His mistress child update Friday 22 September 2023

His mistress child 22 September 2023: The Episode starts with Krishna asking Mahua from where she got his mother’s photo. Mahua says from Bhaiyya’s office. She says she is worried for him and that’s why gone to his office to find some clue, but found this. She says it is surprising what it was doing in his almira, in his office. She tells Yashoda that she must have understood what it is doing in his office. Arvind asks if you will say this and we will agree. He says you are taking revenge about yesterday’s incident. Amma says we don’t believe you. Yashoda says she had seen it with the kabadi/scrap buyer. Mahua shows the proofs in which she is going inside the office and searching for proofs, and finding the frame. She smiles and tells Amma and Babu ji that Bhabhi is hiding one more truth from you both. She asks them to ask her.

Babu ji asks what Mahua is saying? She says Arvind asked you to say, but you refused. Arvind says truth is that Bhaiyya has left the city, sitting in the bus. He says the matter is that he left and asks her why she is making issue of it. Babu ji slaps him and says a son is left, and it is a big think to hide from a father. Yashoda says it is my mistake. Amma says it is just your mistake.
She says I will ask Ashok when he returns, but for now throw this Krishna out as he is the root of all problems. She says this Krishna will not stay here, in this house. Yashoda says what I will answer Ashok ji, that a step mother threw his son out of the house in his absence. Yashoda says Krishna will not go anywhere, until Ashok ji comes and tells that he left because of Krishna. She asks why Krishna is guilty, if photo is found in Ashok ji’s office. She says why he is blamed for all the wrong things happening in our house. Amma asks her to choose between Krishna and Ashok and gives Ashok’s swear. Yashoda says I would have chosen one, when both are infront of me, whom you are asking me to choose, he has left us, and just Krishna is with us. Babu ji says son has left, now bahu will change colors. He says it is not the time, that bahus will obey you. He says they will not care, if you will die hungry and thirsty. Amma tells that she will not forget this day and says today my sanskari bahu insulted me. Yashoda says I can never insult you. Babu ji says this is the insult and takes Amma from there. Yashoda and Krishna are teary eyes. Arvind tells Mahua that whatever she did today is not right.

Krishna goes behind Yashoda and asks what is she hiding from all. Yashoda says nothing. Krishna says I know you, that you are a good person, good wife, good bahu, but more than that you are a good mother for understanding my mother and her helplessness. He gives her swear of her motherly love and asks if Sir ji left because of me. She says since he left, you are not talking to me properly, whenever I ask you, you don’t tell me and asks her to say. Aastha and Nupur hear them. Krishna says may be Ashok ji left house because of you.

She then says that may be he left because of me, Aastha, Nupur or the family, his past or future. She says the reason can be anything. Aastha and Nupur hear her and cry. Yashoda says it is wrong to give swear to someone. She says we shall lower someone’s pain.

Amma tells Babu ji that today she will throw Krishna out, even if Yashoda has to leave. She says I can’t bear to see Yashoda taking his side. babu ji asks her to calm down. Amma blames Yashoda for bringing him in the house. She says I always supported her, but she is saving that boy. Babu ji asks if you will throw Yashoda, as our son left. He says I can’t make fun of my family. He says if Ashok would have been here, then we would have done anything, but not now. Amma says she is still here, and tells that Yashoda’s respect is now of the stuff which is on the corner. Mahua tells Arvind that their value is of the stuff which is on the corner. She says this room color is of Amma’s choice. She says Gobi is made 4 times in a week, as Bhaiyya likes it. She says everyone’s preference matters and not ours. She says she will expose all wrong doings of Ashok. Arvind gets upset and goes.

Aastha and Nupur think that Papa can’t leave due to them. Aastha says they shall call Papa back. Nupur says she has an idea. She writes letter on the paper. Aastha also takes her bag to write the letter. Yashoda is sad. Later Yashoda finds the letters and gets teary eyes reading it, asking Ashok to return home. Krishna hears her and gets teary eyes.

Krishna hearing Nupur’s letter which Yashoda reads and cries. Yashoda sleeps with her daughters and thinks I can’t tell you both why your Papa left, so I will search him and will bring him back. Krishna cries and says I will take care of everyone, but can’t stop their tears which you can only stop. He cries badly. Later in the morning, Yashoda finds Krishna sitting outside and asks why is he sitting here. Krishna tells that he has done promise to Sirji and will fulfill it. Arvind asks Krishna if he believes on fulfilling the promise. Krishna says yes, my life changed due to a promise, if my father had fulfilled his promise made to my mother then my life would have been different. Yashoda thinks the situation would have something else if Ashok ji had told the truth.

