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Barrister Bahu 26 July 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh waiting for Bondita. She comes home. Trilochan asks did she get everything, its not easy to become a good housewife. She says I will pass this test also, see I got everything. She shows the items. She says I have good memory, I don’t forget anything. Trilochan says you forgot to return the remaining money. Bondita asks which money, there is no money left, its all spent. He says I gave you two rupees, did you get just this, maybe you had eaten sweets in the market. She says no, I didn’t eat sweets, I get everything to eat at home. Trilochan asks are you saying the truth. She says yes, you can ask Bihari. Anirudh says why to ask Bihari, ask Bondita, what was the price of chunar. He asks Bondita to give the account. Trilochan says yes, shopkeeper looted her, but I have sent Bihari along. He scolds Bihari.

Anirudh says Bihari is eating a betel, maybe he left Bondita alone. Bihari recalls leaving her at the shop and going to Anirudh. Anirudh asks him to just do his work. Bondita says I don’t understand the money coins. Bihari gets betels. Anirudh asks him to eat it. He asks him to eat ten betel leaves and not tell anything at home. FB ends. Trilochan asks was it imp to eat betel. Anirudh says forgive him, think what to do now. Trilochan says that shopkeeper cheated my bahu, I will teach him a lesson. Anirudh says its better to teach a lesson to our Bahu, we should explain her calculations. He asks Bondita how many paise are there in one rupee. Bondita gets silent. Anirudh asks her to say. She says I don’t know all this, I told this to shopkeeper and he understood, he took all the money. She smiles. Anirudh says he didn’t take, but looted money.

He asks Trilochan did she do work well, she got the loss, because she isn’t educated, how will she know the difference when she didn’t read books, how will she know calculations, that’s why I told you, studies are important for a housewife also.He says she won’t know the measurements of cloth to make curtain, she won’t know the quantity of food ingredients to make kheer for prasad, isn’t it necessary that she gets educated, we respect Laxmi and Saraswati, why is bahu just called Laxmi, not Saraswati, she will get Saraswati’s blessing as well. He says master ji will come to teach you today, you have to learn from him. Trilochan asks Bihari to go and spit the betel leaf. He says fine, Bondita, you can study, but not before ending Devi’s curse, you have to make bhog and then I will permit you to study. Anirudh smiles.

Bondita thinks I have to do both the things. Binoy says Anirudh convinced Trilochan to educate Bondita. Saudamini says thanks to inform, I m going to meet my friend. He says you are smiling, I m worried, did you accept defeat, you think you can marry in 10 days. She says I want to win Anirudh, just handle Bondita, I will handle Anirudh, I will go, you go and enjoy your English tea, you will know my drama soon. Bondita goes to make bhog. Trilochan comes to help her. He says I will teach you how to make you a good housewife. She asks how will you teach me if you sit outside, why don’t you come there, I m little, there is place for you. He asks how can I come in. She says by walking. Bihari laughs.

Trilochan scolds him. He says I can’t come, does men enter kitchen, it doesn’t suit men, kitchen is for women. Bondita asks why does it happen that men get the food served first, if a woman makes food, why does a man eat food first. Trilochan says don’t ask such questions. Bondita says Anirudh said we can know everything by reading the books. He says don’t take the name of books, learn the kitchen duties. He says first chapter begins now. He asks her to learn the spices. He asks for Tejpatta. She says it means a tree leaf. She shows the Tejpatta. He says great, it means you know it. She says no, you said Tejpatta, I used my brain and got the leaf from the spices. Bihari says it needs courage to tell truth, amazing. Trilochan says you can’t guess it, so I m teaching you, tell me, which one is clove. She shows wrong ones.

He signs no. She asks how would I know about clove. He says you don’t know. She says I don’t know. He says show me cardamom, how would you know, you came from poor Maayka. She shows the cardamom and says Maa planted it and we used to get many cardamoms. Trilochan says fine, do you know other spices, how can anyone cook tasty food, memorize the spices. Biraj asks what do you want to do, I m seeing your changed behavior, tell me. Surmani asks is it wrong to wish good for Sampoorna. Biraj says I don’t trust you, what are you hiding, tell me, else I will call everyone.

Surmani shows the baby’s cap. She says I didn’t want Sampoorna here, but knowing she is pregnant, my heart melted, I want to make a new start, I went to get the stitching material. Biraj says I can’t believe you, its big joy for me that Saurabh’s child is coming, don’t try to snatch my happiness, else I can’t tolerate it. She goes. Surmani laughs and says Sampoorna will break your heart, you will know she isn’t pregnant. Saurabh goes to Sampoorna and asks did you understand anything. She says everything, I was mad and didn’t do anything. He thinks she understood she isn’t pregnant. She asks him not to touch her. He asks why, you understood now. She says I understood women get much sleep in this state. He asks didn’t you read the book.


