I do update Thursday 18 August 2022

I do 18 August 2022: As ahil is reading the newspaper, the new bride comes and introduces the same new person, as the mayor’s brother, and ahil immediately gets interested. When he asks him to speak, saif is hesitant. the new bride says that he loves nazia and wants to marry her. nazia meanwhile hears this from a distance. Ahil is super angry, while they are tensed of his reaction. The new bride calls nazia down. Ahil asks nazia how long this has been going on. He tries to speak, but ahil shuts him, scaring them. But then all are relieved as ahil happily accepts them and congratulates both of them. Nazia is happy, while ahil says that he has a condition. They are tensed.

As they sit, ahil asks them how they met. The new bride comes in just then, and accidentally spills the drink on saif, who rushes to the bathroom. The new bride rushes after saif, asking ahil if she can give the person one of his shirts. Ahil complies. Nazia too leaves after him shyly. She then goes to the new bride and thanks her for getting saif to come and talk to ahil. The new bride says that she just reciprocated the favour, that she did on her. she asks her to go prepare breakfast while she shall just come. The new bride meanwhile walks in on that hunk, who is bare torsoed, washing off the stain and she leeringly eyes him. he gets conscious seeing her. She comes to him and takes the shirt saying that she shall let it dry. She taunts him that since they have decided on their relation, then he doesnt need to be shy in front of her, as they would have to see each other like this, for her work to be done.

the guy is tensed and embarassed. she gives him ahil’s shirt, and he wears it hurriedly. The new bride suggests with an innuendo, that he should come to her room, to take the talks further. he is tensed and wonders why has he been called and whats it that she wants to talk about. he walks nervously in the hallway. She opens the room, grabs him by the shirt and locks the door. she asks saif that he must be wondering the reason. She says that she wants something from him, and unbuttons his shirt. He senses someone’s presence and says that someone’s coming. He tells it to the new bride. Oblivious to this, ahil is coming towards the room, when he is stopped by the lawyer and gets the idea, that being the nawab’s wife, if she decides to open the trust, and for that she would have tol submit her pregnancy report in front of the notary people.

ahil thanks him and asks him to get the papers ready. The lawyer says that it shall take 12 days, but ahil gives him minimum of seven days, remembering the new bride’s deadline. he says that he shall bring her true face forward. outside, nazia asks saif why is he so tensed. the new bride comes and says that he has passed a test, and maybe marriage has him worrying, and asks them to go and spend sometime together. Nazia thinks about ahil, while the new bride says that she shall manage. nazia thanks her profusely, while she winks at saif, thereby making him more uncomfortable.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location
Misbah takes her sword and stabs all the grain bags, including the one sanam is hididng herself in, missing her barely by an inch, scaring her completely. But sanam doesnt make a sound. Misbah meanwhile gets a call, and frustratedly says that she shall leave soon. She hastily rushes out. To help her, sanam comes to her and finds her in a drugged state and when she doesnt respond, sanam splashes water across her face. Sanam comes and asks the captive girl, why has misbah kept her captive. The girl says that this mean woman has kept her here, and has taken her identity too. Jannat asks who is she. The girl replies that she is the actual Misbah.

Sanam is shell shocked. She starts combining two and two together. The girl begs to be saved. sanam tells her that she shall save her, and she neednt be scared, as the fake misbah shaall be exposed. She decides to call the police, but the girl vehemently resists it. She says that if she gives a single testimony she shall kill her mother. sanam is tensed. She decides to call shaad, who doesnt pick up. The girl says that there’s hope now, and begs to be saved. sanam hugs her and comforts.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam gets the girl, in an niqab, still semi conscious in her drugged state. misbah sees them and sanam says that its an old woman who fainted and needed help. Misbah says that she shouldnt and neednt clarify. sanam keeps talking, while misbah stares through the eyes in the burqa, and the girl shivers in scare and falls unconscious. misbah tries to help her, but sanam asks her that it isnt needed. When misbah insists, she takes the head in the veil and lets misbah take the feet. they lay her on the feet. Misbah asks her to take off the niqab so that she isnt suffocated. Misbah tries to speak, but sanam rushes her out.

Misbah wonders whats wrong with jannat, and then decides not to bother for it. Meanwhile, the girl in the veil wakes up and its misbah, who surprisingly hits her with a rod. sanam is shocked as she falls unconscious.The girl meanwhile thinks that sanam betrayed her by bringing her back to the same evil woman. The screen freezes on sanam’s face.After sanam is unconscious, misbah comes out, and then hides as fake misbah coems in her way. she hears the fake misbah hollering at her own mother, and asking her to press her feet. the real misbah is apalled to see this. She is unable to bear the taunts and tantrums that the fake misbah puts her mother through.

