I do update Friday 19 August 2022

I do 19 August 2022: Shashi is shocked to find sanam and misbah together, while sanam attending to misbah. She wonders how she reached here, and remembers sanam bringing a veiled woman, who she didnt want to see the face of. She wonders how can she be so foolish, that the couple are taking risks, the husband is out searching for shashi, while the wife is ruining her plans. She decides to teach them a lesson.Meanwhile, wazira and shaad continue to try and search the location and get the signal somehow, by tracing the last call, and it is found that shashi placed the last call from his very house. both are shocked.

While shashi tries to come out, misbah hears a car honk and gets up along with sanam. Sanam says that she shall go and see who is it, as if its shaad then they wont have to hide and shall expose the fake misbah. misbah says that she too shall come rightaway. but she askss misbah to rest. She says that she shall lock the door from outside. Sanaam leaves. shashi eyes misbah, sleeping and comes out. Sanam finds shaad increasing the security cover of the house, and getting CCTV installed. he assures sanam that officers shall guard them completely. Shaad tells sanam that the last call from shashi came from this very place, and he is tensed. She tries to tell him, but he is more focussed on shashi kappor. She insists.

she says that she wants him to meet someone who is here, and is betraying them. She says that she wants him to meet the true Misbah. Shaad is shocked. She takes him along urgently. she gets him in the room, but doesnt find her. she goes to check on the bathroom, unaware that shashi is hiding behind the curtains with the unconscious misbah, who she drags out stealthily. Shaad asks why is she doing this. She tries to protest her innocence and continues to talk about their plan. He looks at her disbelievingly, while she begs him to believe her once and places the entire blame on the fake misbah, who comes in reprimanding her why does she keep accusing her, and she can leave if thats what they want.

Sanam asks her to shut up, and asks shaad not to listen to her, and says that she can take her there. she says that she shall suffocate her to death and begins to strangle her. Shaad is shocked and separates them. sanam again tries to convince him, while he says that he has heard enough.Ahil asks for directions to the room and begins to go. he finds his shoes unlaced and gets to tying them. The new bride, dressed in a gown, comes to take the room service, for champagne and snacks, while ahil is wearing shoes in the hallway. She doesnt notice him and goes inside the room, but then sensing something, she comes out again to see. meanwhile ahil knocks on the door and goes inside. she comes out and doesnt find anyone. She is boggled.

Ahil talks to the lawyer who says that she shall have to give a pregnancy test for the opening of the trust before the childbirth. he likes the idea. He again gets the new sanam’s call, who asks if he remembers her. He says that he was thinking about her only. She asks him to make her talk to gazalla. He doesnt show his tension and hurriedly complies. he pretends to walk out of his room, and moves in the hallway, pretending that he is searching for gazalla. She asks him to let be. She says that she just wanted to know if he is home. he says that he misses her. she hears the voice as if its coming from the outside. ahil wanders outside her hotel room, unaware that she is inside. She is tensed.

She leaves the phone and walks out, but doesnt find anyone. She still walks ahead towareds the room ahil is staying in. She wonders why is she feeling ahil being here. She goes inside. She tries to seduce saif, while he asks why is she doing this. she asks him to look in her eye and he shall under stand everything. He is terribly uncomfortable and tries to get away from her. The new bride gets to her work, and throws herself on him, as she pins him on the bed. Accidentally, one of the candles falls on the floor in the struggle, and a fire ensues, in the bag which then catches onto the rug, and then finally the bed sheets and the robe too. both are oblivious of this. the smoke alarm goes off, and the new bride and saif are shocked. Saif tries to douse the fire, while ahil too hears the alarm and is tensed. all guests start running out.

