay like this till then. rahat reads it and gets tensed, wondering what to do. just then, the lights go off, and Haya gets scared and starts making the sound of bangles, while Rahat wonders what to do. as she gets insistent, rahat takes off his shirt and himself stands bare torso, while giving the shirt to haya.

Meanwhile, while rehaan too is driving on the road, he again tensedly remembers how he had been betrayed and left abandoned by everyone, who he places his trust on and loved, first ahil, then tanveer and finally seher, and he gets extremely tensed remembering seher’s double life. He thinks that after the party, he shall leave forever, as he cant stand it anymore. Rehaan finally reaches the same temple.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
Seher comes back, with a demand for razia that she wants her whole money beforehand. Razia saysd that she would get the money after the work is done and tells her that the work is dangerous, while seher says that she doesnt get scared of danger, and she doesnt care of anything too. She asks about the work, and razia asks her to come along with her. as razia and seher walk out, they are oblivious that rehaan just walked in. He goes inside the temple, tensed and distraught.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
In the car, ahil tensedly thinks that he may have decided to tell sanam everything, but what if she doesnt turn up at allasks tanveer if she has her phone. she hides it and asks who does he want to talk to. He says that he needs to talk to sanam, to find if she left. she says that she would come, and till they are a couple, she would come to where they have to be seen together. He gets tensed. She says that she knows that they fought, and sanam didnt want to come. She adds that she has made sanam understand, and that now she would not only come to the function, but would also be by his side, and that he can wait till then. He resignedly agrees. tanveer smiles thinking that till they dont sign the papers, she cant let them talk. The screen freezes on her face.

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