She eyes a knife, and takes it and stealthily begins to move. Sanam wakes up and stops her, and takes her away from there. She asks if she is crazy. misbah asks why should she trust her. sanam says that she should not, but actually she should be sane, and tries to pose the danger that this lady possesses for them. Misbah meanwhile inside gets doubtful and begins to come out. Sanam assures misbah that they shall fight this together. she takes misbah away just in time, while shashi kapoor comes out.

in their room, misbah thanks saanam for heer help, and is happy for her being married to shaad, and thanks her for saving her life. sanam says that it isnt needed, as its nothing compared to the torture that she has gone through. She says that once shaad comes tomorrow, they shall expose the fake misbah, and then gain his trust. She wonders why the fake misbah did this.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil asks the lawyer to fulfill this in under seven days. the lawyer says that he shall, but for that he shall have to come for details. Ahil wonders how he shall manage with the new bride with him all the time, but then says that he shall have to manage somehow, and then the lawyer gives him another address to report to. He takes it, and the lawyer leaves. As he turns around, he finds the new bride standing in the way, and gives an excuse. she asks whats he doing. He is quizzical. She asks why is he so scared. she tells about how nazia and saif want to spend time together, and requests his permission. he is hesitant, while she asks him not to be a conventional brother and allow the love birds to romance.

He is hesitant of nazia’s safety. He says that he isnt comfortable with the two of them together. she says that she can go with both of them. He jumps at the idea, and pretends that she can go. she gives him a phone and says that he can keep this to stay in touch. He is super excited and pretends to be in love.Later, Nazia thanks the new bride for having organised this weekend. she asks how did ahil agree. the new bride says that she lied that she shall come too. Nazia is tensed. She assures nazia that she wont come to spoil their romancce, and says that she shall spend the night at a friend’s place.

The new bride remembers saif’s torso, and says that she got what she needed. the new bride asks her to go and leave, before she changes her mind. The new bride gives her a sweet to eat, which she eats and then gives the new bide too, and she tioo complies. But she spits it out, the minute nazia leaves the room. Outside, nazia gets dizzy and she falls unconscious. gazalla and razaak place her on the bed, and the new bride sits by her side, saying that she waited for ahil a long time, and since he denied, now she shall spend the night with saif, as she shall do this with saif. The new bride thinks that tonight shall be devilish. She asks them to keep an eye on nazia and ahil.

Outside, as saif waits by the car, the new bride comes seductively, and informs that nazia is sick and sent her instead. He is tensed. She says that its good as due to this, they shall be able to spend quality time together, as they shall be related soon, as she has this right after what she did for them. he is uncomfortable.

Scene 3:
Location: Unidentified Location
Misbah is shocked to find the real misbah gone and is scared that if she reaches home, her game shall be ruined. She decides to get the work done before shaad returns and then flee.

Scene 4:
Location: Hotel
Saif asks why are they here, and she says that she came to meet a friend here. she asks if he doesnt mind. the receptionist hands her the keys and they proceed to their room. just then, ahil’s car draws in. She remembers that she forgot her purse, and goes to check on it. meanwhile, ahil is filling up the visitor’s register. their paths dont cross, as ahil walks ahead. she comes and collects the purse and walks after him, both oblivious of the other’s presence. They walk their separate ways towards different lifts. She then takes out her phone, and dials ahil’s number, and as he sees it, he steps aside, to receive it. Saif meanwhile comes to her and they both together proceed towards the lift. before they can talk, the network gets cancelled in the lift, and she is unable to talk.

In the room, she tries to seduce him, while he is about to go out. She warns him that he might accuse her of raping her, if he tries to flee, and everyone shall believe. She asks him to think, while she freshens up. he is disgusted.

Scene 5:
Location: Shaad’s residence
At the dining table, sanam offers everyone food. sanam says that she isnt feeling well, and takes her plate of food to eat later. she leaves. Misbah thinks that its good, as once she sleeps, she shall get to finding that file undisturbed.By night, Shashi comes in sanam’s room, and then places the chloroform on Misbah’s face which is covered in blanket. She wakes up before shashi can douse her. she hides, as misbah goes to the bathroom. Shashi kapoor tensedly watches her. she is oblivious that on the othere side of the bed, sanam is asleep. Sanam wakes up and asks if she needs anything, and misbah answers that she is okay. sanam comes and helps misbah walk. The screen freezes on shashi’s shocked face.

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