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Once there was a king 21 June 2022: Raaj comes to Rani in the mask. He says he never thought she would marry him after whatever he had done. Rani tapes his face and says now only she would speak. She shows him bag full of cockroaches and says she fought her fear and collected them last night, similarly she will fight every of her fear with the power of their love. She is ready to leave everything she has for his sake, she only wants to marry him. Raaj says I am sorry, I love you. Rani says this isn’t enough. Rani accepts he is stupid, he loved but couldn’t trust. He proposed her for marrying her stupid tinker. Rani kiss his cheek and shy. Raaj puts his arms around her saying she is no different than all the stupid girls of this world. He cuts his finger with a nail in the door and fill the blood in her hair line. Rani hugs Raaj who smirks.

Anandi says to Suminda she is in disbelief, first they fought and now they have left home. Preiti suspects Anandi and questions where Rani is. Raaj Mata asks if Anandi knows about them she must share where they are. They turn around to see the couple walk down the stairs, ready for wedding. Preiti was happy to welcome them. Suminda questions what this all is, where had they gone. Rani says she wanted a marriage by running with Raaj. Raaj says he wants her to marry Rani to him by herself. Preiti calls Mr. Singh as sweet.During the wedding ceremony, Raaj and Rani take wedding rounds. Raaj Mata remembers Rana ji and Gayatri’s wedding, then Raja and Rani’s. She prays for this couple, unlike her children.

Raaj thinks he will make Rani and her mother burn in the fire he has been burning in for years. He vows to burn their happiness. The wedding ceremony finally ends. Raaj and Rani take blessings from Suminda and Raaj Mata. Preiti tells Raaj she has prepared for their special night in the outhouse, then demands him for Naig. Rani argues the wedding night would take place in her house, Preiti must have prepared for her farewell. Suminda says this house also belongs to her, but Rani says she would go to Raaj’s house. Rani says what’s Raaj is hers as well. She assures she loves everything belonging to Raaj. Raaj Mata says in the last life, Raja left his father’s property for Rani and now Rani is ready to leave everything for sake of Raaj. She sends Preiti to get Aarti thaal and asks Suminda to perform the wedding ritual. Raaj assures Suminda to take care of Rani.

Later in the room, Raaj Mata gifts Rani a chain. She prayed to go to Maa’s Darshan and is leaving. She blesses Rani as she has entered a new life. She assures Rani’s love is as powerful as to face any hurdle. Rani holds the pendant close to herself. She then comes to the room, bolting the door. Raaj holds her hand away from his face. Rani teases him to be shy like brides, Raaj says it’s his first wedding night. Rani pushes him on the bed. He was reluctant. She goes to turn the light off and keep the locket. Raaj thinks she was thirsty of love and ran into his fake love immediately. Rani opens the drawers, some papers fly off. Raaj remembers he had got these signed, he snatched the papers and leave locking Rani inside.

The next morning, Rani wakes up sitting beside the door. She opens the room door. Raaj comes in with breakfast for her. Rani takes the tray thankful he brought something for her to eat. Raaj asks if she won’t inquire where he had been. Rani says she doesn’t want to be that typical housewife who always suspect her husband, he must have gone somewhere important. He would share anything that would be important for her, and she won’t leave him for any minor thing. Raaj was in a disbelief about his luck to get a good wife. Rani stands up to him and asks if there is something important? Raaj says he wants to tell her about his family, she didn’t tell about them in this life. Rani asks if he has a family other than Dev as well. She was excited and asks when she would meet them. Raaj tells her to get ready, they will go there now.

He wants to show her about the truth of his life. Rani goes to take Suminda as well. Raaj says Rani must first go there as his wife, they will later make up Suminda as well. Rani sends him out so that she gets ready to go to her in-laws. Raaj thinks it’s the day his greatest wish would be fulfilled.Rani comes out ready and leaves with Raaj on bike. They reach an old house.Anandi comes to outside and wonders where Raaj and Rani have gone, she notices the bed untouched.Raaj tells Rani this may seem a ghost house to her but this is his house and this is his reality. He drags her upstairs and points at a chair where his father read the news. He recalls his sister massaging oil on his head.

Anandi asks Suminda not to consider her wrong but Rani must have informed her before leaving. Suminda says she is married and is responsible for her husband now. What is it about to worry if they have gone together? Anandi tells Suminda there is something wrong, she was crazy in love with Raaj then why was there no curve over her bed. Suminda tells Anandi she has no right to worry about this matter. She informs her manager on call that she is leaving for abroad and her meetings be rescheduled.Raaj brings Rani inside to the hall where his family once had feasts at night. He tells Rani his father was a huge businessman, they were preparing for his sister’s marriage when everything got ruined.

There was a scream and a mad girl comes there, Rani was frightened and asks Raaj to leave this place. Raaj tells Rani this is his elder sister, Sakshi. Sakshi tells Raaj today is her wedding and claps. Raaj assures she will get married today. Sakshi cheers and dances saying she would dance. Raaj takes her inside to put bangles in her hands. Raaj brings her to dressing table where Sakshi watches the bangles and wears them carefully. Rani breaks into cry. Sakshi looks around for the rest of her jewelry, tears fell off Raaj’s eyes. Sakshi says Maa must have taken them, she wipes Raaj’s tears and asks him not to cry. Raaj tells her to take some rest else she would be tired when her Baraat is here. Sakshi says whenever she sleeps listening to him, Baraat leaves.

