His mistress child update Saturday 23 September 2023

His mistress child 23 September 2023: The Episode starts with Amma asking mahua what happened? Mahua tells that the homeless kids don’t have any values so they fight outside. Yashoda hears and runs out. Mahua says Bhabhi’s heart and mind fast hearing his name and asks Amma to think why. Krishna tells the boys that Aastha and Nupur are not alone, as their brother is with them always. Babu ji comes there and asks Krishna to leave them. Yashoda also comes there. Krishna tells that they are calling Sir ji as runaway guy. The boy tells that they have put the video and when we are saying it, they beat them. They show the video in which Aastha and Nupur are asking Ashok to return, and crying. The neighbors ask if Ashok has eloped from home. Babu ji says no. Kamini tells that the girls made video just like that, and asks the boys to put the video that they are donkeys. The neighbors ask Babu ji where is Ashok? Amma says he went to a relative’s house and will return in some days. Kamini apologizes to Amma and says please forgive me. Amma asks if I don’t understand that you change colors like chameleon. Bansal says it seems she is very angry. Kamini says she will see until when they will not forgive her.

Dada ji asks Aastha and Nupur, why did they put the video when he clearly asked them not to upload it. Aastha recalls asking Nupur that they shall record the video. Amma asks how dare you both to put the video and asks who has uploaded it. Krishna sees them crying and tells that he has put that video, thinking Sir ji might return seeing the video, everyone is sad and worried, I couldn’t see it and wanted to help her. Yashoda says I told you many times, not to help us. She says Babu ji had warned you, why you don’t listen and asks why you want to take my life. Krishna says don’t say this, I can give my life for you. He says even I want Sir ji to return home soon. Mahua gets a call, but ends it. She pretends to talk on the phone and tells that the Servant had put the fake video. Babu ji gets angry and beats him. He takes him to his room and locks him.

Aastha asks Nupur not to tell anything. Yashoda asks babu ji not to lock him and says she will talk to him. Amma asks if you want to become his doosri maa. Babu ji locks the door with the lock. Arvind says he is not just the Servant, but a human also and says how Ashok Bhaiyya will feel seeing your behavior with Krishna. Mahua says he doesn’t have the right to say anything, after he left the house. A guy comes there and tells that the locket was found on the place when the fight had happened? Yashoda says I will give him. Babu ji says nothing shall be given to that servant. He throws that locket and it falls and opens. Krishna realizes that his locket is missing and knocks on the door, saying it was his mother’s last safe keeping. Yashoda is about to take the locket, but Babu ji asks her not to take it. Yashoda thinks what to do?

Nupur tells Aastha that she will tell the truth to everyone. Aastha tells Nupur that everyone will scold us, and Mummy will be angry too, and Papa is also not here. Nupur says today Krishna bhaiyya saved us. I had fought with him, due to you, though he wants our betterment. Mahua appreciates herself and says whatever happened is as per her wish. She says Babu ji showed Krishna’s value to him, and Amma held Yashoda’s hand on my sayings. She eats rasgulla happily. Kamini calls Mahua. Mahua says charan sparsh. Kamini says you have changed your party and turned your face seeing me. Mahua says I was about to call you. Kamini says when Sonu had come, then your husband gave him money asking him to have food outside. She asks why you didn’t ask Amma and Babu ji to forgive me. She says she has been hungry and thirsty and will not eat anything until she gets forgiveness. She ends the call and asks Sonu to go to Yashoda and asks her to feed him food. She says if they give you money then ask for more money. Sonu goes.

Nupur comes to Yashoda and says Mummy, I am sorry. She says Krishna Bhaiyya was beaten up due to us, and tells that they were missing Papa and that’s why made the video. She asks her to forgive them. Yashoda hugs her and says someone is getting punished for someone’s mistake, now there is no calculation. Nupur asks her to take Krishna out and says he fought with those boys for us, and also took blame on himself infront of Dada ji. Yashoda says she can’t open the door without Dada ji’s permission. Nupur says I will give him food from under the door and asks yashoda to talk to him. Yashoda serves food in the plate. Nupur goes taking the plate. Babu ji tells Amma that their daughters are spoiling due to Krishna. Arvind says Krishna is innocent and asks him to forgive him. Amma scolds him for taking his side. Arvind says if Babu ji did right to lock him in the room and you are supporting him. Yashoda comes there holding something.

