My heart knows update Thursday 18 August 2022

My heart knows 18 August 2022: The Episode starts with Param asking Malhar what is the proof that this is my shirt button. Malhar says I am sure that you are upto something and I will bring out your truth. Param thinks I was worried about this, if Malhar gets after me then our undercover mission will end. Malhar calls someone and tells that she wants information about Param. He says I want all info about him. Later he receives a photo and looks on. Lady constables tell Meenakshi that Malhar got info about Param. She tells that informer has sent this photo to Malhar too. Meenakshi sees the pic and sees Param’s pic with Parmarth.

Malhar thinks how did Param know Parmath? Meenakshi says now Malhar shall tell why he is searching Param and what he knows about him. Kalyani gets call from Bebe. She calls her Kalyani Ma’am. Kalyani calls her Sarita ji and asks her not to call her Ma’am. She says how can I call you by your name on duty and says you are my senior and I am constable of the narcotic dept. She tells that Meenakshi is in this hospital and just I got the chance, I fixed mic in her ward. She tells that Meenakshi was not unconscious and knows something about Inspector Abhimanyu and tells that police officer came and told that Malhar came to know about Abhimanyu. She says Meenakshi is coming to your house, I feel that Inspector Abhimanyu is in some problem.

Kalyani says I will do something. Sarita ji ends the call and sees Anupriya standing infront of her.Malhar comes to Kalyani and asks what Param’s pic is doing with him. Kalyani says she is Vaijanti reddy and tells that the guy must be Param’s friend. Malhar confronts her. Sarita ji tells that she was talking to her bahu. Anupriya says she knows well that she was talking to her daughter and not her bahu. She tells that she had identified her when she saw injury on her foot. She says she knows that she is Kalyani, but wants to know from her. She says I will touch your feet, and touches it. Sarita ji says I will tell you.

Malhar tells Kalyani that he can’t bear anymore and tells that he is living in darkness since a month and asks her to save him, else he might go very far that he couldn’t return. He asks her to tell who is Param and what is he doing with Parmarth. He says you are accused to have killed Parmarth and says if anyone sees this pic then their doubt will be proved right. He says when I let you go from there, I trusted you. He says it seems I couldn’t make you believe on my love. He says I know that there is big reason and asks why I am not with you to solve the problem, why Param is with you. He says Moksh and I are incomplete with you, how can you complete with Param? Kalyani feels sorry for hiding truth from him and thinks she will not hide truth from him anymore.

She is about to remove the pillow, when Meenakshi comes there calling Malhar. Malhar and Kalyani go out. Meenakshi asks Malhar what do you know about Param? Malhar is shocked. Meenakshi asks him not to give her shock looks and says I know that you got info about Param. Malhar says yes. Meenakshi says Param is a runaway criminal and if you have any info about him, then you shall let me know. Kalyani hears her and thinks if Malhar ji tell her about him, then it will be a problem. Meenakshi gets a message and tells that she got info about him. Kalyani thinks if Meenakshi sees about Abhimanyu then I can’t prove my innocence. She comes out and collides with her, making her phone fall in the water bowl.

Malhar asks what did you do and takes out mobile from water. Meenakshi says I will not leave you. Kalyani says I had slipped.Param peeps inside, Kalyani asks him to run away. Param runs away, but Malhar runs behind him. Meenakshi asks how dare you to help a criminal escape. Malhar returns and says Param escaped. Meenakshi asks who will save you now, and tells that she has helped a criminal and attacked a commissioner. Malhar asks Meenakshi to stop and tells that this is wrong. Meenakshi says she will go to jail surely. Anupriya comes there and stops her. Meenakshi says I will see who will stop you. Anupriya records in the camera. Meenakshi asks her to close the video. Anupriya says people shall know that narcotics dept commissioner is misusing her post, without any proofs or arrest warrant, you can’t arrest her. Sarthak comes there and takes mobile from Anupriya’s hand.

Malhar asks Kaka why are you doing this? Sarthak says she didn’t leave any option left for me, I am saving Anupriya from going to jail. Meenakshi thanks Sarthak and says atleast someone is understanding here. She takes Kalyani with her and says your drama to become Vaijanti is good. Kalyani says she is Vaijanti and not Kalyani. Meenakshi says your memory will be back in sometime. She stops the car and asks did you recollect, I have stopped my car at an isolated place. She says I will tell you, how I had planned Kalyani’s encounter last time. She laughs and says she will complete her work this time.