She says no, I felt asleep. He says its fine, you aren’t feeling sleepy now, go and check the book now. She goes. She looks for the book. She says what will I say now. He asks what happened. She says book isn’t there. He asks where is the book, you know there will be a storm if anyone gets that book, we have to find it. She asks what will happen if anyone sees the pics. He says it was to explain you. She asks what. He tells her. She worries and shuts ears. She asks did you want me to see such a book. He says don’t anger me, come and help me in finding the book.

Trilochan asks Bihari to show spices. He tells about spices. Bondita repeats it. She gets funny and changes name of spice. Bihari laughs hearing their talk. Bihari shows black pepper. Bondita says because it looks black, there was Jhilmil in our village, she was dark, everyone teased her as Kalika, she felt bad, its not right, Maa says everyone should get identity by values, not colours, she is right. He says how can your mum be wrong, what was I asking, black pepper, smell it. Anirudh comes and looks on. Bondita sneezes. Trilochan says she sneezed, its a bad omen.Trilochan asking Bondita to wash her hands and face. Bondita goes and comes. She sneezes again. He sends her again. She gets more sneezes by smelling the spices. Anirudh looks on. He asks are you fine. She says my hands have turned blue after washing hands so many times. He smiles and says I have an easy way to stop sneeze, you pinch the nose and sneeze won’t come. He asks her to try.

She goes and gets the spices box for him. He smells the spices. He stops his sneeze and shows. She laughs.She says your idea is working, my problem is little or big, you always save me, you are my protector, promise me, you will always be with me. He recalls his promise. Rishta tera mera….plays… She goes and smells the spices. She pinches her nose and doesn’t sneeze. Trilochan looks on and smiles. Somnath comes to Anirudh and says Saudamini fell unconscious near the well. Anirudh runs. Binoy says it means she started her game. Bondita thinks to try cooking so that she can eat as well. She sits to knead the flour. Maid comes to help.

Trilochan scolds them. He says I was hiding to see who comes to help. He says maid doesn’t want Bondita to learn, just go out. Bondita asks will you hide and see again. He says why not, I have no work, I will become a watchman and guard here, its time to go to temple. He asks Bihari to keep an eye on her. He says she has to do the work well. He goes. Bihari sits and says I have to guard now. She asks are you not a man. He asks what do you mean. She asks how did you come in kitchen, Trilochan said men don’t come in kitchen, its woman’s work. He says yes, but I m the servant of the haveli, I have to serve the master. She asks can I make good Luchi. Bihari says I have taught Koyli also, I know cooking well. She asks did you teach her. He says yes. She says I can’t believe it. He teaches her. She adds much water. He thinks I don’t know all this, it all got spoiled, what will I do now. She asks him to see. He says Trilochan won’t leave me now. She goes to Anirudh.

She says he isn’t here, he always solves my problem. Trilochan comes to ask. Bihari apologizes. Trilochan shouts to call Bondita to kitchen. She comes there. He gets angry. Bihari says I asked her to add less water, but she is so naughty, I mean innocent. She thinks why is he lying. Trilochan scolds her. Saurabh asks where did you keep the book. Sampoorna says it should be here in kitchen. They look for the book. Biraj comes and asks what are they looking for. Saurabh says my kurta button. Biraj asks him to see outside. They see the book with Biraj. They get worried and think a storm will come if Biraj sees the book. Biraj keeps the basket and goes. Saurabh goes to take the book. Surmani says try to keep Sampoorna happy.

Sampoorna signs Saurabh. She takes the book. Saurabh says yes, I keep her happy. Munshi comes. Sampoorna throws the book in Munshi’s bag. She runs. Munshi asks Saurabh to go for work. He takes his bag and goes. Saurabh asks did you take the book. Sampoorna says yes, I kept it here. Saurabh says if anyone gets it, it will be a big problem. Trilochan says you get everything on own, you don’t know meaning of hardwork, you have wasted much flour, a good housewife saves important things.Bihari says she is a kid, let it go. Trilochan says no, she is the bahu of the house. Bondita thinks he is very angry, don’t know what will he make me do. Trilochan asks her to grind the wheat by rotating the Chakki. He says now you will know the price of the flour, then you will become a good housewife. Bihari gets chakki and wheat for her.Bondita tries hard and gets tired. She thinks its not moving, master ji will come to teach me, how will I manage.

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