I do update Wednesday 17 August 2022

I do 17 August 2022: While the police try to take the new bride’s statement as she lies, ahil enters. He is asked to go outside, so that she doesnt give her statement under any undue pressure. He is tensed. The new bride says that she wishes to give testimony after talking to the husband. He asks if she is under pressure. She says no and that she would call him. The police leaves. Ahil comes and grabs her by the throat surprising her. He says that she may cast all possible allegations, and make the world hate him, but he is leaving her, as this marriage is over for him. She grabs his throat and says that one testimony and hye shall go where sanam is, and hence she cant leave him, not till she gets what she wants. she says that the marriage maybe over for him, but it means the life to her and he shall have to go through this, by any means. he eyes her angrily.

Outside, ahil is again thronged by the reporters, as the new bride is taken out in a wheelchair. They ask for her statement. She puts her hand in his, and tells that she is overwhelmed with their concern, but the truth is that it was all an accident. He takes his hand away, while she adds that she fought like a married couple, but they are very much in love. she pretends to be getting up with great difficulty. She says that she knows ahil loves her and their baby much more, and can do anything to keep them both satisfied and safe. He is frustrated but doesnt protest and silently complies. She says that she doesnt want to implicate ahil at all.

Later, the doctor gives some meds to the new bride, along with high dose painkillers, and asks him to take care, as the meds wont be a problem, since she isnt pregnant, or else he wouldnt have prescribed them. Ahil is shocked to hear this, and then the doctor reconfirms that she isnt pregnant at all. Ahil says that he finally found the solution to the problem, and now he shall expose this new bride, and thats his promise to sanam, that he shall ruin this girl who separated him from his true love.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s office
The new bride keeps getting impatient in front of gazalla and razaak as to where is ahil. just then, he enters. She asks him where was he as she was about to send someone to look for him. He enters angrily remembering the doctor’s words. Gazalla and razaak are scared. the new bride is tensed wondering whats the matter. he shushes her, while she tries to talk. he holds her by the arms, and then apologises, shocking all three, saying that he really means it, as before pulling the trigger, he should have thought of her and their baby. she says that its good that he understood well in time. He says that he wants to make amends, and that he has realised that they are meant to be together, and he was not living the reality running for a dream.

he says that she shall be his reality from now on, and he wants to make a fresh start with her. He says that he is a bad and mean person, as he hasnt ever heard the baby’s heart, and he wants to do so today. the new bride is tensed, as he places his hand on her stomach. She says that even the child wants to meet the father. Gazalla and razaak are boggled how would the new bride manage this. He bends down and tries to hear. He asks why is the baby not kicking, as she is in her second trimester. she along with gazalla and razaak says that he must be sleeping. She says that she shall definitely have to do something, to be able to hide this from ahil longer, as it would pose a problem soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
While wazira is working in the kitchen, Sanam decides to talk to wazira trying to find out about her daughter misbah. she tries to talk to wazira about misbah, and she immediately gets tensed. She gets emotional saying that misbah’s father died when she was seven years old. Sanam says that she must be incredibly proud of her, and wazira says that she indeed is, and that she helped her out of the trauma of losing her husband, and used to help her in the kitchen to ease her work load. Wazira happily comments says that she cant make better food than her. sanam comments that misbah has never made anything here. out of tension, wazira burns her right hand, and then says that its okay, as she doesnt use the right hand, while misbah uses the right hand, unlike her.

Misbah passes by and finds them talking, and asks wazira whats the matter. She then reprimands her for being careless. Misbah tells wazira to switch the geyser on for her, and also put medicine on her hand. She leaves resignedly. Misbah begins working, and sanam finds that she is using the wrong hand, and when misbaah says that she is lefty, sanam is shocked as her mother, wazira said otheriwse. Then she asks misbah for Kasoori Methi, and she gives her methi(normal) instead. Misbah leaves. she understands that along with misbah, wazira too is lying, and is determined to find out why and what.

As she goes inside the room, she finds the bathroom locked from inside, and says that this is the only chance to find out about misbah. She throws some shampoo on the floor, to make it slippery. She says that a person is genuine when they are alone, and she shall not be able to befool anyone then. Sanam finds that misbah slipped, and is cursing at everyone. Wazira comesSanam is shocked to find the way misbah treats her supposed, mother and is distraught, at the way she is threatening her own mother, while she genuinely cares for her. She says that she is sure that Misbah cant be her daughter, as no daughter can talk like that to her mother. She says that she would have to expose misbah.

