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I do 6 February 2022: Ayan and the others are having breakfast, when they are shocked to find humaira coming down dressed as a Hindu married woman, and they are all the more shocked, when she asks for sindoor, as thats the ornament of the married lady.

Not to upset her, razia says that she would get it for her and meanwhile she can have breakfast. But she flinches at the sight of non veg laid out on the table, exclaiming that she’s a pure veg, and that she cant eat such food. Razia is about to say humiara, but then controls herself saying that she eats and its to her liking. The girl denies ever having eaten stuff like that. Razia tries to argue, but nikhat asks her not to worry, and not to bother her. She asks the servant to get veg stuff for rajni.

The girls thanks nikhat. She asks for ayan saying that she wanted to ask about her husband. Nuzrat says that ayan would come soon. The girl asks permission to stay away from the non veg as the smell is bothering her. Nikhat agrees while razia is tensed. Shirin all the more irritates razia by her foolish talks. Seeing ayan back, she questions about her husband, and is told that there hasnt been much success in finding him but they wouldnt lose hope.

Ayan remembers his fight with humaira, when the girl explains a similar situation that happened with her and her husband. She is scared that he may be searching for her and going mad. She says that he must have been searching for an entire month, and she doesnt even remember where she stayed. She begs him to find her husband soon. ayan gets emotional. She also requests him, as razia may forget her wish, she asks him to get a mangalsutra and sindoor, so that she justifies her married status, and she wants vikram to see her just as she left him. Ayan is shocked bu agrees to get it for her. As he begins to go, she calls him back and says that he is a very nice man. ayan is emotional.

The doctor too is confused as humaira’s condition, and says that its a psychological problem and that they should get to the bottom of it. They should deal with it very positively, and not try to negate her in anything, and take well care of her. He takes their leave. razia starts reprimanding the doctor for doing this. She is shocked that an unmarried lady is claiming herself to be married. She says that even if the doctor doesnt, she knows that reason and thinks that she is possessed. Nikhat surfs through the paper cuttings in the file that contain the names of the deceased who died in the accident, and shows it to ayan. Mamujaan too sees rajni shukla’s name on it. They all wonder why is humaira considering herself to be rajni. Shirin too agrees that she might be possessed and that they have to do something. Razia is very tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel in Ajmer’s Bulandshahar Dargah
As zoya goes on to check out, the ladies nless her that soon her wishes would come true, if god wishes so, as He listens to everyone. Zoya remembers asad’s confession.(MITWA MOMENT) As zoya walks away, she overhears her confession, about her daughter who was given medicines by her in laws, that made her forget everything that happened the night before.

Meanwhile zoya hears the lady talking about that there are some medicines and how thy dont make anyone remember what happened before the intake of that medicine. She remembers asad too claiming the same, when she had seen him with tanveer, and also how tanveer had challenged that she would consummate with asad. She hurriedly and anxiously asks the receptionist about asad’s room number, and is told that he checked out some time back. she is shocked to hear this. she tries to get any info about asad’s departure.

Scene 3:
Dilshad is stopped by Razia and shirin too, and taunts her too that she doesnt see anyone, and if its because opf asad’s marriage being broken, and that her would be daughter in law, is missing. shirin asks to go, but razia continues taking pleasure in torturing her, reminding her about her challenge of getting asad married within ten days. She also makes a snide comment about asad’s infidelity. she expresses fake sympathy for her. She leaves asking dilshad to take care of herself, while dilshad stands silent. but as they pass,

dilshad says that they should never forget that destiny contains, what the actions decide, and if making fun of others bad times, they should bother about their own evil work, as when they themselves get punsihed, the result is tremendous, and sometimes the children have to face the brunt of it, as its nature’s law. She gets into the car and drives off, while razia is angered.

Scene 4:
Location: Receptionist’s counter at the hotel.
Zoya calls up asad, but after not picking up, and going unavailable for some time, she leave a message. She blurts out that she knows that asad is not guilty of infidelity as nothing happened that night between her and tanveer, and it was all tanveer’s concocted lies and her trap of betraying him. She also tells him about the medicine that she heard about. She asks him to call the hotel number, where she would be waiting for his call, and would explain everything when he meets her.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer gets this voice message and she is confused that zoya is still alive.

