My desire update Thursday 12 January 2023

My desire 12 January 2023: Ahana asks Sania to help her and make sure Rudra doesn’t see her when she visits Thakur house. Sania agrees and says Rudra will go to work in sometime, she will message her then. Ahana sys she will wait for her message. Mishka asks if they can trust Sania. Ahana says they don’t have any option. Mishka asks what will they do here till then. Ahana says wait. At Thakur house, Anvi plays with Krishna. Preesha asks Krishna what would she like to have. Krishna says chocochip cookies. Preesha reminisces Saransh loving her prepared chocochip cookies and thinks it must be coincidence, but why she felt a connection when Krishna held her finger. Rudra drags Sania to room and locks door. Sania asks what he wants to say. Rudra informs that Arman and Preesha are not yet married and hence he can get back Preesha in his life. She asks what about their marriage.

He says it Krishnawas fake and he bribed pandit for that. She asks what about Saransh. He says she will bring Saransh to him and asks her to trick Ahana somehow and get Saransh’s information; informs that Preesha and Arman are marrying in 3 days, so she needs to do something before that. Once he leaves, she messages Ahana that Rudra left home, calls someone and asks to meet her at their usual place.

Preesha serves cookies and milk to Krishna and asks how are they. Krishna says yummy, world’s best cookies. Preesha gets emotional. Krishna drops milk on her dress while drinking it. Preesha says she will change her dress and tries to remove it. Krishna pushes her away and says mamma told not to change dress in front of strangers. Preesha asks if she wants to change alone and goes out. Ahana reaches outside Thakur house and calls Preesha. Krishna comes out of room after changing. Preesha takes her towards gate when she falls down. She gets worried. Ahana noticing that runs and warns Preesha to stay away from Krishna and takes her away. Preesha gets suspicious seeing her weird behavior.

Sania meets Arman and says their plan is failing. He asks what does she mean. She says why would he bother as he is marrying Preesha. He asks how does she know. She says even Rudra knows that Preesha is not married to Arman and hence will try to get her back in his life. He asks who informed him. She reminds their meeting and deal to help her marry Rudra and him marrying Preesha. She goes into a flashback where Arman gets concerned when Preesha goes to meet Rudra and thinks he will protect her from Rudra and keep her happy always. Sania calls him and insists to meet her. He meets her and reveals he loves Preesha. She says he finally fell in love. He says he madly loves Preesha, but Preesha loves her ex-husband Rudra and hence let her return to Rudra; he is unable to see Rudra mistreating Preesha.

She asks if Rudra and Ahana Khurana are related. He says Ahana is Rudra’s bhabhi. She thinks she did Ahana’s work and is blackmailing him, asks if he wants her to kill Rudra. He asks if she is mad, he just wants Preesha to stay away from Rudra. She asks what will he give in return. He says he can even give his London house to her. She asks if he will give such a costly property to her. He says he just wants to spend his life with Preesha. She says she will marry Rudra then and knows what to do. They strike a deal. Out of flashback, she says she married Rudra as promised and lied to him that she married him with a mission and wants to destroy Arman. He says Rudra’s way is clear now.

She says Rudra thinks she wants to get back to Arman and is hell bent to get Preesha back in his life, their love is immense and they are inseparable. She reminds him party incident where Preesha takes Rudra to bathroom and tries to lure him. Arman notices that and calls Sania for help. Sania asks if he is tempted to meet her. He asks her to stop talking rubbish and he called her to inform that Preesha took Rudra to bathroom, so she should come here and separate them. She says she will bring home cooked food for Rudra. He asks not to inform Rudra that he called her. She says she did her job.

Sania reveals Arman that she also fell in Rudra’s love and feels jealous when Rudra expresses his love for Rudra. Arman says he can’t believe even she can fall in love. Sania says everyone loved her for her money and beauty, nobody loved her for what she is, she wants someone to love her selflessly and immensely like Rudra loves Preesha. Arman if she tries to kill Preesha for that and reminisces calling Sania from Preesha’s hospital room to meet him. He meets her and confronts her for trying to kill Preesha by crashing her car. Sania says she doesn’t have to inform him reason as he came to her requesting to help him separate Rudra and Preesha. He asks if she will Preesha for that. Sania says she wanted to end this drama at once and get Rudra in her life.

He says Rudra will never accept her and will live with Preesha’s memories instead. Sania says what should she do then. He says they should make Preesha hate Rudra by making Rudra humiliate Preesha’s parents. Out of flashback, he tells her that he told her plan how to humiliate Preesha’s father. She says she took Ahana’s help and executed it perfectly. He says Rudra is married to her and will start loving soon. She reveals that Rudra had a fake marriage with her like he played a fake wedding drama with Preesha. He is shocked. She says Rudra will find out Saransh in 3 days and will present him in front of Preesha to stop Preesha and Arman’s wedding; she just knows Saransh is with Ahana, but not the location.

Arman says that shouldn’t find out Saransh’s location and asks her to keep him busy for 3 days till he marries Preesha. Sania agrees.Chachaji is busy in wedding arrangements. Arman walks in. Chachaji asks where was he as wedding is in 3 days. Arman says he had gone for wedding arrangements itself and brings a designer’s assistant along who asks Preesha to check dress designs. Anvi walks down and asks why they are not involving the cutest family member. Preesha pampers her. Anvi asks if Prishma and papa are marrying for her sake. Preesha says she is precious to them. Anvi says she will select Prishma’s wedding dress and checks catalogue online.

Sania meets Ahana and asks if Krishna is fine. Ahana says she is inside room and thanks for her help. Sania says now she has to help her in return and asks to hide for sometime. Ahana laughs but agrees later. At Thakur house, Sania says she will not go to tuition today as its Prishma’s haldi ceremony. Preesha says she can return by afternoon as haldi is in the evening. Rudra walks in. Anvi hugs him and asks if he will not attend Prishma and papa’s wedding. He says he wasn’t invited. Anvi asks why. Preesha says her uncle is busy. Anvi says today is haldi ritual and uncle has to come. Rudra agrees. Preesha sends Anvi to car and asks him not to attend her wedding.

He asks if she was afraid that she will get back to him, so she hid the truth. She says she had come to him, but he married Sania instead; now his ego is hurt as she is marrying Arman. He says he will attend her haldi ritual for sure. Arman walks to her and asks if Rudra is troubling her. Preesha says she will not let him do that and he is going. Anvi calls Preesha. Arman warns Rudra to stay away from Rudra and sends him away. He then calls Sania and asks her to keep Rudra away till he marries Preesha. She assures him. Rudra reaches Sania and insists her to find out Saransh’s location via Ahana. Sania says she will find out Saransh’s location and will send him GPS location.

Preesha goes to pick Anvi from tuition. Anvi says let us reach home soon to start her haldi ritual. Preesha says still there is a lot of time for that, so they can enjoy ice cream on the way. Anvi agrees. Preesha then sees Krishna with Nanny and asks if can take Krishna for icecream. Nanny says Ahana ordered not to leave Krishna alone. Preesha says nanny also can come along. Nanny agrees. Krishna also agrees next.

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