Raaj promises to wake her up in time and gives her medicines.Rani asks Raaj why he hid about his sister, where are his parents? Raaj clutches her arms tightly so that they hurt. He brings her to a room where his mother lay down coughing badly. He notices she had been trembling with fever. Rani offers help but Raaj forbids her touch anything. Raaj covers her with a quilt. Rani greets his Maa, she blesses him but Raaj interrupts saying she mustn’t bless her with what she has no more in faith. He tells his mother she is her daughter in law, his mother cheers. Raaj says before that, she is Suminda Chauhan’s daughter. Rani asks why they reacted this way because of her mother’s name.

Raaj brings Rani to a wall where there were blackened photos. He clears one of them where Suminda and Raaj’s mother stood together. He says Suminda is his biggest enemy that is his and Rani’s truth as well. He says it was Suminda who turned this house to ruins, she killed his father and turned his sister crazy. He recalls his mother begging to Suminda that they have come over roads but Suminda left. Rani wasn’t ready to accept.Raaj drags Rani to terrace and breaks her bangles. He says this is the place where his sister broke her bangles because her fiancé denied marrying her. His father went to beg to him but he pushed him out of the house, calling him poor. His sister went crazy and his father died, his mother ceased to live. Then, he had decided to finish Suminda and her family. Raaj tells Rani whatever he did till today was planned, a game.

He used Anandi, then trapped her in the web of his love. Rani slaps Raaj and grabs him by collar calling him a liar. She is sure he loves her, whatever he did for revenge but he loved her too. She insists they have been connected since ages. Raaj jerks her away saying he is only concerned by this age, he did this only to revenge her. He even doesn’t have any brother. He married her and this wedding is the destruction of her mother.Raaj’s mother comes out and asks him to forget all about the past. If he remembers his father always wanted his children to be good humans, if he is a good son what is he doing. Raaj says he is his father’s son, and he can’t forget anything. He shows her the papers of Suminda’s destruction, which Rani signed during henna. These were property papers which she had named after him. Rani cries.

Rani was in a state of disbelief and asks if he has done this for her property. Raaj tells her not to insult his revenge at the name of greed. It’s important for her mother only. Raaj drags Rani away while her mother keeps on stopping him from behind. They arrive at a cliff where there was thunder storm. Rani offers Raaj to come to her home, her mother might have a explanation. She says she has seen love in his eyes for herself, Raaj asks if she doesn’t trust him? It begins to rain heavily. Raaj shuts Rani from speaking any further, he says if she can’t trust him she must not turn a fake story true. If she is the most precious thing for her mother, he has snatched her away. He holds Rani saying her mother has lost her forever, she only belongs to him now.

He denies loving her for a single moment, she is his enemy’s daughter. He questions if she can return everything his family has lost? Rani was speechless. Raaj says they can never be one. He takes Rani to the corner of the cliff. Rani insists Raja and Rani were and would always be together. Raaj pushes her off the cliff.
Raja hides the papers from rain and runs towards home. He tells Baba he has revenged Suminda Chauhan today, then calls his Maa and hugs her tightly. He looks towards the papers and was shocked to see the signatures had washed off. He cries and curses himself, as he couldn’t commit a huge mistake; he awaited this moment for whole of his life. Sakshi comes there upset that Raaj is crying. Raaj turns around, Maa sends Sakshi away saying he isn’t crying.

Maa asks Raaj what has happened to Raaj, he always had love for humans they why he got hatred. Raaj says Suminda Chauhan killed her Raaj the day his father died. He will bring her to roads for sure.
Raaj comes to Rani’s place calling her around. Suminda and Anandi come there worried. Raaj says they had gone to the castle, Rani told him to wait there as she has a surprise for him; she didn’t return later. Suminda turns to ask Anandi what she has done to Rani. Suminda tells Raaj to send some men find Rani as she goes to inform police. Raaj thinks police will find the dead body of Rani. He comes to the room where there was Rani’s photo on a wall, he says I am sorry. She had no mistake in whatever happened. They both loved their families, it was a coincidence she was borne at Suminda. He says every time, God writes their story as a tragic one.

The difference between these two lives of theirs is, justice for his parents is the most important thing for him. If it had gone as planned Suminda must be on roads, but his fate is never his side, he must begin the planning of his revenge again.
Some men spot the injured Rani near some trees. The men recognize the girl as Rani Chauhan whose news was published in the newspaper. Suminda gets a call about Rani. Suminda shouts Raaj’s name. In the room, Raaj repeats expecting Suminda would say Rani is no more. He runs to the hall. Suminda says Rani had an accident, she got a call that Rani’s condition is really weak. Raaj thinks what if Rani gets conscious. Anandi tells him to go. Raaj says he would reach their before them, they must bring the doctor.
Raaj comes to a hut where Rani lay with herbal medicine put over her face.

The people leave him alone. Raaj calls Rani’s name and apologizes her, he realized after losing her what he had lost. He was helpless as he couldn’t be happy watching her live. He pulls the pillow from under her head, saying he has no other way. He says he won’t be able to revenge Rani if his truth is revealed. Before he could suffocate Rani, Suminda and Anandi come there. Suminda cries beside Rani, the men tell her they found her injured and brought her here. Raaj sits beside Rani, kisses her head and takes a chance to whisper to Rani that she must not tell anyone about him, else he must take another severe step against her.

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