Twist of fate update Tuesday 15 March 2022

Twist of fate 15 March 2022:  Abhi opens the door and smiling. Sumit, constable and other friend get surprised. They ask how is he here? Abhi asks them to give 300 Rs for the bet. They all give 100 each.

Abhi says you have no idea, what you will get in this money. Constable asks what are you doing here? Abhi says they will play carom board. Sumit says if the owner feels bad. Abhi says I will not feel bad and tells that this is my wife’s house. His friends ask if his wife was rich, but she doesn’t look like that. Abhi says his wife is changed and says now his wife is not purse theft, but have the purse. Prachi makes the prasad and goes. Rhea comes there and adds crushed garlic in the prasad. Sid comes there and asks Rhea what is she doing here? Sid says I came to drink water. He asks where was you?

Rhea says my phone is ringing and goes. Sid sees the phone in her hand and gets shocked. Constable says I don’t understand. Sumit says your words are indigestible. His other friend asks Abhi to ask his wife to sell him to someone. Sumit says nobody will give you 25 paise. He asks Abhi if he knows the Madam before. Abhi says she might know me, but I don’t know her. Pragya comes there. They greet her. Abhi says they don’t know your name, and that’s why called you Rani Madam. Sumit tells Abhi that his eyes were on her.

Dida and Pallavi meet the guests. The guest tells Ranbir that Dida told that the bahus are dancing. Ranbir says they are dancing and asks who will watch if we become Krishna. Pallavi asks Ranbir and Sid to call Prachi and Rhea. Teji’s husband brings Vikram down and tells that he was insisting to come. Pallavi says he did good thing. Vikram misses Abhi and thinks his daughters are here, but he is not. Abhi takes his friends to the house bar.

Constable asks if we can drink. Abhi asks them to have bath. Servant comes there and tells that Pragya Madam sent snacks for you. They think to enjoy. They ask if Rani bhabhi allows you to drink. Abhi says Tanu used to argue, but Rani Bhabhi asks me to drink and let her drink. The friends get happy. Pragya is sitting in the room and hears their laughing sound. Abhi says cheers and drinks with them.

Prachi and Rhea come downstairs. The guest tells that both the girls are beautiful, and they look like Radhas. Rhea says Radha is just one and thinks she is just Radha of Ranbir. Dida tells that Radha has many avatars. Pallavi says Radha was devoted to Krishna. She says whoever dances well, I will give my bangles to that bahu, which is very rare and priceless. Teji says the bahu will be lucky who gets this bangle. Ranbir asks Prachi to win the bangles. Sid asks Rhea to win. Rhea thinks Ranbir likes my dance, so I need to win this dance. They begin dancing on medley songs. Rhea forgets the steps and realizes it. She thinks may be Prachi wins and thinks to make her do wrong steps, to confirm her victory.

She breaks her bangles and throws on Prachi’s way. Prachi swirls while dancing and gets her feet injured. Pallavi shouts Prachi and asks what are you doing, your feet are bleeding. Prachi checks her feet. She gets tensed. Rhea smiles.

Sumit tells that this is wine or sweet juice and says he just wants to drink. Constable says say this when your wife beats you. Other friend tells that Amit’s wife beats him. Abhi says wow. Sumit says your wife sold you. Abhi says I don’t know if I am happy or sad or angry. He tells that his wife was Pragya always and she bought him, whom I loved from before. Amit says you make any story. He says if Pragya Madam is our Bhabhi, then why you didn’t identify her, when you met her. Abhi says I am saying truth. They ask him to prove. Abhi says I am saying truth by mouth. Sumit says we will toss the coin. Abhi tosses the coin and looks up.

