His Mistress Child update Thursday 21 September 2023

His mistress child 21 September 2023: The Episode starts with babu ji calling yashoda and says there is a question in his mind, and asks her why did you bring Krishna here in this house. Mahua asks her to say.

Yashoda says everyone knows the truth, court permitted Krishna to stay here. Babu ji says you couldn’t give birth to a boy and brought Krishna here so that you can make him as heir of the family. Yashoda is shocked and says how can I think like this. Amma says we were thinking this thing all night, that you brought Krishna here, then involved Ashok in your plans and then insisted to get him admitted in school, and you must have forced Ashok to give his name as father’s name, so that he builds up relation with him. yashoda says this is not true, she brought Krishna here due to court orders. Babu ji says whatever Malti said is truth.

He says you might have forced Ashok to adopt Krishna, and that’s why he left from here. He asks her to tell truly what is her relation with Krishna. Yashoda says I have relation of humanity with him and asks them not to accuse her wrongly. Mahua says babu ji is right and asks yashoda to tell, if she has any truth to say. Arvind asks her to be quiet. Mahua says everyone will hear. Yashoda says I can’t tell you truth, and tells that when Ashok ji returns, you shall ask him. Mahua says what if he never returns. Yashoda warns her not to say this again and says he has to come, I know he will come. Constable comes there and calls Yashoda.

Yashoda asks if he is found? Constable says today we got a dead body and asks her to come and identify it, so that they can handover the body for the last rites. Sonu is standing outside and hears them. Yashoda and Krishna runs out. Amma faints. Arvind lifts her and takes her to bed. He asks Mahua to inform him about Amma. He goes.

Sonu comes to Kamini and tells her that Ashok Mama has died and constable said that his dead body is in the hospital. Kamini asks which hospital. Sonu says I don’t know. Kamini gets emotional and says he is my brother and childhood partner, he can’t leave us. Bansal asks Sonu to stand outside Nani’s house, and make sure nobody sees him. He asks Kamini to let it happen and asks her to think that her Amma tried to kill her, and God has taken his life.

Kamini says he is my brother, you are strange person, how can we celebrate. Bansal asks her to sacrifice big for big things, and take strict decisions for their betterment. He says it will be good if the wealth recipient is less. He says whoever comes between the wealth and Sonu, they have to clean that person using the broom. He asks her not to be emotional and says we shall not divert from our aim. He says you used to say that your life ruined because of Ashok and says this is the real chance to take revenge from him. He says when we get the news, you shall go to your mayka to do sister’s duties and asks if she understood. Kamini says yes, and asks him to buy white saree for Yashoda. Bansal says ok, I will get it in the evening. Kamini says bring it now itself, the news will come soon.

Yashoda and Krishna come to the hospital to see the dead body. Yashoda goes alone and sees the dead body’s face. She sits down and cries. Krishna comes to her running. Yashoda signs no. Krishna sits. Yashoda hugs him and cries. Arvind comes there and sees Yashoda and Krishna crying. He looks at the dead body’s face and says this is not my brother. He asks yashoda to come home and says don’t know how to Amma. Doctor tells Mahua that Amma is in stress and shock. Aastha and Nupur come there and get worried for their Dadi. Amma gains consciousness and asks where is my son. Nupur and Aastha ask what happened to our Papa.

Yashoda says nothing has happened to him. Amma hugs her. Krishna tells Aastha and Nupur that he will soon come. Aastha asks why are you telling us. Krishna says I thought you both are worried. Nupur says this is happening due to you. Yashoda comes there and says he is elder than you. Nupur says Papa left home due to him. Yashoda hugs her and says Papa must be missing us and he will soon return. She says it is not right to blame Krishna, it is not his fault and I have brought him here, he didn’t come here with his wish. Aastha says you never accept his mistake. Nupur says if Krishna is not responsible then you are responsible, Papa left home due to you. Babu ji tells her that she is the reason for Ashok’s decision. Yashoda cries.

yashoda running to her room. Krishna recalls Ashok telling him that he is Aastha and Nupur’s elder brother and elder brother has many responsibilities, and also take care of yashoda. Krishna thinks he has to take care of all of them. Gayatri comes there asking about yashoda. Mahua says she is in her room. Babu ji asks if your husband doesn’t know about Ashok. Gayatri says we really didn’t know. Bansal gives white saree to Kamini and says you have wasted my money. Kamini says I have wasted my tears for my brother, this saree will be useful to Yashoda. Yashoda looks at Ashok’s photo and says where did you go, leaving me here in this house. Gayatri comes there. Nupur tells Aastha that they shall ask Dada ji to throw Krishna out. Aastha says no use, as Dada ji had tried

before also but Krishna never leaves from here. Nupur says how to throw him out. Krishna says if your pain will be less, if you accuse me then I am ready to bear it. Nupur asks him to leave from the house. Gayatri asks yashoda if she don’t feel anger on Krishna or with Ashok’s betrayal. Yashoda says sometimes she gets much angry that she wants to throw him out. She says this all started since he came here. She says his mother gave me his responsibility and Ashok ji asked me to take care of him. She says she can’t accept him. Gayatri says your family was good, don’t know when Krishna came and stuck here. Krishna hears them. Yashoda says it is not Krishna’s mistake. Krishna makes Ashok’s sketch and thinks he will search him. He says he will take care of everyone. He says when he comes home, I will tell him that everyone was sad due to him. Yashoda says you are very sad. Krishna shows the sketch and says Sir ji will be found by tomorrow. yashoda says he is not missing, as he is inside our hearts. Krishna says please come back soon, we want to see you.

Arvind asks Amma to have medicine. Amma refuses and says she wants to open her eyes, when Ashok returns. Babu ji asks her to have medicine and says if your condition worsens, then I don’t have money to spend on you. Amma asks him to give poison instead. Arvind thinks to tell Amma, and then thinks of yashoda’s words that his image will be spoiled. Babu ji asks Amma to have medicine and says even his son is missing, and he has equal pain. Arvind comes to Yashoda and tells that they shall tell Amma and babu ji that Bhaiyya left from here in a bus. Yashoda says then new questions will arise, and they can’t bear. She says we have no answer to give, so I think to let it happen, what is happening. She says we shall think what is the solution of the time for us. Mahua hears them and thinks what is the reason? She comes to her room and drinks water. She recalls Kamini saying, how did the photo go missing. She uses her mind and thinks to go to his office to get the photo. She goes to Ashok’s office and searches for the photo. She finds the keys there and recalls Yashoda’s warning. She records the video as proof in which she is searching Mala’s photo. She finds Mala’s photo. She thinks people thinks me foolish, but she is cunning behind innocent face. Amma says she doesn’t know why Ashok left from here. Mahua comes home and says she understood everything. Arvind asks if you have any shame left. Mahua says today I will show real proofs. She calls Yashoda and Krishna outside. They come out. Yashoda asks what happened? Mahua says you might feel pain, get angry and repent. Babuji asks her to tell straight. Mahua shows them Krishna’s mother’s photo which was stolen. Krishna says Maa. Yashoda says it went missing from Krishna’s room. Mahua says she found it in Ashok’s office.


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