Guddan update Tuesday 26 July 2022

Guddan 26 July 2022: Agastya puts the food on table. Pushpa says why are you here/ You don’t care if I am hungry or sad. He says if a mother acts like a child, kids have to take responsibility. She says you have changed a lot. Agastya says yes I have. I am not the same person who would not see right or wrong when it comes to you. I love you so much. I have done so much for you. Didn’t even eat. Your heart didn’t melt. Agastya takes out the dish. Agastya says when you opened the door, the curtain was moving very fast. I won’t ask why you did that. I don’t expect anything from you. Return me Guddan’s restaurant’s papers. I want them right now.

Guddan 25 July 2022

Choti says I wish I could take these medicines to Agastya. Agastya comes. Guddan slips. Agastya holds her. Aarav comes. He says I want you to stay together but you are forgetting the second condition. I can’t go against bari ma. And you should practice social distancing. Agastya says MIL is getting strict day by day. I will prove her I will be the best husband for her daughter. And she won’t find a better SIL than me. He says but I want to give something to my wife. Agastya gives her restaurant papers. He says no one will take your papa’s restaurant from you. I won’t let anyone take it. Guddan gives him medicines.

Niya parents come to take her. Niya says I won’t go anywhere from here. Her mom says how can you tolerate all this. Pushpa says nothing is wrong with her in this house. Everyone loves her here. Money says such a lie. She says to everyone tell them how much you love her. Sona says no one loves her in this house. She is an outsider to her. This is wrong, let her go from here. Hitank says yes, ask her to go. Niya’s dad says what else is left to see Niya? Niya says I won’t go anywhere. I love Agastya. Arushi says but he doesn’t love you. Niya says he will. He is only mine. Her mom slaps her and says enough. What is this.

Agastya says well done. You should have slapped her in childhood. You got her everything. Even me who never loved her. Why is she living in my in-laws house? People must be talking about you. Her dad says people are talking about you as well that you’re a house SIL. They are making jokes on you. Agastya says you think I care? You all should learn from my MIL how to love your kids. This is my wife’s house and I am living here. And your daughter is nothing to us. Why is she here? Take this burden from here. Her dad says how much do you want us to get insulted? Let’s go from here. Niya says I am not a kid. I can decide for myself. I don’t wanna go anywhere. Please stop them mummy ji. Her dad says if you stay here our doors would close for you forever. Sona says go from here Niya.Niya says okay I will stay on roads. She cries and says no one loves me here. I will commit suicide and write a note to blame Agastya.

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