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I do 5 February 2022: Asad returns dejected, carrying the letter in his hands. Dilshad is shocked to see him like this. as asad sits in his room, dilshad comes and looks at the letter, and asks what is it. She reads the letter, and is surprised herself. She too is in tears. Asad cries out in dilshad’s arms with sadness, saying that she’s gone and he wont ever meet her again. Dilshad too is very sad. Hearing this from outside the window, tanveer thinks that he’s talking about zoya’s death, and is very happy.

Nazma and dilshad are very tensed to see asad’s condition. He refuses wanting anything to eat. Resignedly, they retire for the night. During the night, asad is still sitting like that only, when nazma notices that he hasnt taken his coffee too. He watches through the news mindlessly. dilshad asks him to go somewhere outside, away from this. Asad asks where would he be able to escape from himself. dilshad says that still it would be some peace.

Just then, there’s a news of Bulandshahar Dargah, where all prayers are answered. At home, seeing asad distraught, and dilshad tensed for him, Nazma asks him to go the Bulandshahar Dargah, and maybe he should consider this as a call from the almighty himself. Asad says that even daaijaan also got him soemthing from this place only. Dilshad asks him not to think for long, as that may weaken his descisions. She asks him to follow his heart. Asad is determined that he would go to ajmer.

Scene 4:
Location: Bulandshahar Dargah
A peer baba comes and tells asad, that he would get what he is searching for in ajmer only. Asad goes to ajmer, and prays at the dargah oblivious that zoya too is sitting some places next to her, praying and she too is oblivious of the irony of the fate that has brought them together again. asad prays that he doesnt know what love is, but knows the difference between life and death, as he may be breathing but not living. He says that he has come to take his life back, and get zoya back, even though he doesnt know if she’s in his destiny. He says that he has come to want his life from this place back. Asad gets up, while zoya is still praying. She is in tears.

Scene 1:
Location: Bulandshahar Dargah
In the dargah, zoya is walking with her head bowed, while she is given beads by a woman, saying that she would find what she is swearching for, and all her questions would be answered. Zoya doesnt know that asad, is walking towards her only. Asad crosses by, while zoya is loking at the prayer beads. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya walks with the beads, inside the dargah, oblivious in the darkness that asad too is walking from the other entrance, and that they are walking parallel to each other, just as they are supposed to be in their love life. Asad does her prayers, along with zoya, but not knowing that the other is here.

Asad is walking through the lanes outside the dargah, and zoya too crosses perpendicular. both are distraught with the absence of their love in their lives.(SAAIYAAN TRACK) Zoya and asad both are feeling the others’ presence but cant meet. Finally asad spots her, and overwhelmingly runs towards her, but finds her gone from there. Destiny too plays a cruel joke on them, by their paths not crossing. He keeps chasing her, but doesnt get to her, who is sadly walking through the lanes, when she is shocked to find herself facing asad, who finally finds her. They are both overwhelmed to see each other.

On the roof of the dargah, they finally have a talk. They both begin to talk at the same time and then stop. He asks if she’s okay. she asks if he saved her in the madarsa. He nods in a yes. Zoya says that for now, her life is useless, but still sarcastically thanks her for saving her useless and aimless life. Asad is hurt and has tears swelled up in his eyes. Asad stops zoya, (TUM HI HO, AASHIQUI 2, TRACK )when she tries to cross him, and says that he knows that she doesnt want to listen to him, or any of his justifications or talks, but he wants to say something that he should have said long back, and which was hidden in her heart, the fact thats the biggest truth of her life now, and says that without telling her that he wont let her go. Zoya looks at him with teary eyes. He finally tells her that he loves her (MITWA MOMENT), and that he cant live without her. He says that even if she believes him or not, whether she comes back to him, or will she ever meet him again or not, but the truth is that he loves her, and will do that till the last breath of his life.

Zoya says that there was a time when his unsaid words reached her, but now even when he is spelling it out loud, she still cant believe him. Both are sad and distraught. But zoya even though being overwhelmed to hear this and says that he got very late, as the zoya who wanted to hear this desperately, and had seen dreams of being with him for life, is no more now. Asad has tears rolling down his cheeks. she says that she just remembers what she saw the other day, and that she only feels that he broke her trust, and thats the reason she cant be with him.

Asad breaks asking her to give another chance. Zoya, distraught herself at having to face this situation runs away in despair. Asad sees her walking by away from him. An estranged dramatised scene follows, (TADAP TADAP KE) where asad tries to win her back, but the tragedy is too much for her to forget, and she doesnt be with him. Asad is broken down at this and is distraught. Zoya too is barely able to conceal her emotions.

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