Location: Hotel in Ajmer’s Bulandshahar Dargah
Zoya wonders why didnt asad call back, and if he didnt get the call back, and wonders if she should go to bhopal, then doubts this descision. She decides that she has to talk to asad anyhow. she is informed that her cab has arrived and the chaffeur can be told to wait if she has delay in departure. she says that she’s ready and goes towards her room. As zoya progresses towards her room, asad crosses from behind, both oblivious of the others’ presence.

Asad asks the receptionist if his cab arrived. The receptionist tells him that zoya had come looking for him. Asad asks what did she say. She says that she told him that he has checked out. when he asks about her, he is told that she too checked a couple of hours back. Asad is frustrated

at the irony and wonders why did she come to search for him, and that he cant even talk to her, since he doesnt have a phone with her. He is in a dilemma as to how to contact her.

In the hotel, tanveer is disguised in the mantelpiece mannequins, and as zoya, dejectedly checks out of the hotel. When zoya crosses her, she strikes her with a sword, while she ducks the blow somehow, shocked to the bone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Seeing ayan, rajni asks about her husband, vikram. He says that he had a talk with police, regarding vikram, and soon he would be with her, as they all are searching for her husb and. She thanks him profusely. Rajni asks that she had asked for some other stuff too, and if he got that for her. Ayan gets mangalsutra and sindoor for the girl, Rajni, surprising her and making her happy and while she dons them, ayan looks at her longingly.

Ayan says that the mangalsutra had been placed, as her liking wouldnt have liked any one of them. She asks how did he know her taste. ayan says that he had a suspicion. She says that her Vikram too is like him, quiet and reserved, and talks less, but speaks volumes through the eyes, like him. She says that she knows that he loves her a lot, but even though being emotional he doesnt realise them, and shows as if he doesnt care at all, where actually he does a lot. Ayan agrees, and leaves in haste. She stops him, and hesitatingly says that he should learn to accept and confess his feelings, as life is highly unprediactable and indescisive. Ayan is tensed to hear this.

Shirin and Razia along with a Tantric come to humaira’s room, where she is sleeping. He does his tantras and mantras, and sweeps the broom over her, for her to get rid He asks who is she, and where is she. The girl wakes up and screams in horror. The tantric himslef is scared. as she runs out, she falls into ayan’s arms, in horror, with her eyes closed, while ayan is spellbound looking at her. They compose themselves, and she asks forgiveness from ayan, for this. The tantric comes out and stops her. ayan asks what is this nonsense. Shirin and razia tell him that they have brought him here.

But ayan doesnt hear anything, and pushes him out of the house. Then he comes back, and apologises to the girl for this, and asks her to go in side and rest. As she leaves, ayan reprimands shirin and razia for such immature act, and to believe in black magic and stuff like that. razia tries to emphasis the importance of it, and that she’s possessed, and they have no answer. A person, on their entrance comes and says that he has an answer for this. All are surprised to see him.

He tells them that humaira and rajni were sitting and chatting together in the bus, and hence she knows so many things about her. He asks if humaira was depressed before this journey, or she was in stress. Ayan tells him that humaira and he had a fight before she went out. Razia and mamujaan are angry. He says that he has understood now. He tells them that she wanted to get rid of her problems, and then she started chatting with rajni, after which the accident happened and she went into shock.

And when she came back, she didnt Rashid and mamujaan ask if she’s going to spend the entire life as rajni. He says that they would have to give her time to come back, as she found support in someone else’s life, and now to get her back, they shouldnt cross her, and should keep her happy and remind her of the old happy memories so that she wants to come back to her life and identity again.

He tells ayan that one fight caused this, and that means he’s very important for her, and if he can keep her happy, then her progress would be fast.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel in Ajmer’s Bulandshahar Dargah
Zoya is cautiously moving out of the lobby, but she’s oblivious that she’s missing asad by seconds, who too walks through that same lobby after a couple of seconds. Asad is stopped by tanveer, who is surprised to see her, and asks what is she doing here. tanveer says that she wanted to apologise to peer baba, and wanted to be shown the right way, as she too is to be blamed for the mistake and that he would tell her what to do next, and her destiny. Asad tells her that he met zoya.

She pretends to be very happy and asks about her. Asad says that he doesnt know and that she came to the hotel too, and god kn ows what she wanted to say. Tanveer says that now that she’s gone, he wouldnt

tanveer sees zoya on the ground floor, while they are talking on the first floor’s balcony. Zoya is told by the caretaker that her cab had some disturbances, and she would have to wait awhile. tanveer is tensed and takes asad from there, so as

After having searched, tanveer tells asad that they have searched everywhere, and she wouldnt be here, hence they couldnt find her. Asad, not wanting to go, asks her where’s her bag, and offers to go and get it. She hurriedly asks him not to, and

Asad eyes the green dupatta, and prays to the Lord, that wherever zoya is, keep her safe and happy.(MITWA MOMENT)the screen freezes on his sad face.

