Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 26 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 26 July 2022: Episode starts with Darsh saying someone is here right… Shobit makes the paper away. Darsh asks for the paper. Nandini gets tensed on the stage. Vanlata signs Gunjan. Gunjan goes to Nandini and says don’t create a drama, just hurry up, all the best. She goes back to her seat. Darsh asks are you there, listen, I can sense it, can you please help me. Shobit stands still. Nandini says Rajvi is like my mother. Darsh thinks to do something. Shobit thinks this is your reality without me. Darsh gets the speech. Nandini recalls Darsh.

Darsh says thanks for not helping me. He goes to Nandini. She sees him. Darsh thinks I have come, I will always stay with you and support you. Nandini thinks I know, that’s why I was waiting for you, I will get courage now. He goes towards the stage. He gives her the speech. He says all the best, you can do it.She sees the blank paper. She thinks which paper is this, it has nothing written. Darsh signs her all the best. Nandini gives a speech. She says my mum and dad passed away when I was young, my sister and I lived our lives alone, when I came in this family, I m not alone now, I got Rajvi as my mother, I feel I got my mum back, she has a big heart, she gives me so much love and respect, I pray that she lives for more 100 years, happy anniversary to you. Everyone claps for her.

Rajvi hugs her and says I m so proud of you. Nandini says Darsh encouraged me, else I could have not spoken anything. Chetan says Darsh, you worked hard on her. Darsh says its all her hardwork. Shobit says this paper was fallen outside, I thought its yours. Darsh checks.He says this was Nandini’s speech. Shobit says it means she told the speech herself, I m impressed, she won’t need you after some days. Darsh smiles. Rajvi says Mr. Shah wants to meet the star couple, come Darsh. She takes Darsh and Nandini outside. She says you both are my life, I m so happy, this was the best gift ever, I wish I could give some gift. She gives a rose to Nandini. Nandini thanks her. Rajvi says I love you both. Darsh says love you too. Rajvi goes. Darsh asks shall I fix this in your hair. Nandini says yes. Darsh fixes the rose in her hair. He says how did the speech paper fell outside.

She says maybe someone has thrown it by mistake. He says yes, come. Ritesh meets them. He says I will fix the rose right, its upside down. Darsh goes. Shobit looks on. Nandini says I like to fix the rose upside down. Ritesh says people will laugh. Nandini says it doesn’t matter in front of Darsh’s happiness. Shobit thinks Darsh got hurt, I will make Darsh away from Nandini. Vanlata takes Gunjan outside. Gunjan argues with her. Vanlata asks her to listen. Gunjan leaves. Bansuri comes to give medicines and food to Vanlata. Vanlata shouts and throws the food down. She scolds Bansuri. Bansuri cries and gets an attack. Vanlata worries.

She runs away. Darsh hears Bansuri and asks what happened. He shouts to Shobit and Nandini. Vanlata comes and acts. Nandini comes and says Bansuri will be fine, call the doctor. Doctor checks Bansuri. Vanlata says Bansuri gets such attacks since childhood, didn’t Nandini tell you. He says no. She says maybe she is ashamed of Bansuri’s illness. Darsh says Nandini loves her sister the most. Vanlata says leave it, how can anyone live with a sick or blind person, that’s why she got Bansuri married to Naveen, I know that Nandini loves her, but when the person becomes a burden, then love ends. Shobit looks on. Darsh says I won’t hear a word against Nandini, you think Bansuri is a burden on her, I know Nandini, she isn’t such, why should any sick person be ashamed, I don’t have eyesight, I have no shame, I m proud to be Nandini’s husband, you can leave. Vanlata says you don’t see your own house from the terrace, you can’t see the person’s truth due to pride, Nandini has become your weakness, she will leave you due to your weakness one day, she isn’t loyal to her sister, she won’t be loyal to you.