Anupriya tells Sarthak that he has pushed her daughter in the death well today. Sarthak says your daughter. Anupriya says yes, she is not Vaijanti, but Kalyani. She tells him everything. Malhar hears her and says I know about this. He says even I knew that she is Kalyani. Anupriya says don’t know what Meenakshi will do with her. Malhar says I will not let anything happen to her. Meenakshi aims gun at Kalyani and asks her to get down. Someone is looking at them. Meenakshi says finally I will get justice for my husband and will fulfill the promise made to Parmarth. She loads the gun to kill Kalyani. Kalyani closes her eyes. Someone shoots Meenakshi at her hand to stop her from killing Kalyani. Kalyani opens her eyes and gets shocked. Sunita comes there and kidnaps Kalyani. She takes her in the jeep. Meenakshi sees Sunita’s face and also the jeep.

Malhar talking to Anupriya and telling her that he has reached Police station, asks her to bring bail papers. Pawar comes out of the PS and tells Malhar that Meenakshi Madam haven’t reached here. Malhar says she came before me. Inspector tells Malhar that Meenakshi was bringing some criminal, when someone shot at her and kidnapped the criminal. Malhar gets shocked and recalls Kalyani telling Param about something. He writes her words on the paper and comes to conclusion that drugs are in her room. Kalyani is in the captive place. Sunita comes there. Kalyani says who will believe that you are so cunning behind an innocent face. Sunita says super intelligent people couldn’t identify her.

She says you have done a good drama by becoming vaijanti, but I am not a fool like you. She takes out her fake pregnancy pillow. She asks Kalyani to tell where are the drugs? Kalyani says I will never tell you. Sunita says I am running away for my life since a month and asks her to tell, threatens to kill Kalyani. Kalyani says you knows well that drugs are important for you and I just know the location, so you can’t kill me. Sunita gets a call from an unknown number and the guy asks if she got the address. Sunita says no. The caller threatens to kill her.

Malhar searches for the map in Kalyani’s room and gets it. Param comes there and says it is not for you. He snatches map from his hand and runs away. Sunita takes the knife and tells that she will enjoy to kill her son and asks what is the school’s name, St Marie school. She says he stays in the hostel and studies there. She says I will enjoy killing him and asks if she understands about whom she is talking about? Kalyani warns her not to take her son’s name. Sunita asks her to tell the whereabouts of drugs, else she (Sunita herself) will be killed anyhow but will take along Moksh with her.

Param reaches the place seeing the map and thinks where could be the drugs? He comes to the well and thinks it is inside, thinks to jump in and get the drugs, but find a rope hidden there. He thinks Kalyani is more smarter than I thought. He pulls the rope and finds an iron trunk. He opens the trunk and finds drugs, thinks finally he found all the consignment. He calls someone. Malhar comes there and says what do you think that I will not reach here. He says he needs the drugs to save Kalyani and will take it. They have a fight. Param tries to tell him. Malhar aims gun at him and says I can do anything for Kalyani. Kalyani comes there and shouts no, Malhar ji….Sunita brings Kalyani there with gun on her head. Kalyani asks Malhar to keep the gun down and tells that Param is Inspector Abhimanyu from Narcotics dept.

Sunita says whoever he is, but I will get the drugs. She says she was waiting for this day and asks her goons to keep the drugs in car. Malhar, Param and Kalyani fight with the goons and Sunita. Abhimanyu arrests Sunita and handcuffs her. Kallyani says Malhar ji…Sunita says you don’t know who am I? Abhimanyu asks her to come. Kalyani says your game ended and asks her to tell how Meenakshi’s husband died? She says he was breathing after falling from balcony and asks her to tell what did she do with him? Abhimanyu asks her to tell silently else he will do her encounter. Sunita tells that she had suffocated him to death in the car and a fb is shown.

Kalyani tells Malhar that she is doing this acting since a month and feeling guilty which she can’t even say. Malhar says I can understand and says your hardwork is paid off, nobody can send you to jail. Kalyani hugs him. Malhar and Kalyani feel peaceful to unite. Song plays teri nazron ne kya kardiya….plays….They smile and hug again. Abhimanyu says once Sunita gives her statement, then all the accusations will be moved away from you. Just then someone shoots Sunita at her chest. Kalyani rushes to her. Malhar looks at the shooter. He then looks at Sunita and tells that they have to take her to hospital, she is the only witness. Meenakshi comes home and tells that nobody can save Sunita from me, says Kalyani is impossible to get saved from me. She takes out color packet from her arm and says Kalyani tried to catch the gang leader, but when Parmarth couldn’t catch me, then how can Kalyani catch me. She laughs. It is revealed to the audience that Meenakshi has feigned to be shot to the hand and is the gang leader of the drugs.

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