Abhi tossing the coin in air. It falls down on the floor and rolled down under the sofa. Abhi and his friends start searching for the coin. His friend tells Abhi, that he couldn’t keep eye on the coin. Amit thinks Abhi hit him and throws pillow on him. The things gets broken while they throw things on each other. Pallavi says you are hurt and then also you danced. Prachi says I didn’t understand when I got hurt, may be small injury. The guest lady says you might have feeling pain. Prachi says no, as she was dancing in Krishna’s devotion. Pallavi says you danced well. The lady asks Pallavi to give the bangles to the bahu, which danced well. Pallavi goes to Prachi and whispers to her, that she didn’t do right, tried to humiliate me infront of everyone. Rhea smiles.

Prachi says humiliate, I never thought of this. Pallavi says you tried to make everyone feel that I gave you all the responsibility of puja and you danced well even after so much pressure and injury. She says you tried to show that I am a bad saas and you are a good dutiful bahu. She says you should have stopped when you got injury and says I gave you permission to dance, not to do drama. The ladies ask her to give the bangles. Pallavi says she was telling Prachi not to hurt herself as she got very hurt. She says Prachi tried to make everyone happy. Pallavi announces Rhea as the winner and makes her wear bangles. Rhea gets happy. Prachi feels bad.

The guest lady appreciates Prachi and tells that her feelings and devotion made her Krishna’s Radha. She blesses Prachi and asks Ranbir to bandage her legs. Prachi says she is fine. Pallavi sends her to bring prasad. Rhea looks at Ranbir. Sid signs her happily. Rhea shows bangles to Ranbir. Ranbir smiles.

Prachi feels bad thinking about Pallavi’s words. Ranbir comes behind her. Prachi cries and hugs him. She says sorry. Ranbir makes her sit and bandages her foot. Sid sees Ranbir taking out glass pieces from her foot and smiles. Ranbir then applies bandage to her injury. Sid comes to Rhea and tells that Ranbir is bandaging Prachi’s injury, we shall leave them alone and shall not disturb them. Rhea goes to see Ranbir and Prachi and gets angry. Sid gets doubtful. Prachi says you are very good Ranbir. Ranbir says you made me good.

Sid comes behind Rhea and asks why did you come, Dida asks Prachi what she made in panjari. Prachi tells that she made panjari along with 56 bhogs. Rhea thinks it had garlic in it, I knew that you will bring it first. She asks Prachi to give the prasad to Mummy. Pallavi looks at the prasad and then looks at Prachi.

She asks if Prasad has garlic in it. Dida asks if someone adds it in prasad. She says I told you. Dida says I had told her already. Pallavi says then why this smell is coming. Rhea asks her to taste it and see. Pallavi says it can’t be tasted before the puja. Prachi says I didn’t use onion and garlic in the prasad. Dida asks them to eat it even if they get garlic smell. They laugh. Rhea thinks they might eat the prasad without telling about garlic.

Rhea collides with Pallavi and makes the prasad falls down. Ranbir says we shall get our floor changed. Pallavi shouts at him. Rhea picks the garlic from the prasad and says what is it? The lady says it seems to be garlic. Teji says it is a misunderstanding. They tell that it is garlic only. Teji says it is badam or kaju and shows to Pallavi. Pallavi says it is garlic. The ladies gossip who adds garlic in the prasad. Vikram says it might be on the floor already. Dida asks Rhea to make prasad and asks if she knows.

Pallavi says Rhea knows everything and will make better prasad than Prachi. Rhea asks Teji to come with her and asks her to make prasad for her, as she is unwell. Teji agrees. Pallavi asks Prachi to call Soni and get the floor cleaned by her. She then tells Dida if she saw what Prachi has done and says if you couldn’t scold her then atleast thank Rhea. Teji makes the prasad. Rhea thinks the sin will happened, when the bal gopal will fall down from the cradle, I have cut the railing and he will fall down when pulled. She says you can take any number of blessings, but I will get the keys which I will get after you do the sin. Teji makes the prasad and gives to Rhea.

Abhi, Sumit, Amit and other friend act crazy in drunkard state. Pragya comes there. Abhi says we were playing horse game and asks if she will climb on his back. Pragya looks on.

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