Aparajita zeeworld update Saturday 23 September 2023

Aparajita 23 September 2023: Chhavi is packing her bags when Disha and Asha come there, Disha says I will take care of the family while you are gone. Chhavi says I will come back soon. Asha says please don’t get emotional, she gives her a gift and Chhavi sees its a diary. Asha says you can write about your days in it. They all hug each other. Niya comes there and sadly is leaving but Chhavi sees her and says come inside. Niya says I just came to say bye, I can come later on. Niya says I brought a gift for you. Chhavi takes it and finds its a pen. She says this is really meaningfull. Niya is about to leave but Disha stops her and says we are all sisters, please stay with us. Niya gets emotional and hugs them.

In the morning, Dadi comes to Akshay’s room. Niya, Disha and Asha are there. They say we are taking care of Akshay. Dadi says I will take care of him, she asks Disha and Niya to rest. She asks Asha to go and study. Disha says we can spend time one by one with him. Disha asks Akshay to become fine soon. She holds his hand and finds ink on his thumb. Disha says someone took his impressions. Dadi says Mohini must be behind it. Niya says how could this happen? Disha says I can’t inform Aparajita otherwise she will worry. She gets a message from Arjun and goes from there. Asha goes to study. Niya and Dadi sit with Akshay.

Arjun video calls Disha and says at least we can talk right? I don’t know why this is happening with us, you should come to me. Disha says people will blame us. Arjun says I feel like we are never going to reunite. Disha consoles him but cries too. Niya comes there and prays for them. Disha says I am so unlucky, why is this happening with me? Arjun asks if she is okay? Disha says you know someone took papa’s finger prints, we have to think about the family. Mohini won’t stay silent.

Scene 2
Mohini denies food. Kabir says you will have to eat this only. The lawyer comes there and says we have her bail papers, Kabir thinks how did she get the bail? Mohini smirks and says I told you that everything can be done with money. You said you won’t take bribes but your department can take bribes. She says I will have a party tonight, you can come too. Kabir glares at her. Kabir calls his boss but he says she is strong so we can’t keep her locked. Mohini says let me go now. Kabir uncuffs her and she thinks that I am going to destroy Aparajita now.

Disha is trying to figure who married Arjun. Niya comes to her and asks if Aparajita and Chhavi reached safely? Disha says yes. Niya tries to leave and is worried. She says I will never come between Arjun and you, I don’t care what people say but I don’t want to lose my family, I have lost my mother already and I can do anything for my family. Disha says its not your fault, its our fate that keeps bringing trouble in our lives.

Asha is making videos and getting many likes. She makes more videos about her family issue. She says my sister is getting married and the bride was swapped, now society is forcing the marriage on people who don’t love each other, isn’t this wrong? she sees more likes and says I can earn a lot like this.

The lawyer gives the papers to Mohini and says we have Akshay’s finger prints to auction his house. Mohini says Aparajita will beg me to save her house now. we don’t have to wait for her to come back from Mumbai.

Dadi gets to know that Mohini got bailed. Asha thinks she has to do something for her family.

Asha comes back home and calls everyone. She says I have bought gifts with my own money. Disha asks how did you get money? she gifts them ice-creams and says don’t worry. They all like it. Some men put a notice outside Akshay’s house and enter the house. The man asks where is Akshay? we have to seal this house immediately. Disha says you can’t do that. He says we have court orders. She gets a call and goes from there. The man says Akshay signed the papers to auction the house. Disha calls Arjun. Kabir comes there and says you can’t throw women out like this. The man says we have court orders. Ashmit and Arjun come there. Ashmit says I will talk to them, he tells the officers that I can stop this auction. He says we need 1 crore to stop the auction. Ashmit tells Dadi that I can pay them but I have a condition. All look on. Ashmit says Dadi has to take a decision now, I will give them money but then she has to send Niya as their daughter in law. Arjun says how can you do this? Ashmit says we are in trouble because of this drama so I have to end it. You have to listen to me. He gives a cheque to Dadi and says you have to take decision now, I can leave but nobody is going to come and save you people from going on the road. Niya says this is wrong, you are blackmailing us. Arjun says I love Disha so I am not going to take Niya with me. The commissioner says we don’t have time so get out. Aparajita comes there and says nobody is going anywhere. She tells the commissioner that she will give them money. She gives them a cheque of 1 crore. She says Kabir told me about the auction so I did what I had to do. I knew Mohini would be up to something. Asha asks how did she get the money? Aparajita says I sold my identity to save our honor, I sold my laundry and its right too.

Disha says what? you sold your own brand? Aparajita says my family is identity, I can make a business again but I have to protect my family first. I won’t let this house be auctioned like this. She tells Ashmit that you are a businessman but you tried to blackmail us? Arjun tells him that he has no relationship with him anymore, you should learn about family from Aparajita. Ashmit says you can be with them but they will bring you down. They have a loan of 20 crore then how can they pay it back? they will be on the road soon. Aparajita says that time won’t come, Arjun is son in law so he will stay with us and I will take care of him. Ashmit laughs and says they got their son in law but we didn’t get our daughter in law. This Aparajita doesn’t care about her honor and is destroying my honor too. There is no man left in this house that’s why they are trying to lure you to save them. Aparajita says who told you that we need a man to run this house? my family is with me so I don’t worry about it. She asks the commissioners and Ashmit to leave. He says fine, he goes from there. The commissioner says we need remaining loan in 15 days. Aparajita says you will get the money so go now. They leave.

Chhavi is calling Disha but she is not picking up. She gets worried as Aparajita doesn’t take the call too. She calls Kabir and he picks it. He says you are already missing me? Chhavi asks if everything is okay at the home? he says don’t worry, just focus on your training. Chhavi says I just worry about the family. Kabir says God is with your family and I am so lucky that I have found a girl like you.. I mean you are a hard working girl. He ends the call.

Disha asks Aparajita how did she find out about Mohini’s plan? Aparajita says Mohini wanted to meet me so I went there. Mohini challenged me to take the charges back otherwise she would auction the house so I sold my brand. Disha says but how will we get 19 crores in 15 days? Aparajita says I have faith that we will figure something out. Disha, Asha and Niya hug her.


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