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I do 16 March 2022: Ayan is speechless, but makes an excuse that all family would have scolded her. He says that he would leave after that, as it is evident after how she behaved. Humaira says that he wouldnt know what she went through, and her pain too. Ayan asks her not to get senti as they want to play diwali with kids. They both look around for kids, who have disappeared, and blame each other for their going away. ayan says that he too would run away, like the kids. Humaira smiles as he leaves, thinking that he wont be able to be angry at her for long.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Rashid is talking on the phone, assuring his friend that he would join them for diwali party. when he’s asked if he’s bringing his wife, rashid remembers his fight with shirin, he makes an excuse that she’s sick and wont be able to make it.
Dilshad is going around in her car, talking about going to a diwali party herself, when she notices a car passing by and then colliding ino a tree and having an accident. she thinkls that it was rashid’s car. As she stops and goes to see, she is shocked to find that its rashid. She hurriedly calls for an ambulance that arrives. Shirin too arrives berserkedly, and both the ladies are shocked when the medical care people tell them that he has very feeble chances of living, and maybe he wont even survive the trip to the hospital. Both shirin and dilshad look distraughtedly at each other.

Scene 3:
Location: Imran’s residence
Chandbi comes and excitedly tells haseena, who’s walking around with a sulken face, about asad taking zoya back. As her sons and the wives come out of their rooms, to leave for their honeymoon, she pretends to be crying and sad, so that they can ask about what happened to her. Haseena cryingly says that one of her relatives died today. They are shocked.

Nazma expresses her condolence and asks if they can do something. imran says that they cant leave her alone, and haseena is happy, but then she is tensed, when he continues that they can drop her off to a friend’s. haseena says that she would manage to stay alone. Farhan suggest that they can go tomorrow then. Haseena smiles but pretends to be concerned and asks how can she stop them. but farhan, reluctant to go as it is, says that they would go tomorrow. The sons cancel their plan. They go to their rooms. Haseena calls nikhat aside and asks her about ayan’s broken marriage. nikhat is tensed. Humaira pretends to offer her solace and emotions, and says that she cant taunt her for this, as this isnt her fault. She then asks nikhat to get 25 lakhs, from her father. Nikhat is shocked. Haseena says that farhan is facing financial issues with his business and needs her help. She asks her to deposit the amount in her account, so that farhan’s ego isnt hurt. haseena goes on to say, that this could be considered a loan, and they would return it. Nikhat says that she would talk. Haseena stops her and says that she should tell rashid, that she is deeply hurt that they were insulted in the society by zoya leaving. She says that she isnt the heartless mother in laws. She says tht had there been another mother in law, she would have thrown her out of the house by now. nikhat is shocked at her cruelty. She leaves, while haseena smirks.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is showing her childhood photos to asad, who is making fun of her constantly. zoya and asad argue about how cute and intelligent she is. she goes on a rant, as to how much she likes surprise gifts, parties, foods and activities. They also argue teasingly about how fat she was then. The doorbell rings. As zoya opens the door and dilshad walks in sombre, she excitedly asks about her diwali party. when she doesnt respond, and is sullen, zoya asks her whats the matter. asad too asks. Dilshad goes over to asad, and falls in his arms, crying. Both asad and zoya are concerned, while she continues crying.

Asad and zoya find dilshad praying along with her prayer beads. zoya asks asad to go meet rashid once, or atleast call ayan, to know about his father. He denies that rashid is his father, and he couldnt care less.

He goes to dilshad saying that her sitting like this isnt going to change anything, and she hasnt eaten anything, and offers her tea that zoya made. She sys that she’s fine. He is frustrated and says that she isnt, and there are lots of people and his wife is one of them. Dilshad asks asad not to be hateful at this time. Dilshad gets ayan’s call from the hospital, and is told that rashid is okay and would be discharged in the evening. She is relieved. Ayan says that it was a minor attack.

But just then, shirin comes and reprimands ayan for spying and talking to dilshad. Shirin says that zoya came in ayan’s life, he had an accident, dilshad came and rashid had an accident. She starts reprimanding dilshad and her family for spoiling their happiness, and dilshad hearing this cancels the phone, in tears. asad is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While rashid is brought home, ayan talks to an angry nikhat, who says that she wasnt even informed about rashid’s health and the accident. nikhat says that she’s oming home straightaway. Ayan tries to say something, but rashid wishes to speak with nikhat herself. nikhat anxiously asks him about his health, and says that she’s coming over.

