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Gangaa written update Wednesday 3rd April 2019

  Ganga is busy preparing for zoya’s case, with her, when raahat comes and asks her to have food, since she hasnt eaten anything. she then calls zoya too. ganga complies. just then, she...


Gangaa written update Monday 1st April 2019

  Location: Ganga’s residence Back home, raahat is increadibly tensed as zoya hasnt come home. When ganga and dolly arrive, raahat is sorry for supriya, and asks her to rest. dolly asks about zoya,...


Gangaa written update Sunday 31st March 2019

  Raahat distracts ganga from her questions regarding her husband, and shows her picture. but even when she sees the picture, ganga has questions about raahat’s husband, and she keeps getting tensed. While raahat...


Gangaa written update Friday 29th March 2019

  Prabha’s and maharaj’s fight resonates in the entire house. Prabha hollers for madhvi to come out. supriya and sagar come down too. prabha is insulted and screams at the way, even servants are...


Gangaa written update Thursday 28th March 2019

  Sagar is apalled and distraught, in his room, still haunted by his memories with ganga, right from their childhood. outside, his father lashes at everyone, saying that there shall be no furthermore mention...


Gangaa written update Wednesday 27th March 2019

  The rituals continue, while ganga starts getting dizzy yet again. sagar asks if she is fine. she complied. then its time for kanyadaan. the priest says that if there isnt any father, then...