Ahil suggests that they should leave too. the new bride sees everyone going and is tensed. She and saif argue as to how can they go out now, as soon people shall find out the alarm is coming from their room. saif says that if people see them together, it would cause problems. they wonder how to get out. she tries to think of wearing something else. she eyes his clothes, and tries to take them off, while he struggles not allowing her.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam asks shaad if he thinks that she is mad. She says that she still has evidence in his aunt who will confirm to her statements. Just then, his aunt walks in. Sanam says that if she knows that she has met the real misbah, then she wont have to be scared and lie. She asks the aunt to speak up and tell shaad. The aunt meanwhile stands still, eyeing shashi tensedly, who gives her warning eyes. she says what can she say, as her misbah is in front of her. sanam asks her not to be scared and speak the truth. But the aunt sticks to her statement, and sanam is shocked, asking why is she doing this, and tells how this girl has kept misbah.

shaad asks her to stop hallucinating, and stop believing that its real. she asks why he doesnt believe her, as she met the true misbah. Shashi leaves the room. shaad says that he trusts her, and then asks her to sit and rest. She resignedly gives in. shaad leaves. She eyes the aunt, and then shashi, standing in the doorway. She says that she wont spare her, and shashi too thinks the same. the screen freezes on both their faces.

All panic, while the new bride wears saif’s shirt, while he too rushes out in the bathrobe. Saif finds a load for laundry and eyes it for a dress change. In the commotion, sanam and ahil find each other and are shocked. both ask the other what are they doing here,. while ahil is surprised at her clothing. she says that she came here to check on him, if he is at home or not, and hence the attire change, and asks whats he doing here. Ahil stands tensed. He finds saif too and is shocked. he asks whats he doing here, if she came to test him. she says that she brought saif along, before he can reply, as she didnt know the route to the hotel. she asks why he came here. Ahil says that he came here to meet his friend, who needed legal help, as he is tackled in a complication, and he didnt want to say so, so as to relieve stress from her, being five months pregnant. he says that he had to come due to his friend, and apologises.

He asks her to hasten up, as the fire alarm is still on. He asks saif not to mind this. he looks at the new bride lovingly. He says that she can do anything for him. she wonders what are these papers that he is hiding from her.

Scene 2:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Shashi is happy with her win over sanam, saying that its easy for her to fool anyone. she eyes shaad arranging for security. she says that she shall get rid of shaad from her way but what jannat did today, would be fatal for her. She descends down the stairs in the backyard, and then opens the water tank, and finds Misbah inside, drowning in water, with an oxygen pipe in her mouth, to keep her alive. she closes the drum back again.

The next morning, Sanam descends down the stairs, and all are tensed, as they wait for her to join them at the breakfast table. sanam comes and apologises profusely, for her basless allegations against her, and how her hallucinations got the better of her, and how maybe shaad is right that she needs some time off. Shashi sits tensed. Shaad asks misbah not to turn away and instead forgive jannat. she complies, and hugs her. she asks sanam whats this new drama now. She smiles and says that she is just acting along like her, and what she started, shall be finished by her instead. she says that she shall win as she knows the true misbah is here only, and that the real misbah cant escape from this house, and she would find her completely, and when she resurfaces, what about her. Misbah pretends to smile while she is fruistrated at her. She eyes her curtly.While shaad was concerned with shashi’s last call from the house, sanam comes in with fake mosquito bites. She asks him to contact the pest control people rightaway. she thinks that this would be the perfect way to get to the location of the true misbah. Shaad gets to calling them.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil and the new bride are asleep, she wakes up stealthily, and then opens the wardrobe to find out the file. she rummages through his stuff. When she finds it, she finds that ahil wants to open a trust for their unborn child. Before she can read completely, he takes the file from her, and says that it was meant to be a surprise, but her doubtful nature got the better for her, trying to emphasise how imp their child is to him. she says that its very good. he leaves to see the lawyer. she wonders why is ahil in love with their child suddenly, and decides to find out.

Later, gazalla and razaak come to the new bride, and tell her that its a plan to trap her, to confirm her pregnancy reports, and till now, they havent consummated their relation, hence it would be a trap waiting for her to step foot into, in the name of the trust. The new bride is shocked. She knows that this is ahil’s way of taking revenge as she had insulted ahil in front of everyone. She goes out in anger and takes up the knife in fury, and begins to walk towards the hallway when she finds lots of people in the hallway, whom ahil has gathered. She hurriedly hides behind the curtains. Ahil tells the people that he shall get his wife rightaway. she is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Shaad’s residence
As shaad instructs the pest control squad to get to every nook and corner of the house, Misbah is confused. she asks shaad whats going on. Misbah gets to know that jannat ordered for a pest control, as she has rashes due to mosquitoes. She understands the reason behind it. Misbah finds sanam getting the pest control people to search every corner. She wonders where has the fake misbah hidden the real one. Sanam goes out and asks shaad to look at the work, while she goes to wash her hands. When he enters the room, misbah is tensed, as they hear that the next destination is the terrace. she worries that her entire plan shall be ruined, if they go to the terrace. she comes to shaad and says that it isnt needed.