Shobit saying we know Vanlata is such, Nandini and you have love in between, she has sympathy for you, else why would she fix the rose upside down. Darsh thinks. Darsh asks Nandini not to worry for Bansuri, they will get her treatment done. Shobit looks on. Darsh asks Nandini why did she fix the rose wrong, don’t show sympathy. She says I hate it. She says I get angry, cry and smile because of you, I don’t have any sympathy, there is love in my heart for you. Shobit says I have to work hard to break them apart, they become Laila majnu always. Darsh asks what’s in your heart for me. Nandini says I don’t want to say. Darsh says tell me, I m irritated, knowing you have fixed the rose wrong. They argue. Rajvi comes and says she can fix it any way. Vipul comes and says Darsh has all the right to ask Nandini.

They also argue and go other ways. Darsh asks what was this. Rajvi and Vipul start laughing. She says just a bitter medicine works, when they see us fighting, then they will know how they look to us. He says their fight should end. She says yes, now next plan. Nandini asks what, you and dad will live in different rooms. Rajvi says yes, I decided to stay alone, I have send Vipul to Darsh’s room, its good you stay in guest house. Vipul comes to Darsh’s room. He complains about Rajvi. Darsh thinks to ask Nandini for help. He says I will go for a walk. Vipul says come soon. Darsh and Nandini meet. He says dad is saying they don’t want to stay together. She says yes, they made marriage a job. He says yes, every couple has problems, it doesn’t mean we got separated. Vipul asks where is the AC remote. Rajvi calls out Nandini. Nandini and Darsh hide. She says they will again complain about each other. Shobit comes and looks on. Darsh says you were saying about your feelings, what is it. She says nothing. Darsh asks nothing? That’s why you made my family yours, when I get hurt, you can’t tolerate, you jumped in fire to save my name, right, don’t let this nothing get less. Shobit gets angry and goes. Darsh wipes his eyes.

She asks why are you crying, everything will get fine between mum and dad. He says I m feeling eye irritation, I can’t tell mum, any way dad would be waiting, good night. He goes.Gunjan comes to Shobit. She says my friend Shalini had an affair with someone, he didn’t talk to Shalini much, he used to write a diary, then she got to know that he used to write love letters to someone else. She sees him drawing. He asks what are you doing. She asks are you writing love letter to someone, I will tolerate your rudeness, but not anyone coming between us. Shobit asks does love end if any third person comes between. She says obviously. He smiles and says I have no affair, go and sleep. She goes.

Ritesh gives eye drops to Nandini. He says he does have some itching. Nandini says we can’t change whatever happened, but he can handle anything. He says what if we can change it then, maybe we can get his eyesight back by a new treatment. She thanks him and says this chance is a big thing for me, how much is your fees. He says I don’t need any fees, but your help later on, get Darsh’s reports. She calls Shobit. He sees Charmy’s pics and cries. He answers the call. She says Darsh can get his eyesight back. He asks what, its great news. He recalls Charmy. She says I want his reports, we can try. He says keep this to us, if its not successful, then mom will get stress. He hears Ritesh talking to Nandini. He smiles. He sees Nandini’s speech.

He writes Ritesh on the drawing. He says I was finding him, now their relation will turn bitter, thanks Gunjan. Ritesh asks Nandini to send the reports. She says Darsh will get eyesight back soon. He asks her to come and have kulfi like they used to have in childhood. She says Darsh… He says he can wait. She eats in a haste. She says I have to get reports soon. Vanlata is on the way. She says I won’t let Darsh get happy ever. She sees Nandini with Ritesh having kulfi. Darsh says we will play dum charades and bring mum and dad together. He asks where is Nandini. Shobit says she went out, didn’t she tell you. Darsh says no. Gunjan says we can start the game, Darsh can’t play, one has to see the gestures in the play. Shobit stops her. Darsh says when you play, I will hear you all and play. Parul says no, we won’t play without Nandini. Vanlata calls Gunjan. Gunjan says you didn’t answer my call. Vanlata says I missed the bus and stayed back, I have seen Nandini with her lover, that eye doctor, Ritesh, she is taking an advantage of her husband’s blindness, I can see everything, you have to make it an issue there.Gunjan says it means we are waiting for Nandini, and she is enjoying with Ritesh. She turns and sees Darsh.

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