It’s not easy to love update 12 January 2023


It’s not easy to love 12 January ,2023: Apeksha tries to make laddos and finds her hands dirty. Sid brings a tissue for her but Mithai asks her to clean her hands with a wet towel. Sid asks Apeksha to stop all this and come with him.Sid talks to Apeksha and asks why is she doing all this? Apeksha says I was trying to be nice to your family, if you don’t want then I will leave. Sid says I didn’t mean that. Dadu comes there and tells Sid that I never stopped you from anything but you should know what are our limits. Sid says it’s not like that. Dadu says I have told Indu to stay here. Apeksha says what’s wrong with you both? They are your guests so you should ask them to leave. Dadu says this is our family matter so I would suggest you to not get involved. Sid asks Apeksha to let it be and leaves.

Sid is leaving for the office. Mithai is about to bump into him but stops herself. Apeksha asks her to see where she is going. Mithai says I am always careful so don’t worry. Sid and Apeksha leave. Chachi tells Geetu that I think Apeksha is interested in Sid that’s why she is doing all this. Ginesh says if Sid likes Apeksha then I don’t have any issue.The family sits to have lunch together. Ginesh taunts Subham that he is not focusing on the business. Chacha says don’t worry, he is handling everything.

Subham hears all that and is sad. Dadu comes there and says I am happy that Mithai cooked today. He asks her to take food to her mother. Mithai takes food from there. Ginesh says why are these people still here? He tells Dadu that you can help them with money but they have to leave from here. Dadu says she is Aarti’s friend so we have to help her. Ginesh says why do you keep bringing Aarti up? Sid comes there and says you never kept Maa happy while she was alive but you can’t even hear her name now? She was part of the family so we will keep bringing her up. Ginesh says stop insulting me. Kirti says why do you both keep fighting? The whole family is suffering because of this. Ginesh leaves from there. Sid angrily leaves.

Mithai brings food for Indu and asks her to eat something. She says everyone is taking care of you. Indu says yes, Sid also. Mithai says he is just showing pity which I don’t like. Indu says he is a good guy, don’t say that. Sid comes there with her medicines and asks her to eat something, you have to eat to take these medicines. I won’t leave till you eat. Mithai is surprised to see him care. Indu starts eating.Kirti is crying so Subham and others console her. Kirti says I don’t like all this fighting. Subham says it’s okay, you all are with me.

Mithai goes to put plates away so Sid talks to Indu and says you have to eat properly for medicines to work otherwise I will tell Mithai. Indu says no, don’t tell her anything. She has a heart of old so don’t tell her anything.Mithai comes to Kirti and says Sid helped me in making Maa eat today. She cheers Kirti up. She says let’s play a game together.Sid recalls Indu’s words about how Aarti chose Mithai for him. He finds Mithai singing with the family. He gets angry and goes to her but she mistakenly throws a pillow at him. Sid shouts what is this drama? Stop it. Dadu takes Sid from there.

Dadu asks Sid to calm down, they are playing. Sid says this girl keeps playing while her mother is ill. Dadu says she has a pure heart, she likes to spread happiness. Sid says I feel bad for the guy who will marry her and you shouldn’t get involved to get her married. Dadu says you heard everything that Indu told us right? Tell us if you will not accept your mother’s chosen girl? will you not honor her promise? Sid looks on.Dadu asks Sid if he can honor his mother’s promise and marry Mithai? Sid says I am sorry but I can’t do this.

Dadu asks if he has given any promise to Apeksha? You know I don’t like these love marriages but if there is something going on between you and Apeksha then I will accept your relationship. Sid says it’s not like that. I just don’t believe in love and marriage, I have always seen my mother suffering in her marriage, she was never happy so I don’t believe in marriage anymore so I can’t do this.Mithai comes to the family members and says don’t be sad if Sid scolded us. Kirti says we are part of this family so we can do what we want.


She plays the music and they all start playing a game. The dare lands on Karishma. Rajeev says I will give a word to Karishma and she has to enact it. Rohan will guess what it is. He gives the word to Karishma. She tries to give hints to Rohan and the word is ‘I love you’. Karishma blushes and runs from there. Mithai says I will go and get sweets. She runs from there and bumps into Sid. He shouts what’s your problem? Mithai says you always come in front of me out of nowhere. Sid asks her to open her eyes and see where she is going, he leaves. Mithai says this man is so bitter. She goes to get sweets.

Ginesh comes to Dadu and says why are you so unhappy with me? I have given my life to this business but you keep insulting me. That girl is more important than me? Dadu says you are still bitter that she won the competition against you? You are a businessman but you don’t understand how sweets are made. Ginesh says I know you keep trying to make her stay in this house. Dadu says I wish I could make her stay in this house forever. I think Aarti understood it way before that’s why she chose Mithai for Sid and told it to Indu. Ginesh says what are you saying? Dadu says Aarti chose Mithai for Sid but he doesn’t want to marry. Ginesh says stop bringing Aarti into everything, I don’t care what she wanted.

I don’t trust this girl and her mother. You can talk about Aarti all you want but I don’t care. He turns to see Sid there. Ginesh leaves from there. Sid turns around to see Mithai cooking in the kitchen. He recalls Ginesh’s harsh words and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Dadu recalls Sid rejecting the marriage proposal and Ginesh’s harsh words. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? Dadu says I couldn’t understand what was going on in Sid’s heart. He didn’t accept the marriage proposal and Otherside Ginesh is bitter and said he doesn’t care about Aarti’s words because she is dead. Sid heard everything. Dadi says why did you talk to Sid about Mithai’s proposal? Dadu says Sid heard everything when Indu talked to us. Dadi says even then you shouldn’t have talked to him. You should understand that Ginesh gave all this time to the business. Ginesh comes there and tells Dadi that Bhura came to the office and asked for 5 lacs as interest on the loan. I know this girl is fooling us but I know Dadu will ask me to give 5 lacs to that goon. Fine, I will pay that goon and then this girl will run away. Mithai comes there and says you don’t have to pay him anything. She tells Dadu that I will work hard and earn money to pay Bhura back. Till then you can keep my 2 lacs with you. She leaves from there. Dadu glares at Ginesh.

Mithai comes to the mandir and says how will I arrange 5 lacs to pay back my loan? Indu comes there and says God will help us. Mithai says don’t worry about anything, she leaves. Indu prays for her.Geetu comes to Chacha and asks if Dadu is alright? He didn’t come for tea.Mithai comes to the kitchen and thinks I will find a way to pay off my loan. I will work hard after going back to the village to earn this money.

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