Yashoda coming to babu ji and shows him Ramayan which he had gifted her when she had come after marriage. She says you had told me that there will be times of ups and downs in the marriage, the heart will be confused and people’s talks shaken up the trust, and then she shall keep hand on the Ramayan and get solution. She tells that Krishna is equally worried for Ashok ji like us, and tells that if I had not trusted him then would have thrown him out. She asks for keys and says I will take him out of the room. Arvind asks him to give the keys. Babu ji gives keys to Yashoda. Nupur comes to window and calls Krishna Bhaiyya. She asks him to take roti and eat it. He asks her to go and get his locket from that place. Nupur says first I will give you water. Sonu comes there calling

Yashoda. He finds the locket and picks it. Mahua comes there and takes the locket from his hand. She says it is of Krishna. Nupur comes there and asks her to give it, says she will give. Mahua says Babu ji said that nobody shall open the door. Yashoda says Babu ji gave permission to open the door. Nupur takes the locket from her hand and runs. She gives locket to Krishna. Krishna wears it. He opens it, and thinks he never knew it would open. He finds Ashok and Mala’s photo in it. Yashoda opens the door and comes inside. Krishna shows her the locket and asks if Sir ji helped my mother after my father left.
Yashoda closes the door and thinks what to say. Krishna asks why their photo are together. Yashoda says may be your mother wanted you to be successful lawyer like Ashok ji and that’s why placed his photo in it. Krishna asks why did you close the door, you would have told me just like that. Nupur knocks on the door asking Yashoda and Krishna to open the door. Aastha gets angry and says everything is happening, she is again calling him Bhaiyya. All the family members gather there. Mahua asks why Yashoda is locked with Krishna. Nupur says that’s why she is knocking on the door. Amma tells that Yashoda will take her out.

Krishna tells yashoda that he will not force her by giving her swear, but is just requesting her. He says you said that you are my second mother, regard me as your son and tell me truth about my first mother. He says why my mother used to say that my father will identify me, seeing this locket. Yashoda recalls Manoj’s words. Krishna says I am just requesting you and asks her to tell. Yashoda says don’t know what you want to hear from me. Krishna says I understand you. He says I will ask someone else in the house. Yashoda asks him not to ask anyone. She says she told what she knows, and says there will be a storm if you take your locket out, do you want me to be in trouble. Krishna says ok, I will ask outsiders and says someone might know about Maa and Sir ji. Yashoda asks him not to ask anyone.

Krishna says whatever decisions you have taken is for my betterment, and I trust you a lot. He says it pains when someone breaks the trust and I saw my mother bearing this pain. He says I will ask the world if you don’t tell me. Yashoda tells him that Ashok ji is your father. She says she didn’t want to tell him, but couldn’t hide and told herself. Krishna is shocked and shattered. Krishna says it is a lie. Yashoda sits down and nods no. She says this is truth and I couldn’t believe when I came to know. She says she was doubtful when he said that Aastha and Nupur were singing his mother’s song, and then Ashok ji left home, and Manoj told her truth. She calls him and says I don’t know what you are going through, says whom you was calling as Sir ji is your father. Krishna gets shocked, and runs out of the room, to the terrace. Yashoda cries. Nupur asks where you are going Krishna Bhaiyya? Babu ji says he ran to the terrace and tells yashoda that he will not bear his misbehavior. Mahua asks what you told him. Yashoda says she don’t want to talk to anyone now. Amma says don’t forget that you are the bahu of this house, and why you have so much attachment with an orphan boy. Krishna vents out his anger and shouts loudly. Nupur comes there and gets shocked.

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