His Mistress Child update Tuesday 8 August 2023

His Mistress Child 8 August 2023: Ashok feels helpless and thinks he couldn’t stop his own son from going to orphanage. Yashoda comes home. Ashok asks her about Krishna. Yashoda says I increased his pain, and he hates me now.

She says I didn’t know that Mala was…how I could leave the puja that day, he feels that if I was there, then I could have saved her. She says she couldn’t see Krishna in this condition, he is a small child, how to pacify him. She cries. Ashok gives her water to drink, and says whatever you did for him, nobody does for anyone.

He says he is a child and an orphan, he don’t have a father, his wounds are not fine yet, he will understand that it is not your mistake. Yashoda says how to make myself understand and says don’t know how the person is, whose son will grow in orphanage though he is not an orphan. Yashoda’s words haunts Ashok. Nupur and Aastha come there, and tells that Dadi told that she will send them to hostel if they do mischief. Ashok says I will not let you go anywhere, it is in my limit. The warden comes to Krishna and asks him to have food, and says who will bear your tantrums here. Krishna looks at her. The warden says you are staring at me, keep your sight down. She says you will have food now and forcefeeds whole roti in his mouth.

Yashoda gets a call and is shocked. She wakes up Ashok and says Krishna has eloped from the orphanage. They go on the bike, searching Krishna on the roads and calling him. Krishna is walking on the road and sees a guy there. He gets scared and turns to go, when he sees Yashoda coming there on the bike. He runs to the other way. Ashok runs behind him and holds his hand to stop him. Krishna looks at him. Yashoda asks why did you leave from orphanage, Krishna. Krishna says I don’t want to talk to you. Yashoda calls him beta. He says I am not your son. She says I am like your mother. He says if you was my mother, then wouldn’t have leave me in the orphanage. He says let me go, don’t make relations with me, I am an orphan. He pushes her and is leaving, when Yashoda falls down on the ground. Ashok slaps him. Krishna holds his cheeks.

Yashoda asking Ashok why did he slap Krishna? Ashok says I couldn’t bear his misbehavior with you, if his mother taught him this. Krishna says if my mother was with me, then she wouldn’t have let you slap me, instead she herself would have slapped you. The Police comes there and takes Krishna. Ashok gets Bau ji’s call and says we are coming. Yashoda sees Krishna taken by Police. Ashok is riding the bike and feels bad for slapping Krishna.

Yashoda looks at him as he gets teary eyes. Yashoda comes to the child centre and sees Krishna there. She asks Lalita, why did Krishna leave from here, when you take care of kids so well. Lalita says more than 50 kids stay here, but they didn’t elope. This means that he doesn’t want to stay here and don’t want to obey to the laws

and rules here. She says you have to obey and asks him to agree. Yashoda asks Krishna if someone told you something and asks him to say. The inspector says she is your guardian, you can tell her. Krishna is silent. Lalita says when he is not saying then that means that there is nothing. She asks her to take him from there. Krishna says I don’t have any problem here, I will stay here and will not go. Inspector asks if you will say this being scared of someone. Krishna says no. He looks at Yashoda’s injury. Lalita acts and says see the other kids, I am mother of all the kids here, and have raised them up.

She says will you blame me, as he had eloped from here. Ashok gets call again, and tells Yashoda that they shall leave. Yashoda says ok. She asks Krishna to take care of himself. Krishna says Maa used to say that if we don’t apply ointment on injury then it becomes big, and asks her to apply ointment on her injury and don’t let it become big. He says sorry for hurting her and says it was not intentional. He apologizes to her and wipes his tears. He goes inside. Ashok gets teary eyes and wipes it. He says lets go.

Lalita beats Krishna and asks her helper to lock him in the dark room. She warns him not to give anything to him to eat. They lock him there. Krishna knocks on the door and says he is very scared of darkness. He gets scared and sits keeping his head on his knees. Meri Maa song plays…..

Yashoda and Ashok reach home in the morning. The kids ask where did you go, we have seen a bad dream, but you was not there. Ashok says sorry. Babu ji scolds them for staying out of the house whole night. Ashok says actually. Yashoda says it is not his mistake, he went with me for my NGO work. She apologizes. Mahua says we were sleeping bhabhi while sitting. Arvind asks where is your phone, it is off. Yashoda says she had forgotten phone at home. Babu ji says who leaves phone at home. Yashoda says Krishna had eloped from the orphanage.

Babu ji asks who is he? Yashoda says his mother died recently, and he is an orphan. Babu ji says don’t know whose blood is running in his veins and you people left your house for him. He asks Ashok why is he sad? He asks him to think his house as his, and first handle his own house. Ashok says he is also a child. Babu ji asks if he is your son, why you want to bring storm in the house for an orphan. He asks what relation you have with him? Ashok says humanity relation. Babu ji asks them not to forget their daughters. He says if I am wrong then will apologize. Yashoda asks Ashok to apologize to him. Ashok goes. Yashoda apologizes on his behalf.

