Meet in love update Thursday 18 August 2022

Meet in love 18 August 2022: Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet walks to him and says is this the way to take out your anger, someone said me yesterday you should no work with anger you should work with your mind, you should not be angry on our family because they understand us and support us, after Duggus function we will talk to Babita and try to amke her understand and I believe she will understand us and then I’ll get selected in police with everyone’s blessings. He says what if she don’t understand. Meet says but we can believe that we can make her understand and get ready we have lot of work and after all many relations are going to change. He says yes we are going to be Chachi Chachu from Mama, Mami.

Duggu in his room looking at painting and remembers how Masum scold him and ask him to make new family tree with Tej and Sunaina’s photo. Meet walks in room and looks for Duggu and says what are doing here everyone is looking for you downstairs, what happen to you why are you sad. Masum walks in and says he is sad because he don’t have habit of wearing such heavy clothes afterall some people dosent value good things and she walks to Duggu and ask him not to be sad or else everyone will feel like we are forcing you and ask you only tell do we are forcing you for adoption. Duggu looks at Meet says yes. Masum says to Meet now if you are free so please help Babita and see is Panditji here. Meet thinks I think Duggu is not happy.

Everyone in hall Masum telling about how Duggu was naughty and from now on you have face everything and take care of him. Sunaina says I’m so excited for Duggu and do everything a parent does for his child. Raj says good do everything and tell me where is Tej and Duggu. Duggu comes in popcorn box and everyone get shock after seeing him. Everyone singing together and enjoying ceremony. Duggu leaves party. Panditji walks in and says call Duggu and begin with pooja. Everyone looking for Duggu. Masum says he must be in room I’ll go and get him.

Masum in room. Hoshiyar walks to her says still there time is left think for one time. Masum says there is no time now and looks for Duggu in room, he must be in garden. Meet walks to rrom and says what happen. Hoshiyar says we cannot find Duggu. Meet says he must be house where he will go, I’ll go and check garden.Meet in garden says he is not here and she finds sweet Duggu was wearing as garland, she follows them.Masum in room with everyone says he has become naughty because you all love him a lot I’m sure he must be hiding somewhere. Sunaina says where he can hide, I think we should find him. Meet walks in says he is not in house, he went out somewhere.

Masum says what rubbish. Meet Ahlawat says he must be inside. Meet says I found this sweet in garden and they are going towards the maind road. Masum says you started your drama and last time you were with Duggu what did you said to him. Meet looks at the painting a message was written on that saying I want my mom dad and different one. Raj take that painting and see that says there was no consent of Duggu in adoption and says to Masum he must be in lot of pain he is so young what kind of mother you are. Masum says I don’t know this. Babita ask Raj to bring Duggu back he is so young. Raj says don’t worry and Meet Ahlawat give her water. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat come with me he will be near around.

Duggu in market talks to himself says I left the house but where should I go now, I have no idea what to do. Meet Ahlawat, Tej, Hoshiyar, Meet in market looking for Duggu. Duggu sit somewhere says I should go back to home I’m feeling hungry. Two boys look’s at Duggu says you are here, your mom and dad are looking for you come we will drop you. Duggu says really and walk with them.Meet ask a shopkeeper did you see Duggu. He says no but be careful because many kidnappers are roaming in this area, till now 10 kids are kidnapped and none is found till yet. Meet says did that group kidnapped Duggu.

Two boys cover Duggu and try to kidnap him, they run with him and hid after seeing Meet Ahlawat, they keep him in van and run away.Kidnappers take Duggu to unknown place. Duggu ask then where did you bring me where are my mom dad. A man shouts at him and ask him to keep quiet.Meet Ahlawat holding water bottle. Tej with Hoshiyar see Meet Ahlawat. They walks to him and ask did you find Duggu. Meet Ahlawat says no but I found the way to find him. They see Meet disguised as small school going kid. Meet Ahlawat says to them after talking to many people we get to know that a kidnappers gang is activated so to catch them Meet has planned this and he give her gps tracker.

Hoshiyar ask them what are we going to do. They both explain the plan. Tej says sounds good but it’s dangerous, do you believe in your plan. Meet says yes and that gang has to pay for there deeds. Meet Ahlawat ask them did you understand what you have to do.Meet in market shouting and saying mom dad. Those kidnappers see Meet and says today is our lucky day and walks to Meet. One of them push Meet and she drop her lolipop, she hold her hairs and cry for lolipop. Other guy says calm down there you will find more lolipop come with us. Meet says so many lolipop and start walking with them. Meet Ahlawat follows the. Kidnappers make her sit in van and take her to unknown location. Meet Ahlawat also reach there. Boys says to boss we got new one, a retarted girl, total we got 11 kids from one area, we are in profit this time.

Boss says we will sell there body parts and become rich and voss will be happy, I heard boss has send someone special person with a deal of 11 crores. Meet Ahlawat hearing everything from Meet’s device. Duggu looks at Meet. Meet ask him to be quiet. Kidnapper see her and shouts what are you doing. Meet points up at say and says so many star’s. One them ask where did you get this defective one. Boss says we just need to number. Meet take rope and acts childish to distract kidnappers and start behaving like dog. Kidnappers get annoyed and ask to tape her mouth. Kidnappers get busy with Meet and Duggu signs other kid to free him. Kidnappers make her sit near Duggu and tie her hands. Duggu says don’t worry I’ll untie you. Meet Ahlawat enter the room disguised as kidnapper.