Krishna says I will fulfill the promise made to everyone. Yashoda tells Arvind that Aastha and Nupur have written the letters for Ashok ji and asks him to get it published in the newspaper. Krishna says people are on social media more than they read the newspaper. Everyone likes his idea. Yashoda says we will make a video. Amma asks if she is thinking of herself as the malkin that she is taking the decisions. Yashoda says I never thought myself as malkin and says you are upset about yesterday incident.

Kamini throws dal box on Bansal and asks him to make food for himself as she will not cook food. Sonu says he is hungry. Kamini asks him to ask his father. Bansal tells Sonu that she has gone mad and asks him to think about himself.

Mahua argues and asks Amma if she can say or not. Amma says everyone has the right to speak, but they shall realize what and when they shall speak. Yashoda says I am not making this video just for myself, but for you all. You will get your son, and Aastha and Nupur will get their father. Mahua asks what is the guarantee that this video will reach bhaiyya. Aastha and Nupur ask Amma to agree and says if you say anything in video then Papa will come home. Amma asks them to come and says I will do this for my son.

Krishna asks everyone to say one by one and says he will record it. Babu ji comes and stands infront of them. Krishna asks him to say first so that Sir ji returns seeing it. Babu ji asks him to stop it. He tells that rather than putting this video, it is good to circulate this news that my elder son has eloped somewhere. He scolds them and says no video will be made and asks everyone to do their work. He pulls Krishna’s ears and asks him to do his work. Yashoda asks Aastha and Nupur to go to their room. She asks Babu ji what is important, Ashok’s return or people’s comments. Babu ji says you are misbehaving with me today. He says my son will return. Arvind tells him that until when he will be stubborn and says may be Bhaiyya will see the video and return home. Babu ji says one bahu is already protesting and the son also joined her. He scolds Amma for agreeing to make video. He asks everyone to go, else he will leave from home. He says everyone can do anything after my death, but till then no video. His condition deteriorates. Yashoda and Arvind make him have the water. A guy comes there and tells that next week is his case hearing and his phone is off. Babu ji says he has gone for family function and tells that he will return home next week. Babu ji says that’s why I asked not to make this video. Yashoda gets Manoj’s call. She asks if anything is found. Manoj says no. Yashoda says that day I should have asked him. Manoj says he should have told them. Yashoda says Krishna will know the truth due to Mahua and Kamini, and then how he will bear it. Krishna comes to Aastha and Nupur’s room and tells them that the elders are always right. He asks them to note down the list and tells that he will take them to stationary shop. They tell that they used to go with Papa. Krishna says today come with me, and then I will make you have chole batura, like Sir ji used to make you have it. Aastha says we don’t want to go. Yashoda says yesterday you wrote that you will befriend Krishna. Aastha says when Papa returns. She says we will go to Shop alone, as it is near. Krishna says but. Yashoda asks him to let them go.

Sonu comes home and asks Amma to give him food, as he is very hungry. He says Mummy said that she has done a sin by interfering in this house matters and didn’t make food. He says Papa and I are hungry. Yashoda says I will give you food. Amma asks Yashoda not to give him food. Yashoda says he is a kid, and might be saying truth. Babu ji asks yashoda, if he has decided to go against Amma. Mahua says if anything happens to Kamini then her parents will be only sad. Yashoda says why to keep the kid hungry. Arvind gives money to Sonu and asks him to have food from outside.

Aastha and Nupur come home. Two boys are playing and asks Aastha if her father eloped, and tells about the video. He says your father ran with his girlfriend. He pushes Aastha. Krishna holds Aastha and starts fighting with the boy, and tells that though they don’t like him, but they are his sisters. He asks why did you push them. Sonu comes to the stall to have food, and sees Krishna fighting with the boys, he runs to call his parents. Kamini and Bansal come there. Nupur asks the boys to leave her brother. Krishna asks them to go home. Krishna’s locket falls down from his neck while he is fighting. A guy tries to stop the fight. Another guy comes to Babu ji and tells that their Servant are fighting with the neighborhood boys. Mahua tells him that Krishna is doing gundagiri. Babu ji goes to see him.

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