Shaad says that he would get the entire house done, for jannat’s safety. Sanam enters the bathroom, wondering where has the fake misbah hidden the real one. Meanwhile, shashi goes up and tries to wake misbah, but in vain. While using the bathroom, sanam hears a gurgling sound of air passage through water, oblivious that the tap is connecting to the oxygen pipe in the tank thats sustaining misbah. She tries to get a clearer sound, and places her ear close to the tap. she deduces that the noise is from the tap. she wonders if misbah is in the tank.

 Sanam is shocked at her thinking that misbah is in the tank. Meanwhile, shashi asks misbah to extend her hand, as she wakes up finally. she complies. But before, misbah can be pulled out, she slips back again in the tank. Sanam rushes to shaad and asks him urgently to check out the terrace first of all, and he finally listens. they rush up, and shaad begins to give instructions. Sanam eyes the stairs leading to the tank, and then takes them, and finally lifts the lid off the tank, and takes a peek inside, but doesnt find anyone. Shaad notices her and rushes to her, while actually shashi has misbah trapped, where she wasnt able to see her in the tank.

Sanam asks him to come up and check for mosquitoes here. she comes down herself. inside the tank, shashi has misbah in her grasp, while she desperately tries to struggle herself free from her grip. Shaad finally lifts the tank opener. Sanam is tensed. He says that he cant see anything, but still he would get the meds put here too.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Naazia says that she cant do this, as she wont let the new bride play with his destiny anymore. The new bride says that she shall decide what needs and doesnt need to be done. she asks her to go through the pregnancy test, while she shall claim its hers. she blackmails nazi that while ahil is insulting her, he would understand that nazia is pregnant out of wedlock, and how he would be grieved and shall hate her forever. Nazia is tensed. the new bride says that she may hev ruined his life, but after knowing this, he shall turn his sister’s life to ruins. Nazia is scared.

Meanwhile, ahil downstairs, is thankful for them coming at such short notice, and says how guilty he is for having misbehaved with the mother of his child. On ahil’s signal, the lawyer asks her to confirm her pregnancy. she is tensed but answers that she would get her reports. the lawyer says that previous reports shall not be considered. she asks whats the matter. He says that he shall have to take it rightaway. she says that she isnt feeling well, while the others tell her that it wont take much time or hasssle. Ahil amusedly watches. the nurse hands her a pregnancy kit. She takes it and leaves. He thinks that this shall be her winning stroke. She goes to the bathroom, and hollers for nazia, and when she doesnt find her there, she is furious that the girl betrayed her. She wonders where nazia went. Meanwhile, in the roomn, ahil apologises to sanam’s pic, that she is always in his heart and would search her anyhow, and for that not just the new bride, even death cant stop him. he says that he shall get rid of this girl, before sanam comes back. he says that she should pray to the lord, that he is successful in today’s task, as if he fails today, then everything would finish. Outside, nazia hears this and is apalled.

Later, the new bride comes and says that she cant do this. Ahil is amused when the new bride is nervous as she says that she isnt feeling well, and asks if nazia is around. he asks her not to be nervous as they have done this before too. She says that she needs someone from the house. ahil sends her with gazalla to take the test. the new bride is tensed, but doesnt have a way. in the bathroom, the new bride is tensed, and is increasingly irritated at gazalla’s rant, as to how her trap is faklling on her only. she shooes gazalla away with a slap, and wonders whats to do. All start getting impatient, while ahil amusedly waits for the new bride to come out. he assures them that she shall be out soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Misbah places a call to some people, asking them to deliver the parcel. Then sanam comes wondering where misbah is, and then comes across the big box, that shashi has ready for parcel, and accuses her that she wont be able to fool anyone, as she knows that she is trying to send misbah out through this huge parcel, for dispatch and says that she wont let her do so. She asks sanam not to underestimate her enemy, and that she doesnt even know her trpaap and is being presumptuous. Some people intentionally come in, saying that they are immigration officers, and have got to know that there are some people who have come as illegal immigrants from India. They are shocked.