Meet Ahlawat in kidnappers room. Kidnapper ask him who are you. He says I don’t talk much look at this bag, 11 crores all are yours but there is a catch if I’m paying you then I need medical of evry child. Kidnapper says wait let me talk to my boss. Meet Ahlawat says I thought you have knowledge about business in our work time is money and I don’t feel good when we waste time, you can call your boss and I’ll call mine and tell him how you are doubting me, after that I’ll keep the money and you can keep kids but be quick and ask your boy too. Boss says to his partner call from net because government is keeping everything under surveillance. Man says I’m not able to connect. Meet Ahlawat walks away from the. He ask where are you going.

He says we need to send them overseas and you know how much words matters in our profession and I have to check there name. He says okay and try to take bag if money. He says let me check there name first and he walks to Duggu. Duggu shouts at him.Real Dealer arrive at location.
Meet Ahlawat says to Meet execution is going according to our plan. Dealer enter inside says what is happening we are real Dealer. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I think so real Dealer are here. Kidnappers point gun at Meet Ahlawat. He hit him with stick. Meet also attack kidnappers. Kids also help them in there rescue kidnappers.

Everyone at Ahlawat’s house. Duggu with Meet and other. Duggu run to Masum. Masum ask him how are you and why did you run away. Hoshiyar says I’ll tell, he ran away because of his mother and if a kid has mom like you he will surely run away. Masum says what are you saying. Hoshiyar says I’ll telling truth and it’s necessary to bring all your lie infront of everyone, her first biggest lie is faking about her pregnency. Babita in shock. Masum says so the Tej and Sunaina can adopt him get all the property and rule over Ahlawat’s because of her plan she went to give Duggu to them without his consent, he ran away because of her greedy nature. Babita says to Masum how can you be so cold hearted, greed ruined your son’s feeling and ours too.

Duggu says to Babita and Raj please don’t scold mom I know she feels sorry. Masum apologize to Duggu. Duggu says I’m sorry and from now on I’ll not run away I promise. Tej says to Duggu I also want to promise you something, your mom and dad will not change ever. Hoshiyar walks to Meet says because of Meet’s intelligence my Duggu came back safe, don’t know what could have happen and she helped 10 more kids and rescue them, I don’t know if I’m wrong or right but her decision of being an officer her right, if you don’t believe come with me I’ll sgow you.

Everyone goes out and see the family with there kids. Hoshiyar says tell kids who rescued you. Kids says Meet deedee. Parents thanks Meet. Meet says it all happen just because of mu husband and support of everyone. Meet Ahlawat says to to Babita, Meet helped everyone along with society, she did great, try to think one time if she becomes officer so can’t she handle her duties related to house and society, today she didn’t had power but still she helped think how she can help society with that uniform and power, it will be a great help please give permission. Duggu praise for Meet. Meet Ahlawat says I request everyone to give her permission so that she could fill form for academy and I want everything to happen with your blessings and he whispers in her ear go touch there feet. Meet touches there feet.

Babita says tell me one thing can you ober all your responsibilities if you join police force, and you will priorities your family responsibilities, will you able to do that, tell. Meet Ahlawat says yes ofcourse and says to Meet and take blessings of everyone. She touches Ram’s feet. Ram give her blessings and thinks, Babita might have given you permission but I won’t let you go in, and make your journey hell that you will be having only one way that is back to home, you have to step back for this family.

Babita and Raj in toom. Babita says to Raj have decided not to say a word against Meet. Raj says sometimes things come suddenly that you are unable to react, try to understand she don’t want something bad. Ram gets in says to Raj why don’t we celebrate our holi with a grand we have reasons, Tej is with us and it’s Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s first holi. Raj says why not we will make it grand, just start with prepration I’m with you. Ram says why nit. Raj says I need to ask something, our daughter in law wants to join police force so what are your thoughts in that.

Meet in her room says I cannot understand what to write. Meet Ahlawat standing behind her says, since morning you are unable to fill police’s form where are you stuck and take her laptop, he read says how will you serve as an officer tell us about your weakness and strength. Meet says now tell me my strength. Meet Ahlawat says turn around and says you have strength you are brave, helpful and cute. Meet says should I write this, do you think it will be that easy, I need to think something and try to find out my strength and weakness. Meet Ahlawat mimicking Meet. Meet Ahlawat hurt himself with stapler pin. Meet get’s worried for himand wipe his hand with dettol.

Ram says to Raj she is an intelligent girl takes good decision but I think this one is wrong you only think after becoming police officer her dad won’t come back, you know it’s too risky. Babita says Ram is correct, she should understand she need to think about her safety. Ragini says to Babita and Ram that I don’t agree with you, Meet always take right decision and danger is everywhere, people can slip and die in bathroom, anything can happen at holi people don’t stop living because of fear. Ram thins yes Ragini you are right anything can happen at holi to someone, this is the only way feom saving this family.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet this is your strength you always think about others. Meet says don’t talk much what if you get hurt. Meet Ahlawat put his hand on her head so that she don’t hurt herself from table top. Meet Ahlawat give her sarcasm and says tomorrow is boyfriend and girlfriend first holi so it should be special. Meet says I still want to fill form.
Ram listen this says I understood what are you strength and weakness, it’s Meet, you won’t be able to fill this form.

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