His mistress child update Sunday 13 August 2023

His mistress child 13 August 2023: The Episode starts with Krishna and Nandu enquiring for proofs. Krishna says we shall search Hemu’s stuff to locate him. He asks Girdhari if he had gone in night to throw the garbage. Girdhari says no. Krishna doubts that the two men were someone else and had taken Hemu in the bag. Police comes there. Inspector asks if anyone saw Hemu. Krishna says I saw. Lalita says he is not trustable, and tells that sometimes he accused me of theft and sometimes he had eloped from the orphanage. Inspector asks Krishna if he was sure? Krishna says hemu was in the bag. Inspector says he has to go and asks her to tell if she gets any lead. Nandu says you will be trapped. Krishna says Lalita knows about Hemu’s whereabouts.

Kamini brings tea for Babu ji. Babu ji praises Yashoda’s good nature. Kamini tells that some women leave their love child in the orphanage, then they meet them later in the name of social work. Babu ji asks Kamini to keep her mind in control.

Yashoda tells Ashok that she will not meet Krishna now, going against the family. She apologizes to Ashok. Ashok asks her not to apologize and says I know you are having a good heart, and that’s why I thought about Krishna’s admission in a boarding school. Yashoda asks about the brochure. Ashok tells about his lie to babu ji, and tells that he had to lie. Yashoda says Kamini will create an issue and tells that they shall send Sonu also to boarding school. Ashok says the fees is 10 lakhs Rs. Yashoda asks how will you get it? Ashok says he will break the FD. Yashoda says she didn’t have a big heart, that she will ignore her daughters to settle down Krishna. She says we have to think something else for Krishna.

Nandu asks everyone to come, as he found Hemu. Hemu is unconscious in orphanage hospital. Nandu asks Hemu who was taking him. He says we shall make him have almonds. Krishna asks Hemu to say. Hemu sees Lalita and faints. Lalita calls Shukla and tells that she will give some other child inexchange of Hemu. She asks for extra commission and sells Krishna to him. She says nobody will question or doubt, as he had eloped once.

Yashoda thinks of Babu ji’s words. Amma comes there as Yashoda is cleaning the stuff. Yashoda says I shouldn’t have promised Krishna’s mother. Amma tells Yashoda that if she had a son then babu ji wouldn’t have got upset for small things. She tells that they shall have a grand son to take their legacy forward. Arvind tells Mahua that his brother will never betray him. Mahua thinks lets see.

Krishna tells Nandu that Lalita was staring at her. Nandu asks him to tell Yashoda. Krishna says we shall solve our problem ourselves. Lalita comes there and offers chocolate to Krishna. She sings yashoda ka nand laal. She tells Krishna that her mother had come in her dream and said that she has great son of a great mother. Krishna says my mother was great. Lalita asks what your mother wants you to become. Krishna says lawyer. Lalita says your poor mother will send you to English school. She goes. Krishna eats the chocolate and tells Nandu that he will not be trapped as he has read comics before. He says this aunty is dangerous.

Mahua asking Arvind how is she looking? He says very good. She says thank you. Arvind asks her to thank yashoda for the matri. Mahua gets angry and asks him to make temple of Yashoda, and says she will not stay here anymore. She is going. Yashoda stops her and gives her powder, cream and asks her to have dahi bade. Mahua thanks her and goes to kitchen. Arvind teases her. Yashoda asks the shop keeper to send the detergent. He asks Suraj or Krishna. Yashoda gets sad and says send Suraj. Ashok tells Manoj that the social work completes Yashoda and she thinks about him and his family, and he couldn’t fulfill the promise made to her on their wedding night. Manoj says you are badly trapped. Ashok regrets to snatch smile from Yashoda’s face and blames himself. Manoj says Yashoda

bhabhi shouldn’t have interfered in Krishna’s matter, at the risk of family members. Ashok starts praising Yashoda and says you have refused to adopt my son, but Yashoda is fighting with everyone for Krishna. Manoj gets upset with him and asks did I ask you to love Mala and have relations with her. Ashok says sorry. Manoj leaves.Yashoda calls Gayatri and says she couldn’t find Krishna’s father as he didn’t tell the school name. She says someone shall adopt Krishna without NOC. Gayatri says I want to adopt him, but wants NOC for that. She asks if I shall talk to him. yashoda says ok, he might tell you as he likes you. She ends the call and asks the shop keeper to send Krishna detergent.

Krishna and Nandu see Lalita going. Lalita sees them and pretends to make a call to English teacher, to teach Krishna. Krishna and Nandu are surprised. Lalita says I will send him to you for interview. Nandu says aunty has become good. Krishna says I don’t understand. They go from there. Lalita turns and looks at them, thinks they want to spy on me, but I am their mother.

Arvind tells Amma that Babu ji brought cycle from Bittu, who was indebted of 4 months interest. Babu ji asks Arvind to go to shop. Kamini asks Mahua to make tea. Mahua says she has so much school work. Kamini taunts her. Mahua says you have just one Sonu, but I handle 100 kids in school. Amma asks her to give 1 grand son to her. Mahua smiles and goes. Yashoda brings tea and gives to everyone. Kamini asks didn’t you go to orphanage today. Yashoda says babu ji asked me not to go.

Sonu falls down from the cycle and blames Aastha and Nupur. Kamini blames the girls. Babu ji scolds the girls and asks them to run away from there. Yashoda feels bad.

Nandu tells Krishna if Matron Aunty is good or bad. Gayatri comes there and gives chocolate to him. Krishna says Nandu likes it. Gayatri gives chocolate to him also. Krishna thanks her. She asks from where did you learn such things? He says from his mother and school. She asks about his school name. Krishna tells about the school name. Nandu is about to tell Gayatri about Lalita. Lalita takes chocolates from them and asks Gayatri to tell her if she is bringing something for them, so that she can arrange for other kids. Gayatri says sorry and leave.

Nandu comes to Lalita’s cabin and hides seeing her coming. Lalita is talking to Shukla and says that he gave 15000 less. He says you took Hemu after giving. She says I am giving you Krishna in exchange of Hemu. Nandu is shocked. She asks him to send the remaining money, ends the call and goes. Nandu gets up.

Yashoda looks at the going train and smiles. Ashok asks what happened? Yashoda asks until when you will hide and asks him to give flower. He gives her flower and apologizes to her. Yashoda asks for what? Ashok hugs her and says I couldn’t fulfill the promise given to you, I know what social work means for you, and says I will talk to Babu ji again and asks her to leave Krishna’s matter. Yashoda says it is not needed, Gayatri got to know about Krishna’s school and his school will couriered his birth certificate, and then Gayatri will adopt him. Ashok looks on.

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