Guddan Zee world update Thursday 12 January 2023

Guddan 12 January 2023: Saru says a bomb that will destroy Guddan’s life. Revati says I know all the secrets of Antra. you better stay in America. This is your plan to come back to this house. Saru says listen.. Revati says I won’t listen to anything. I am not Antra, neither am I your MIL Guddan. I am her stepsister. I know her strengths and weakness. I won’t let you use me. Saru says you will regret and come back to me. I have the way to destroy Guddan’s life. Time to bring Antra’s secret to Guddan’s life.

Guddan recalls every time Revati supported her and said you can do anything. AJ says I knew you would be hurt. Guddan says Revati is hurt too. He says her bitterness has increased way too much. Your cake won’t decrease it. Guddan says I know.But sometimes, only trying matters. Not winning or losing. I always kept trying to fly the kite. Then I learned to do the best. I won’t give up on convincing her. He says you were so different a year ago. Guddan says what was I? He writes, Guddan you can’t. Then he changes it to Guddan you can. He says I will always be with you. Even in this effort to convince Revati. We will make this cake together.

Guddan and AJ bake the cake together.
Revati sees Angad’s photo. Guddan says see I got you your favorite cake. You used to bake for me. Let’s eat together. What are you thinking? Come let’s eat it. She gives her the knife. Revati says I am not a kid. A cake won’t change me. She destroys the cake and says next time you do this I will throw this on your face. Guddan says I will keep doing it. If that makes you happy, I will do it for you. Throw it on my face. I got a bullet from you. Revati picks the cake to throw on Guddan’s face. Durga stops her hand and throws it on the floor. Durga says we are standing with her and wont’ let you misbehave with her.

Laxmi says next time you do this I will throw it on your face. She says let’s go sasu ma. Revati says I will end this relation. She calls someone and says I want to meet you.Durga says we are sorry Guddan. We were rude to Revati. Laxmi says you are being too nice to her. that won’t change anything. Guddan says I am not being weak. Only our sister’s love can change her hate. Durga says you think she will realize her mistakes? I don’t think so. Guddan says she will. Look at this vase, they are kept in burning sun to make them stronger. I will do the same to Revati.

Durga says you are right. You can bring her on the right path. Revati screams Guddan come downstairs.Everyone comes to the hall. There is a funeral going on. Revati is doing Guddan’s funeral with her photo. Guddan says what is this? She breaks the pot. She says I did the funeral of our sister relationship. Guddan slaps her. She says have you gone crazy? I should have slapped you long ago. nd pandit ji I am alive. Go from here. Guddan says you learned to walk by holding my hand. Revati says how dare you to slap me. Guddan says I will show you what can I do. Guddan twists her ear. Guddan says don’t dare harming sister’s love. Don’t dare to do anything like this again. Revati says leave my ear. Guddan says I won’t tolerate all this. I am your sister.

Revati says you aren’t my anything now. Guddan says I won’t step back. I will bring you on the right path. You won’t’ do anything like this in this house. Dadi says Guddan is so brave.Revati says how dare she insult me. I will answer her. Perv says only my sister can help you. Revati says she got her answer. Perv says she knows this game. He says my sister must have something that she came back to Indor. Talk to her. Revati says what is she in Indor? He says yes. Revati says no one can stop me from ruining your life Guddan.

AJ holds his ears. Guddan says why are you hiding your ears? He says who knows you might twist mine too. Guddan laughs. He says I wanted to see this smile. He says don’t overthink. Sometimes elders have to be strict. Guddan says I hope I am not being too harsh on her. AJ says she will realize your anger has love too. She is your sister. He comes close. Dadi comes in. AJ says I was asking her if she is worried. Dadi says don’t be shy, you are husband and wife. You can love each other. I want to keep a pooja tomorrow for everyone’s peace of mind. Guddan says yes, I want to do this pooja. I hope this fixes Revati’s mind. Dadi says don’t worry Revati will realize her mistake soon.

Revati says are you sure that person would ruin Guddan’s life? Saru says shake hands with me and see how I destroy their lives. Revati says who is that person? Saru says someone who can destroy Guddan and AJ’s life.A girl in jail runs and steals bread. Saru says she has lioness like eyes. She hates double standards. She has such strength that she can defeat anyone. If she hits someone, no one can save them. The girl hits a prisoner. She runs out. Revati says who is it? Saru says she will destroy Guddan’s life. The girl says don’t dare to take my bread from me. Alisha takes everything from people who try to take what is mine.

Saru says she has such a relationship with AJ and Guddan that they can neither accept nor reject her.Tomorrow, during pooja she will enter the house with a storm. They will be buried forever.Inspector says Alisha Antra Jindal, you will be released tomorrow. She says tomorrow, Guddan and AJ’s life’s worst chapter would start.

Scene 2
Guddan wakes up. She smiles. She sees a kid in her dream and says Guriya. Guddan wakes up. Dadi and AJ are there. AJ asks what were you dreaming? Dadi says her blush shows, she was dreaming of a baby girl. Guddan says it was just a dream. Dadi says time to make it a reality and become parents. AJ says what are you saying ma. Dadi says you felt motherhood in a dream right? You had to be a MIL. You will be an amazing mother. I know you two will become the best parents. Get ready for pooja. Dadi leaves. AJ says I was thinking, let’s make your dream a reality right now. He comes close to kiss her.

Guddan says ma thinks I will be an amazing mother. I couldn’t be a good sister. AJ says you have done all relationships very well. You are an amazing sister. Give it sometime everything will be fine. Guddan hugs AJ.Everyone prepares for pooja. The candle is about to blow, Guddan and Revati save it together. Revati says as I stood by you in everything, how could I let this candle blow. Guddan says is this a new drama to harm me? Revati says I have realized my mistakes. I can’t play this hate game anymore. Please forgive me. Can we go back to who we were? I know it’s difficult to trust me. But I have a surprise for you after pooja.

You will trust me. Guddan says I will wait for your surprise. There couldn’t be a better day.Revati comes to the kitchen and tries to mix something in parsad. Durga says don’t dare touch it. Guddan loves you so you can fool her. Laxmi says what is your new plan to harm Guddan? Revati says ask all questions together. You keep asking one by one. Yes, I haven’t changed. Nor will I ever. Your Guddan is an idiot. She melts with a few words. It would be amazing to break her heart again. All of you would be dazed after seeing my surprise. Durga says what are you planning. She gives them a grenade and says it’s like this. Laxmi says are you crazy. She says this is just a toy but the destruction my surprise would bring would e real.

Scene 3
Alisha prepares to leave prison. Inspector says you are being released after a year. Don’t repeat your mistakes after going out. Although there hasn’t been any change you. Alisha says I will come back here. Inspector says who came here to pick you. Alisha says someone might need me. Saru is outside. Guard says she is destruction. Why are you taking her?Alisha walks out. The prisoners say, you will have to come back here. The world outside can’t handle you. You forgot your animosity? Alisha hits her and says I never forget my enemies. Wait for me to come back. Constables says she would ruin every house she goes to. Alisha comes out.

An old woman comes to the house. She meets Guddan and Dadi. She says you are India’s youngest MIL. Let me take blessnigs from you. Guddan says cinema sit here. She says I got a show. It’s a movie masti with mansih paul. This is the first comedy game show. There will be celebrities every week. Don’t miss today’s episode, Akshay would be there. Guddan says we will be there.

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