Guddan update Monday 25 July 2022

Guddan 25 July 2022: Choti says mama please. Agastya is in pain. Guddan says he’s in pain because of his own stupidity. Choti leaves. Pushpa comes in and says to shove my son away from me, your daughter might go away from you as well. You couldn’t handle your family 20 years ago either. You can’t do anything. Guddan says done? Never say, I can’t do anything. Villains like you can’t compete with me. Now the truth will win. The house you couldn’t keep together, my daughter will fix it. Don’t worry about me and my daughter. Her face, name, mentality, everything is the same as me. So don’t worry about us.

Guddan says go fix yourself before your only son leaves you. Pushpa comes out. Agastya is there. Pushpa says you love your mother so much then why don’t you say it? Why are you doing this for that Guddan and her mom? They are fine and you left your mom. Agastya says the only person responsible for all this is you. You have given me these. You sent me to hoste, you married me to Niya, then forced me to marry Guddan so Niya can have a child. Do you know why am I still with you? Because Guddan asked me. She says you’re a mother anyway. A son cannot punish his momm at any cost. Don’t blame others for your sins. Pushpa says if you consider me a sinner, I will punish myself. Whatever I did was for you. Until you forgive me, I wont eat anything. I promise that. She leaves.

Choti comes to Agastya. Guddan stops her. Choti says he’s hurt. I have to go please. Guddan says he will be weaker in making his decision. I only want good things for you. Choti says please, this isn’t Agastya’s fault. Guddan says if you’re silent on sins, you’re equally responsible.Choti says please let me go. Papa won’t do this. Guddan says AJ loved his DILs and always supported them. DJ insulted your me, I thought he would still be with her but he supported the right. Please support the right, we have to be stong. Choti says but no matter what happend, you stayed with your family. How can I leave my husband and my family. Please let me go. Guddan leaves her hand. Choti goes out. Guddan says they always hurt you and you stll want to be there for them. I am proud of you.

Sona says to Arushi you didn’t make parathas like Guddan. Sona says they are fine. Aarav says I like them. What’s the problem. Tell me, I will tell Bari maa you don’t like this house’s food. She will ask you to leave. Money says don’t talk like that. Aarav says don’t plan on taking Pushpa’s place because her place is also gona. Sona says I don’t plan any such thing. The food is good. Sona says Arushi get me more parathas. Aarav winks at Arushi. Sona says to Money, no one asked food to Pushpa.Niya brings food. Pushpa says I couldn’t leave food. I was so hungry. Niya says that’s why you’re so fat. Thank God, Agastya didn’t see me. He would kill me. You manipulated Agastya and now eating as well. You’re so clever. Pushpa says people will think I am sitting hungry here. I will get whatever I want. Pardon from Agastya and would eat as well. Someone knocks on the door. Pushpa asks Niya to hide.Pushpa opens the door. It’s Agastya.Pushpa says why are you here? You don’t care about your mom. Go from here. Agastya takes out food and Niya. Pushpa is shocked.

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