Later, Sanaam finds misbah leaving outside, and stealthily follows her. She finds a locked door in the way, and the maid cleaning up. She asks the maid why isnt she cleaning the room. The maid replies that wazira herself cleans it, and only she has the key. sanam is boggled and tensed, and thinks that she would have to get the key from her, before misbah comes back. She wonders why and how. She comes to wazira pretending to be nauseous. Wazira leaves to get water for her, while sanam eyes the key bunch that she kept on the sofa. While she returns, sanam takes the keys. Sanam takes the water and decides to go and rest, so that she feels better. she retires while wazira asks her to relax. she comes out with the keys, and rushedly opens the lock on the door.

She finally manages to and then enters. She rummages through the stuff kept in the room, while oblivious that shashi’s signature white shoes are in one of the drawers. she keeps rummaging to find some clue of misbah’s identity. The screen freezes on Misbah and sanam’s tensed faces.As misbah comes back frustrated, sanam hears her, and then immediatley hides under the bed. misbah comes and in irritation, she drops the mobile while falls under the bed. She tries to get it out, while sanam is scared that she would see her. The phone starts ringing, and sanam stealthily sneaks the phone close to her hand,and misbah picks it up, and leaves out rushedly. After that, sanam sneaks out under the bed.

While rummaging through the room, sanam finds the book that misbah had taken to read at the maqbara, and when she opens it, she finds the hidden revolver and is shocked.When she comes back, misbah is frustrated to find her door open, and goes onto search for the revolver, and when she doesnt find it, she hollers for wazira and when she comes, misbah asks her where is it. Wazira says that she doesnt know. Misbah slaps her tight asking her not to befool her. She asks misbah to believe her that she isnt lying. Misbah believes her, as she knew that wazira had actually slept, after cleaning the room. she wonders if jannat is behind this, as she takes out a piece of cloth.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is frustrated as to what to do, despite knowing the witch’s truth. He finds a cell and tries to call, when she comes in and says that there’s no outgoing on this. He is frustrated. She says that he doesnt need to talk to anyone else other than her, and she shall always be with him. he trfies to put a brave face and not show anything. he then joins them at the breakfast table, and tries to take Biryani. But she stops him. the new bride and ahil have breakfast together, while she insistently feeds him boiled veggies and fruits, citing it as healthy, while he keeps getting frustrated, but smiles nevertheless.

She asks him to go on and eat and he complies. He tries to take water to gulp it down, and she stops saying that he shouldnt drink water while eating and asks him to finish food first. She then tries to send gazalla and razaak out for an english movie. They try and argue, while she insists them to go and take nazia too. They get her message. Ahil wonders whats she upto now.Ahil is taken aback, when the new bride takes him inside, and asks him to choose a saree for her. He asks if they are going out. She asks what he thought, as to why she sent everyone outside, so as to spend time together an d be lost in his arms, having forgotten everything.

She hugs him, while he tries to stay calm, and says that since she is pregnant, they cant have physical intimacy. She says that she has her research done, and it wont be a problem, and says that today they shall celebrate their love and consummate their marital relation that has love now. Ahil is shocked, while the new bride is evilly thinking that she would now be able to manipulate her pregnancy.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Meanwhile, in her room, Sanaam worriedly keeps calling shaad, oblivious that misbah is underneath her bed, and is fusing chloroform on the hankey, and then when sanam falls asleep, misbah douses her with that hankey. Once confirmed that she is asleep, misbah rummages through stuff. Later, shaad comes and wakes up jannat, who tells him that she tried him immensely. Shaad hurriedly asks her why did she call him so many times and call him urgently. She says that it was since she wanted to show him something. Sanam tells shaad that she wants to show a revolver to him, that she retreived from Misbah’s room. shaad is shocked. She then goes to the almirah and doesnt find the book and the revolver.

shaad meanwhile is tensed, as he eyes Shashi Kapoor’s dress in her almirah. She takes them out, and is herself boggled too. They both are oblivious that misbah is hearing all this from the outside, evilly smiling at her plan’s success. misbah comes in and asks who is she and why is she accusing her like this, and then reprimands shaad and her for unnecessarily messing with her life. Jannat warns her to stop now and that she should stop her drama and acting, as noone shall believe her, when she exposes her. Shaad is tensed. Misbah flares up when sanam mentions that she is even making her own mother lie. Misbah asks her to stop involving her mother.

