His mistress child update Saturday 12 August 2023

His mistress child 12 August 2023: The Episode starts with Aastha and Nupur talking to Amma and Babu ji about the Ravan decorations. Kamini taunts Yashoda for coming home. Babu ji asks her to stay back at home. Kamini says she wants churan, but nobody is giving her. Yashoda says I will give. Kamini taunts her. Ashok comes there. Nupur talks to him about babu ji making Ravan. Yashoda asks Ashok if Manoj agreed. Ashok says no. Yashoda says Gayatri said that Manoj might agree if Krishna’s father signs NOC and give it to them. She says she has found an easiest way to enquire about Krishna’s father. Ashok asks what? Amma calls yashoda and she goes to do cooking. Ashok tries to talk to her, but Yashoda is busy.

Mahua is dancing with the kids. Kamini comes there and switches off the songs. Mahua asks why did she do this? Kamini calls her saree cheap. Mahua says it is worth 4 k given by her mother and asks if she is jealous. Kamini says she is chandan and not wood to get burnt. They argue. Aastha and Nupur ask them not to fight. Kamini asks if she is Prime Minister. Yashoda comes there and gives special paan and saree to Kamini, wishing her happy Dussehra. They go to lawn and burn the Ravan. Ashok asks yashoda what she said about Krishna’s father. Yashoda says I will tell you later.

Ashok comes to Yashoda. Yashoda says Sant ram ji asked me to get birth certificate of Krishna. She says whoever acts smart, gets caught one day. She shows the names from the list, and shows the leaf given by Krishna. She says this year too, he is celebrating without his father. She says don’t know what is he doing. Amma calls Yashoda and she goes. Ashok looks at the leaf and says he is helpless and feeling his pain. He says today is the festival, your mother is not with you, but your father is with you. He calls the orphanage and asks Girdhari to call Krishna. Krishna comes and takes the call. Ashok says happy Dussehra. Krishna asks who are you? Ashok says he is yashoda’s husband. Krishna says I don’t know you and ends the call.

Later in the night, Krishna hears a boy’s screams. He peeps out and sees some men taking a boy out from there. Before he goes there, Lalita catches him and says you are still awake. Krishna says someone was there. Lalita asks if you are watchman here, and tells that this is not his father’s Palace and asks him to go. She says the watchman must have taken the garbage to throw. Krishna says they were two men and was taking a moving bag. Lalita threatens to cut his ears and eyes.

Ashok searches about the schools in the city where Mala used to reside. He thinks Mala couldn’t afford a good school for him, but would have admitted him in a good school. He thinks to enquire with the school. Yashoda comes there and asks Ashok what is he doing? He says he was working on a case. Yashoda asks him to carry on. Ashok asks her to concentrate on home and leave about searching Krishna’s father. Yashoda says the case is about to get solved and tells that Krishna’s father will be traced soon, then we will take NOC from him to handover Krishna to Manoj. Ashok gets tensed.In the orphanage, Girdhari takes attendance. Nandu says they are trying to find out who is missing from the orphanage. Lalita calls Hemu and then she calls Police informing that Hemu eloped.

Precap: Yashoda finds out that Krishna is Ashok’s son. She feels cheated and informs Babu ji and Amma that Krishna is Ashok’s son. Ashok collapses and falls down on the floor.

Krishna telling Nandu that the bag was moving which was taken away by the two men in midnight. Nandu says we shall tell this to Yashoda. Krishna says until we get proves, we can’t tell. Kamini comes to her house, and argues with Amma for getting her married against her wish. She says I had pleaded infront of Ashok to let me go with my lover, but he didn’t let me go. She says Babu ji got me married in 2 days, with a random available guy. Babu ji says I didn’t let even Ashok marry Mala, who was from a different caste. Kamini says she has come for tea dust and calls Yashoda. Babu ji asks where is she? Amma says I was about to tell you. Kamini says Yashoda might have not told Amma and fooled her. Amma says Yashoda told me that she is going to orphanage. Yashoda comes to meet

Krishna and gives almonds, raisins etc. Nandu takes it. Krishna asks her not to bring them next time. Yashoda tries to enquire him about his school name, to get his birth certificate. Krishna asks why? Yashoda says for your father’s name. Krishna says he hates his father, like he loves his mother. He asks her not to come there again for such things.
Kamini instigates Babu ji against Yashoda and the latter creates a scene. Arvind says Bhabhi goes out for good work. Mahua taunts Kamini and tells that Yashoda bhabhi doesn’t let her work, as she is govt employee. She then scolds Arvind. Arvind asks her to be quiet. She says shut up and goes. Kamini says what she said in English. Arvind says she said shut up. Babu ji says I will talk to Ashok today and calls him. Arvind says bhaiyya went for work. Babu ji asks Arvind to go and work. Kamini tells Amma that until the things resolves, she will be here.

She thinks to separate Yashoda from Krishna. Krishna regrets his bad behavior with Yashoda and thinks his mother didn’t teach him this. Babu ji calls Ashok home. He closes the door and asks Ashok whose house is this? Ashok says yours. Babu ji says who shall rule in this house. Ashok says yours. Babu ji says I told Yashoda that she shall not go to meet that boy, but she has gone. He asks if they think him barking dog who protects the house. Kamini asks what is Yashoda’s relation with that boy.

Kamini says Yashoda used to work for NGO in control, but she runs hearing Krishna. She says I didn’t used to run for Bablu in my young days. She asks why Yashoda is after that orphan child. Ashok asks her not to call him orphan. Babu ji doubts that Yashoda has some relation with Krishna. Ashok says Yashoda has no relation with him. Babu ji tells that Krishna had called and I have received his call. Ashok asks what did he say? Babu ji says why shall I talk to his bad blood. Ashok drops his bag and a boarding school brochure falls down. Kamini picks it. Babu ji asks him not to tell that the brochure is for Krishna. Ashok says it is not for Krishna. Babu ji asks if he wants to admit his daughters there. Kamini says Bhai wouldn’t have brought it for Sonu. Ashok says it is for Sonu. Kamini asks if it is free. Ashok says no. Kamini thanks him and goes to see the brochure to her husband. Babu ji asks Ashok to tell Yashoda to keep her motherly love reserved for this house only and not to meet that boy. Ashok says ok.

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