Babu ji says ok, go and make ginger tea for me. Amma says she is tired. Yashoda says I will make. Mahua says make tea for us also. Amma comes to kitchen and asks Yashoda if she is worried for that orphan child. She asks her to handle her house, else she might lose her own house. Yashoda says this thing will not happen and says she feels connected with this boy and wants to bring him out from his darkness. Krishna writes Maa on the wall and touches it.

He recalls his mother’s words that he shall laugh when alone, when he is very much scared. He hears a boy calling him from outside the door. Krishna asks who is he? The boy says chotu/Nandu. Krishna calls him Nanda and says he is very scared. Nandu gives him a piece of roti and says I can tell what you are thinking. He says you might be thinking that it is just a piece, and asks him to eat it fast. He then asks him to eat slowly like rat. Krishna asks if you aren’t scared of Lalita? Nandu says you would have complained to that aunty about her. Krishna says my mother used to say that we shall fight our own fight and says she is nothing to me.

Aastha applying ointment to Yashoda’s injury. Nupur says she wants to blow on her injury. Ashok asks her to blow on her hand. Nupur says don’t fool me, I am 6 years old. Yashoda says even kids now that they are not kids, and says she has hurt Babu ji and Maa.

Ashok says whatever you have done is for someone’s betterment, forget Krishna. Aastha asks why he has so many names. Nupur says Dada ji calls him Anaat and Laawaris, and you called him Krishna. Yashoda asks them to go and take a bath. Ashok feels bad. Yashoda says if he is hurt as he raised hand on Krishna. Ashok says he was misbehaving so I couldn’t bear, he shall know how to talk to elders. Yashoda says he is in trauma, keep yourself on his place and see. She says he apologized to me though he was in trouble, and was worried for my pain. She says he is a good son of a good mother. She says you are like a father to him, if father don’t raise hand on his kids. She worries for Krishna. Later in the second night, Krishna is scared again and knocks on the door. Yashoda tells the girls about the Prince being locked in the room for many days, hungry and thirsty. The kids ask if that woman was so bad. Yashoda says the bad person shall realize his mistake and apologize. Ashok feels guilty and regrets slapping him.

Ashok gets up from the bed and says he will bring water. Krishna looks at the water pot in the dark room, and checks for water, but there is no drop of water in it. He keeps back the pot. Ashok is about to drink water, but stops. Krishna faints due to thirst and hunger.

Lalita comes to Nandu and asks why is he looking here and there, and asks if he can’t stay silent. She asks if you saw your parents’ ghost. Nandu says Krishna is not here, he didn’t have food. Lalita says I know that if I don’t feed you, then will get trapped. She says I feed you so that your breath goes on. She calls Girdhari and asks him to tell Nandu that you have fed Krishna in night. Girdhari says I have forgotten. Lalita asks him to go and check him. They go and see Krishna unconscious with tears coming out of his eyes.

Nupur asks Yashoda to ask Didi to come out of bathroom. Yashoda asks her to ask her to come out. Amma comes and helps Yashoda in kitchen. Yashoda gives tea to Babu ji. Mahua asks what is in food. Yashoda compliments on her beauty and gives onion paratha. Mahua thanks her. Kamini comes there and says Sonu told that Bhabhi made parathas. Aastha says mummy made onion paratha. Kamini says Sonu said that she made onion parathas, but she didn’t call him. Yashoda says she was busy in mornings. Kamini says if you had given me tea dust then I wouldn’t have come. Amma says you didn’t come in my sleep to tell that it is finished. Mahua says you didn’t bring bowl to get it. Kamini complains to Babu ji. Arvind asks why she is behind his innocent wife. Kamini scolds and slaps Arvind. She says bechara damad is not having tea since morning, and everyone here is having food.

She says if I ask for share, then everyone will be scared. Mahua says share? Kamini says I can claim on parents’ property. Amma asks what is she saying? Kamini says one bahu is making parathas and other bahu is keeping calculations noted for my tea and sugar. Yashoda touches the tawa while hearing Kamini and gets her fingers burnt. Lalita calls Doctor.

Yashoda brings tea dust for Kamini. Kamini says you would have offered to make tea for us. Yashoda says I will make. Amma says call damad ji here. Kamini asks if he will come bare feet, and says she told Babu ji that his slipper is broken, you didn’t buy new one for him. Babu ji goes without answering her.

Mahua asks Kamini about her husband’s job. Kamini taunts her. Mahua says she is a teacher in school. Kamini says Sonu told me how you teach. Mahua asks Arvind if he heard what she said. She gets angry and goes. Kamini says Sonu and his Papa are hungry. Yashoda gives her parathas and tea. Kamini asks for curd. Yashoda gives. She takes it and goes.

Ashok comes to the orphanage and insists to meet the child. The guard asks him to write his name. Ashok is about to leave when he hears Doctor asking Girdhari to take care of the boy, who is new and don’t put harsh rules on him, as his condition is weak. Ashok overhears and comes inside, after entering his name in the register. He looks at Girdhari and Lalita.

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