Location: Hotel in Ajmer’s Bulandshahar Dargah

Tanveer is hoping that zoya’s gone, remembering that zoya was waiting for her cab. As she crosses the same mannequin, she is given a blow by the same sword that she used to intimidate zoya. she is stunned when zoya comes out from behind the mannequin, confronting her.

Zoya says that she should have understood that it could be her only. Zoya confronts tanveer that its was her who plotted to kill her. she says yes. Zoya asks where is asad. Tanveer says that he’s gone and she has lost Asad, and that she shouldnt try and get him back as its in vain, as she wont let that happen. Zoya says that she can try to stop all that she wants, but she too is determined that she would crush her along with her insane ideas.

She tells tanveer that she knows the truth about the other night, as it was her drama all along, which she believed as asad didnt remember anything. She reminds her that he may have been with her, but was talking about zoya only, and thats her biggest defeat. Zoya says that asad cant even dream of doing this. tanveer tensedly asks what is the proof that she has of this. Zoya says that her tensed face is giving away her crime. Zoya says that all games have two players, and now its her turn for her strike, as the first was hers and the last would be hers. Tanveer smiles and says that she still hasnt recognised her. zoya says that she is meant to be crushed to the ground. Zoya leaves from there, while tanveer is very angry. she decides to end this episode today only, by any means.

Waiting for the cab, Asad wonders why is tanu taking so much time.

Scene 2:

Location: Ayan’s residence

The girls get humaira to their Zingo Hottie meeting, where ayan too is present. ayan tells her about it and its secrecy from parents, when she is surprised hearing the name. They also show her the anthem. She is happy and laughs at this. humaira asks who else is in this group. Ayan points out to her saying humaira too. She retaliates saying that she isnt humaira, but rajni, and akss if thats the reason they got her here. Ayan instantly apologises saying that they believe that she is rajni, and has been invited just to have fun. She says that its time for her babaji’s sermon, and she wants to watch TV. Nuzrat takes her to the room. Nikhat expresses tension about this with ayan. He says that they have to keep trying, as she has to come back.

As an irritated aunty calls out for ayan, he awkwardly resigns to meet her. She says that she’s here to meet Ayan’s fiancee. Shirin calls out for humaira, who is dressed as an Indian bride. Aunty is shocked to see this. she asks about the attire. Nikhat says that she’s rehearsing for a drama in college where she’s playing an indian wife. her shock still isnt less. She places ayan next to her, while humaira is uncomfortable. She gives humaira some money as a token, and leaves after that. Humaira is shocked at this. She reprimands shirin for all olf this, as she has been repeatedly saying that she’s rajni, and not ayan’s fiancee. shirin apologises. But she says that howcome she didnt rectify the grave error. She is sure that she is being trapped into forcibly being with ayan, when she’s rajni, and not ayan. As she throws the photo, she sees Humaira’s photo, and is shocked at the uncanny similarity.

She cries out that she doesnt know him nor even wants to, and he cant win her over, as she’s someone else’s wife. She gets to leave, but ayan says that this isnt required, as noone would bother her anymore, and call her humaira. ayan leaves himslef. As he leaves, nikhat tells ayan’s apathy to her, and says that noone would bother her anymore especially Ayan.

Nikhat comes to ayan and consoles her that humaira would return, and they have to give her time just like she said. Seeing humaira come in, they are shocked. she apologises for having hurt him so badly, and others too, even though unintentionally, scraping his wounds again. she apologises profusely,. but ayan lightens the mood, saying that she shouldnt do this, and humaira keeps playing such pranks. He goes into poetry,

As he anxiously waits for her reaction, he is extremely relieved when he finds humaira giggling with laughter.

Scene 3:

Location: On the cliff

Zoya says that here only, she could see the truth about that night, and have renewed faith in her love. She says that now that she knows about her love,

Asad too thinks that he loves her. She too remembers his confession and zoya screams out, I LOVE YOU, Mr. Khan, and asad as though sensing out zoya calling out to him, is stunned into a stop, as he is about to get into the cab. (MITWA MOMENT)

Tanveer gets irritated and gives her a push, and that makes zoya fall off the cliff, with a scream, while tanveer smiles evilly.

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