Shashi remembers how she had seen Bhopal’s address imprinted on sanam’s ring and connected the dots and placed the call. the immigration officers check everyone’s address, and then ask for sanam’s, and she isnt able to answer, and when they find that its memory loss, as they take it as an excuse. Shaad however assures her otherwise. He asks her to have faith. the immigration officer understands her accent. she asks him to tell everyone, but he asks her to continue having faith. Shashi notices that the parcel is leaking water and is tensed, that noone observes it. The immigration officer reiterates that she is an Indian, and if he isnt able to prove otherwise, then they shall have to take him. she stands speechless.

The lady officer comes and take sanam away, while she keeps protesting her innocence, and shaad is outraged. but they succeed, while shaad and aftab stand boggled. The fake misbah watches amusedly. the screen freezes on her face.Shaad is apalled, as they take sanam away. Shashi is tensed. later, when shaad calls the immigration office, he is shocked to know that they have no info of any such raid, or sanam being taken away by some unit. He is outraged and asks them to check and get back to him. Shashi overhears this from outside, and remembers how she had planted goons as officers, and then asked them to take sanam way and wait for her further instructions.

Meanwhile, the jeep stops at a halt, and sanam gets down at an isolated location, along with the hooligans. She is shocked as to why they have stopped here, when there’s no police station around, and then understand that they arent goons. Meanwhile, shashi calls them, and the goon ask what to do. She understands that its shashi on the phone, who was after this plan all along, and hollers at her, that she would teach her a lesson. But shashi waives it off, and says that she should be killed. Sanam tells the officers outside not to mess with her, as her husband is an army officer. She is shocked as they point the revolver at her. before they can pull the trigger, She distracts him and rushes away. They run after her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil waits anxiously and is amused when the new bride comes, with the pregnancy test, hoping that now this girl’s evil plans shall be exposed. But he gets a shock, when he asks the doctor to check on her test. Ahil is shocked when she finds that the new bride’s tests have come back positive, while the new bride watches amusedly. He is tensed, but doesnt show it to the people, or else he be misconstrued. he asks if double checking by the doctor is required. She asks why is he doing this and what he trying to say. The doctor checks her and says that she is three weeks pregnant. Ahil is shocked and double checks, as he remembers last time, she had said she was five months pregnant.

he says that the child isnt his. He reminds them of the press conference which was a month back, then how can she be three weeks preggers. The new bride says that she lost the baby when he was unconscious, and when he came back to senses, she shyly mentions that he had physical relations with her. The reporter take their own swing, asking if he is trying to implicate that she has alleged affair with someone else. The police asks him how can he doubt such a woman, who forgave him for having shot her. He says that every doubt has a reason and that he wants a paternity test. she pretends to be outraged and hurt, saying that she did everything to save their relation, even though he still loves sanam, and he shot at her, but she didnt say anything, and points out all that she has done and silently suffered, and then takes the people there in her confidence, saying that insetad of taking this disgrace, she would rather die, and even after she saved him from guilty, but when that same person doubts and insults his wife, and then asks the reporter if a lady is a thing to be used.

Gazalla and razaak marvel at her emotional turmoil. The police warns ahil that he can arrest him on ground of mental harassment, for domestic violence. the reporters assure that they shall expose him completely. The doctor reprimands him for being so callous to put his pregnant wife in stress. Ahil is severely tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Gazalla and razaak are highly curious and ask how did she pass the maternity test. she says that she is indeed pregnant. They ask the new bride who’s the father. She says that she doesnt need to tell, she can show them. They stop at a restaurant, while she stands in front of a person reading the menu. when he puts the menu down, its revealed that the person is Saif, who hugs her. gazalla and razaak are shocked to see them from a distance. The new bride thinks that she always knew saif, as the trapped person, who got nazia pregnant, and shall be her victim. she remembers paying saif a load of money, saying that she knows saif was after this money only. She then gets him to do this work for her, with much more money.

He happily complies. After they are done, saif asks why the pretense and drama, if they have already consummated. gazalla and razaak understand that this was their plan all along.