Jannat asks her to stop. She says that she knows how she treats her own mother. Shaad asks them to stop fighting, as shashi kapoor is behind this. Misbah reminds that the doctor had said that she might be hallucinating. Shaad takes sanam to rest. The screen freezes on Misbah’s evil face, who seeks revenge on sanam.

Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil tries to divert the new bride’s mind from being intimate by arranging a dinner outside, but she doesnt pay heed, and says that she has a better idea. She tries to seduce ahil by gyrating sensually, into consummation, while ahil tries to get away. As they finally lie on the bed, he takes out ba ring like structure stealthily from under the pillow, while she continues top seduce him. He pins her agaainst the almirah, and then intentionally does so with a jerk, so that the flower vase falls on her head, and she gets dizzy. He puts her on the bed. Then they both fall asleep.

Early morning, Ahil gets the dream of him shooting at the new bride. he wakes up and gtets to her side of the bed. He stealthily takes his phone out from her clasp, without awaking her. He then goes out and places the call to the lawyer, and whispers him to arrange anything that might need the new bride to give a legal proof of her pregnancy and as soon as he does, he should come to his home. He hears sanam waking up, and instantly cancelling the call, he tries to rush to the door to close the bathroom, but she comes just then He immediately takes her in his arms, and uses this chance to delete the numbger, while talking romance to her. he demands for sometime to open upto her love. She says that she shall give him seven days, and after that only she should be in his thoughts and life. He asks what after seven days. She says that they shall consummate their marriage after seven days. She then asks him to go and make breakfast for her. He happily agrees. she goes in to freshen up. he is frustrated.

At the breakfast table, gazalla and razaak try to ask the new bride what happened last night, and if they consummated their marriage. She asks why are they bothered, and gazalla taunts that she is rude since she wasnt successful. She begins to get irritated at their advise and taunts, as they say that lies cant be hidden for long. Gazalla says that she can have any father to her child, to sire a son. The new bride likes the idea. razaak asks where shall they find a boy like this, and gazalla says that they would if destiny demands. The new bride smiles evilly, as she is lost in some hunk’s thoughts.

Scene 2:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Shaad comes out and finds that misbah hasnt slept yet, and asks why isnt she. She says that he did believe her and believed that she wants to murder him. She emotionally blackmails him asking why is he doing this, under jannat’s influence, and is willing to forget everything. She tries to instigate him, that jannat is not known to him for long. She smiles as he is forced to think. he gets his friend’s wife’s call, and he leaves. she says that she shall definitely break his trust on jannat, time and again.

Later, sanam observes that at a particular time, misbah gets out every single day. She is determined to find out, and goes to ask her mother working in the kitchen. She immediately gets tensed, and excuses that she gives food to the orphan and homeless to feed them. she leaves. Jannat says that misbah isnt that good natured too. she decides to go and find out. She finds a burqa on the table and goes out wearing it. Misbah is aware of someone’s presence, while sanam is tensed, as misbah stands still. She turns around while sanam ducks just in time, behind the drums kept. Misbah tuirns back and begins to move, while sanam again starts following her.

Scene 3:
Location: Unidentified location.
sanam enters a warehouse type of location. She stealthily tries to follow Misbah’s voice. Sanam is shocked to find that misbah is trying to wake a girl, who she has kept captive and probably drugged too. She is apalled to see the girl in bondage, tied to a chair, while misbah ruthlessly asks her to get up and eat. When the girl doesnt comply, misbah forcibly feeds her, while the girl pleads her to let her go. Misbah slaps heer tight, shocking jannat. she says that till her work isnt done, she cant go anywhere. sanam wonders who and why has misbah kept captive. Sanam wonders what work is she talking about. One of the boxes accidentally falls, and sanam ducks underrneath. it alarms Misbah who asks who’s there. the screen freezes on her and jannat’s face.

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