Rashid denies her to come, as she has to leave tomorrow, saying that she’s completely fine, and if she doesnt go tomorrow, then he would be in tension, and asks her would she want that. she denies and smiles for his sake. Then she remembers haseena’s demands, and hesitatingly asks rashid for money. He is speechless and tensed for nikhat.

Ayan has a severe headache, and calls for nuzrat. while he cluctches at his head, he is surprised to see humaira with tea. He refuses to drink it. Nuzrat comes and akss him to drink. Ayan asks her to tell humaira to take away coffee and taunts humaira for bringing bitter coffee like herself. Humaira is sad, and apologises for her bitter behaviour. But ayan says that he doesnt want to talk to her. she gets on her knees and apologises.

Ayan turnsd around and finding her like that, he asks her to get up, as whats done is done, and this wont change anything, and had he been in her place, then he wouldnt have done it. Humaira talks to nuzrat and tells ayan to get lost, as she’s trying hard to apologise, but he doesnt have the decency to forget the woman. Ayan asks what she came back for, if she cant stand him. She says that she came back to stop the fight. Ayan and humaira get into a hot arguement again. humaira leaves in anger. nuzrat is surprised to see them fighting like cats and dogs.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Ayan tels asad that everything is okay at home, and its good that his hero like act aved zoya. Ayan gets serious and says that when thinking gets deep, the actions have to be drastic. Ayan goes on to tell about rashid, but asad says that he didnt ask about him. ayan says that he knows but still feels that he should have told him.

Asad says that he called him for an important thing, zoya’s birthday. Ayan gets excited. Asad goes on to tell his plans, that he has decided for tomorrow. They go on to discuss it. He asks for ayan’s help and he complies. ayan says that this would be the most memorable birthday for zoya. Ayan wonders that this performance wont be special if humaira isnt with him, and wonders how to patch up with her again.

In her room, zoya is surprised to see the time, and the date and is shocked. She wonders how could she ever forget her birthday. Meanwhile, Zoya is very excited that today’s her birthday, and would start in five minutes. She wonders if asad would know and remember and that asad would walk in anytime, with a surprise gift and wishing her a happy birthday. She dresses up, anticipating asad’s visit. When asad knocks on the door, she is surprised that asad is actually doing what she anticipated. He starts hiccuping. He asks her to stop thinking of him, as he has always told her. She goes on to say what does he want and did he come to say just this. He asks her what does she think, he came for at midnight. She is irritated, and when asad asks for water, she asks him to go and get it in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, another knock, and the light beam on the other side of the door, makes zoya get excited again, that asad is giving her a surprise and is ready with cake and candles. Asad comes in throwing a big beam of light on her from his torch. she is confused. Asad clarifies that she always says that she can fix anything, and hence he came with this torch, thats frequently lighting up, as there’s something wrong.

Zoya is super angry and surprised that he doesnt remember her birthday, and didnt come here for what she thought he had come for. She asks him to manage the night, and she would mend it in the morning. Asad pretends to understand, and wishing her goodnight, he is about to leave, when he asks her if she’s angry and she denies, barely able to control her anger. He wishes her goodnight and smiles as he leaves her room. Meanwhile, zoya is fuming in her room.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
As ayan spies on the girls’ room, he finds everyone sleeping. He manages to wake up nuzrat and get her out. she comes out groggily and he whispers his plan into her ear. She comes inside with him. Nuzart stealthily tries to wake up huamira, and when she doesnt, ayan pinches and she screams, causing humaira to wake up. But she continues to go on and pretend to be sleeping. Ayan and nuzrat realise that she’s awake, and go on as to how humaira wont do anything for ayan and he acts to be distraught that he wont be able to fulfill asad’s demands, and his reputation of the star entertainer of bhopal, would be ruined.

He pretends to go, but humaira stops him, getting him hopeful, and says that she would do it. ayan asks if it was for him. she says that this was for asad and nuzrat who would miss on her studies optherwise. Ayan tells humaira about his plans for zoya’s birthday, and she starts to refrain her hand. He tells that zoya is happy with asad, and they have to add to their happiness. He akss her to prepare something that would be fantastic. He says that she has already promised, and cant go back now. she smiles at him and agrees.

meanwhile, dilshad gets rashid’s call and is surprised. She picks up and asks if he’s fine. He says that he is. she asks him the reason to call up. He says that he wanted to talk to her, and he could have talked tomorrow, but what has happened, he has realised that life isnt very sure. Rashid tells dilshad on the phone, that they keep waiting for the right time, and sometimes wait for an eternity, and that time never comes. Dilshad asks him to speak clearly whats he trying to say. He says that he has realised that He says that for the past 15 years, he’s taking a big load on his heart, and doesnt wait to wait anymore for the right time to say this. He shocks dilshad by saying that he wants to be with her and spend the rest of his life with her. she doesnt realise how to react.

Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Dilshad is shocked to hear what rashid proposes. She is stunned into silence. She asks him to realise the gravity of what he is trying to insinuate. She asks if he’s sane. he says that he has got sanity after a long time, and knows what he is saying. just then, shirin turns over in her sleep, and he gets cautious and asks dilshad to meet and talk to her. She says that what he is trying to do is impossible. He says that only she cane make it possible. but she doesnt listen to anything, and bidding him goodnight, she cancels the phone. He is tensed.

later shirin wakes up and finds rashid tensed, and asks if he needs an ything. He denies and leaves. Shirin finds his phone and sees that the last dialled number is dilshad’s.

She is distraught.
The next morning, zoya is anticipating that dilshad and asad must be excitedly waiting downstairs for her, to wish her on her birthday. She thinks that this must be indian tradition to not wish at night. She also expects the drawing room to be decorated. But as she comes down, she is surprised to see that it isnt decorated at all. She pacifies herself saying that asad must be wanting a simple birthday for her. She finds asad coming to her, and thinks that she finally would be wished by him. All ready and dressed up, zoya asks asad if he has forgotten anything. He, with an evil smile, says that he forgot to wish her. she is finally happy that he would do what was most needed, when he deflates her excitement and disappoints her by wishing a simple GOOD MORNING. While he enjoys, she is fuming with rage. She thinks that dilshad must be definitely remembering it. She asks him. He says that dilshad is outside. she presumes that she must have gone out, to get a gift for her. But he tels her She says that atleast he noticed, and waits for him to wish her borthday. He raises her hope, by saying that he is uncomfortable how to wish people

She wonders how could everyone forget the birthday, and blames it on the prevailing tensions. She finds the newspaper, and gives him it, so that he notices the date. He again goes on to pretend as if there’s nothing special about this day or date, and goes on to tell about the bad stories printed. Zoya gets angry and asks him to notice the date. He apologises profusely, that hw couldnt have forgotten it. Then he says that he has a very important meeting, and leaves hastily for it, leaving zoya distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: London Resort, panchmarhi
The quirky host goes on to explain about the specialities of thei resort. all listen excitedly and amusingly while farhan is tensed. He says that he would call for, when anything’s needed. Nazma does an imitation of the host, after he walks off. Farhan pretends to have work, and leaves, asking them to carry on. Nikhat makes up for him, seeing them tensed

Scene 3:
Location: At the dargah
At the dargah, dilshad asks about shirin, and rashid says that he would talk to her. She then sks about asad. He says that this descision would be difficult and they might get ugly too, but he would get out of it, and be with her for the rest of his life for sure. Menawhile, while they are holding hands, razia sees them from a distance, and is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid is attending a business call. Shirin walks in, sits beside him, and asks him to rest. Rashid says that he isnt going to office, and was calling from home only. Rashid remembers what he told dilshad. He goes on to say that it might happen, that in the coming days, someone might come and stay here. She asks who. He says that she should listen patiently what he is about to say. but before he can, razia calls shirin aside. She leaves. rashid is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is intentionally banging around things, to get asad’s attention to her rage. But he goes on with his work. Asad finds ayan sneaking behind zoya, who’s drinking water, with decorative arrangements. Zoya is about to turn and see ayan, when he hollers at her, and she turns around, surprissed at hi,. He calls her to himself. While ayan ducks behind the sofa, asad asks for water. zoya asks if he also needsa memory pill for water, or almonds which are good for memory. He says that he wants just water. As she gets to pouring water, he asks ayan to leave. While she enters from the other door, asad motions ayan to leave. In doing so, ayan breaks a vase. she is about to turn, when asad pretends to have a backache, and divert his attention. she picks up the file for him, and he leaves to see whats happened outside. Asad goes on a rant as to what could have caused the problem. Zoya asks if she can go to her room. He says yes she can. She goes in a rage. Asad is relieved that he can finally plan her surprise.

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