Scene 3:
Location: In the jungles
Sanam hides herself under a pile of dead leaves, so as not to be seen by the hooligans, who search her in all corners. right where she is hidden, the gang leader alights a cigarette, and then carelessly throws the matchstick on the leaves, and walks ahead. After he is gone, sanam gets up, and is shocked to find herself engulfed in fire. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Sanam is shocked to get up and realises that its all afire around her. She runs away somehow, and catches a car and tells the people everything about her plight. They decide to help her and drive off. The goons continue searching.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil sits tensed, the new bride comes with honeymoon options of paris and singapore, irritating him with her romantic rant, as to how they shall pledge their love. he is frustrated, while she expresses her excitement and plans. She irks him further by taking a selfie with him. Just then, latif comes and announces that someone has come to see her. She leaves to meet them. She is shocked to find that its her mother, and asks whats she doing now. Her mother taunts that she is here to bless her and the baby. She asks her mother if she has come to ruin her. Her mother says that she taught her black magic, which has brought her fame today. She says that she neednt care about her now, and asks her to leave, and throws her out of the house. Just then, her eyes meet ahil’s. When the new bride turns around, ahil is gone from there. She warns her mother not to ever set foot here again.

Outside, ahil tries to talk to her mother. ahil finds the new bride’s mother, who informs him that she is a witch, who once traps someone, there’s no way out for him. He asks her the way out, while she asks if she would rat out against her own daughter. Ahil is visibly tensed. he wonders where his sanam is while she is rushedly walking across the streets hurrying back to the house.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile shashi has a problem with the parcel, while the courier people say that this can only be shipped. She asks them to move it out, as she wont be able to do so hesrelf, being alone, and get it shipped instead. They find that its wet. They refuse to deliver a wet package. After they leave, she is frustrated, shashi wonders what to do now. She drags the parcel, and finds its light, and suddenly realises that an unconscious and wet misbah has fallen out from the other end. She is shocked.

Later, shaad gets aftab’s info that he shall find out about those officials. Shaad is tensed for jannat’s saafety and how he wont be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her. As he comes down, he is oblivious that shashi is dragging misbah away. Misbah sees him and tries to speak, but shashi shuts her. Shaad comes and notices the wet floor, and shashi makes an excuse. Misbah, behind the sofa, tries to raise her hand and warn him, but he doesnt notice and leaves. She finds misbah unconscious and then leaves to make arrangements for her. Just then jannat comes in and finds misbah and raises a huge scream that gets everyone down. Aftab is shocked as he finds wazira going berserk and distraught at how she finally found the real misbah. Jannat is apalled and overwhelmed to see her like this, whereas aftab is boggled as to whats happening. She leaves to go to call shaad. but stops midway. Shashi has her gun aimed at her, while sanam is shocked, and others too are stupefied..

Shashi Kapoor points a gun at Sanam and tells everyone that she is Shashi Kapoor and she has only faced bad times in her life since childhood. Shashi says that since they have seen her face, she will have to kill all of them.Shashi shoots Shaad’s father Aftab on the leg. Shashi calls a man and tells him to come so that they can open the safe and steal the documents. Shashi tries to kill Aftab but Sanam saves him and Sanam and everyone escapes from Shashi.Saif tells New Sanam that he loves her and is the father of her baby but she says that he will have to get engaged to Nazia and remain under his control.Aftab, Phoopo and Sanam are trapped in a room and Aftab’s leg is bleeding so Sanam requests Shashi to let them out of the room as Aftab is injured.

NewSanam informs Aahil that Nazia is pregnant so he gets shocked.Shashi tells Sanam to allow her to enter the room and steal the file and she will spare all of their lives.Sanam refuses to budge into shashi’s request. she gets frustrated and then eyes the cylinder vent. She gets an idea and drags the clylinder towards the fire vent. Inside, all are boggled as to what is she upto. Sanam tries to peep and see. They hear a commotion outside. shashi asks them to switch on the gas pipe, and then turn it on. The gas flows in the room. Shashi then asks them to turn it off. shashi says that she doesnt want to kill them, as she needs someone to open the door, and is juust trying to scare them. Inside, sanam wonders what is she upto, and how the excess gas would kill them.

