Gangaa March 2019 Spoilers and Highlights


Here are the Gangaa March 2019 spoilers, highlights and updates to keep your anticipation in high peak…

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Gangaa March 2019 Spoilers… 

By now Sagar is already married to Jhanvi after he erroneously thinks that Gangaa betrayed and toiled with his heart. His marriage to Jhanvi is however in shambles as he doesn’t love her at all but Gangaa cannot and will not accept him back because he is now a married man.

Gangaa goes on to live with Pulkit after a family conflict separated the family. She also becomes an intern with Palash. Sagar is not so happy with that development but along the line he accepts Palash and even encourages him to marry Gangaa

Palash too will find himself in love with Gangaa. Nott only that, his mother will have no issues with wanting to make Gangaa her daughter in law.

Gangaa who is however still in love with sagar will not accept his love or marriage proposal.

The Chautervdi house will also experience a great turmoil after Jhanvi’s death.

Jhanvi will lose her life come March on Gangaa. The drug that Yash introduced to her to as a means of escaping the frustration of a loveless marriage will be the death of her.

Yash will overdose her with the drug as an attempt to keep her addicted but it ends up killing her and he is scared. He makes her death look like a suicide.

Through the help of his mother, he is able to successfully pin jhanvi’s death on Sagar through a suicide note. The police then arrest all the members of the Chaturvedi family as suspect in Jhanvi’s death.

A series of court seasion begins in other to ascertain the real cause of jhanvi’s death, find out her killer and absolve the chatuervedi from the crime. Amma ji begs Gangaa to help save her grandson from the accusation, this she does wholeheatedly.

Mehri, the chateurvedi housekeeper  becomes the sole witness that could save Sagar from being convicted of murder.

However Palash who had started off wanting to help Sagar win the court case turns into a villain and starts jeopardizing the case and witness. He will even go as far as threatening Sagar’s life. All this he does in jealousy of Gangaa and Sagar’s love.

These conflict will only help to bring Gangaa and Sagar even more closer once again. Sagar is acquitted of the crime, Yash sent to prison and Palash jailed for 2 years.

The Chautervdi will also know the true colour of their dead daughter-in-law after Prahba informs them that Jhanvi had paid Yash to make those MMS video of Gangaa.

Gangaa’s life will once again be at stake after Amma ji in cahoots with a priest called Baba kidnap Gangaa in other to offer a sacrifice for the happiness of Sagar, they will not succeed however as Sagar is able to save her on time…

Ratan, Yash’s father will go missing and be considered dead. Prahba now a widow lives in the chateurvedi house. She will however cause a big separation between gangaa and Sagar…

All these and more will take place March 2019 on Zee World series Gangaa.

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