when people start coughing, shashi smiles as her plan works. however inside, sanam sees through her plan, and decides not to fall trap to shashi’s threats, and thinks that she shall wait it out, as shashi wants them to open the door. Shashi starts getting impatient when they dont open the door. She asks jannat to think about the old couple atleast if not herself, as they wont be able to bear this gas for long, and asks her to open the door. Sanam thinks that she would definitely have to do something. She asks aftab and wahida to shift near the bed, where the effect of the gas shall be less. Sanam then gives them blankets to wrap themselves, and covers herself with a burqa. she hrust herself while doing so, and shashi hears the noise, and thinks that maybe jannat got hurt, and now her win isnt far. Sanam inside eyes the matchstick, and alights a matchstick, and they are shocked as to what she is doing, since there’s gas all around, and warn her not to be foolish. But sanam ignores them.

She throws the matchstick near the AC vent, and it starts going along the length of the pipe. Shashi sees this from outside, and rushes away from there, fearing an explosion, which happens the very next minute. Inside, sanam wonders if it was to any use. She says that she shall go out and check, while the old couple are scared. But ashe says that they have to warn shaad, and goes to aftab’s room, to check on the phone, so that she can place a call. She stealthily comes out and finfs them all down and unconscious, with the impact of the explosion. she walks past shashi on the floor, and movbes ahead, oblivious that shashi wakes up just then, with a splitting headache and a head injury. she resolves not to spare jannat.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil paces around nervously, and the minute saif walks in, he takes him by the collar and asks how dare he defile his sister. nazia and others ask him to calm down. He starts beating him. the new bride asks ahil to control himself. When he doesnt comply. She asks him to kill him then. She tries to point out the futility of it. She says that the only way out is to get saif and nazia married. Ahil is shocked and asks how is that possible, as they are leaving tomorrow. She says that they can have the engagement tonight. Nazia silently says that she agrees to this. he then turns to saif, who says that he doesnt accept this. Ahil is struck with shock.

He says that he cant accept it without his parents’ consent. Ahil says that he isnt in the condition to make or express his wishes. He says that he shall himself talk to his mother and get them to agree. he storms out in anger.Later, saif catches the new bride and asks what and why she did this. She tells him that she cant afford ahil knwoing that she is siring his child. saif like a puppy love, affected victim, he falls for the new bride who has just callously used him. she however asks him to get ready for the engagement with nazia, the ring for which also she shall choose. She leaves. he thinks that he shall get the ring and also make her only wear it.

In his room, ahil thinks that he feels suffocated here, and hence tomorrow onwards, he would live his life with freedom, while booking his flight tickets. She barges in wityh the ring for nazia, and finding him busy, asks whats he upto. He says that he was booking tickets and planning for their honeymoon. She comes and asks how much he cares for her, as tomorrow morning shall be a very happy one, and then caresses him, asking to see the travel plan. he finds that his tickets are done, and says that indeed its a happy morning for her. She smiles.

in the evening, the new bride explains to the selected guests having arrived for the party, that they are leaving for tomorrow hence couldnt give a grand celebration, but when they return, they shall throw a grand party. they start asking her about the groom, and she gets tensed. While getting ready, saif remembers the new bride’s betrayal, and thinks that he wont be trapped, as the whole world might go according to her, but he wont fear her. He eyes the ring, and thinks that since she is in his heart, she would only don this ring. He says that the child is his, and if it is exposed then so be it. A dressed naxia apologises for having hurt ahil, and expresses how much she loves saif.

Ahil says that all he wants is her happiness, and he needs nothing more than that, and he shall do whatever it takes to make her happy. She stands beside the new bride. Saif descends down the stairs, while nazia eyes him shyly. he comes down and confronts the new bride stoically. She asks him to come asnd perform the ring ceremony. he is determined in her resolve.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and Shaad’s residence
Shaad wonders where is sanam, if she wasnt taken by the immigration officers. When sanam calls shaad, he picks up and responds asking if they found anything, but before she can speak, she sees that shashi stands right behind her, with a pistol aimed at her forehead. She stands speechless. shaad is tensed not to get a response. Shashi takes the phone and breaks it by throwing it asway. Shaad is tensed. he dials again.

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