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When Preeta has left, Rishab tells Karan that sometimes we aren’t able to express our love to our loved ones because of the circumstances. Karan says he always hear what his heart says; being thoughtful is only Rishab’s department.

Sherlin comes to Prithvi worried about Janki. Prithvi says he could sense from her stare that she will cause some trouble. Sherlin tells him to calm down, they are actually guilty and are afraid. Prithvi tells Sherlin that she has seen them together twice today, and being near to fire she must have stressed her mind. Sherlin says she never wanted Janki aunty to get in such a bad condition. Kareena comes to ask Sherlin why she is taking so much tension about a servant. Prithvi tells Kareena that even for him Janki is like a family member.

Kareena says if it’s really so he must go and take care of her inside, why speaking to Sherlin out here. When Prithvi has left, Kareena suggests Sherlin to go and pretend taking care of Janki inside. Rakhi would like it.

The family was concerned about Janki. The doctor says he needs to conduct a few test to know about her reason. She is already conscious. Everyone was relieved while the doctor leaves. Rishab turns to see Prithvi and Sherlin walk into the hall together, he wonders what they are doing together out there. Kareena appears from behind relieving Rishab.

Everyone comes to meet Janki in the room. Janki wasn’t able to reply to any of their concerns, Shrishti asks them to let her reply first. Janki joins hands in thankfulness. Karan asks if Janki was unconscious after watching the fire. Janki says she had seen them both together, they were behind the fire and points her finger towards Sherlin and Prithvi.

Janki points towards Rishab and Sherlin blaming they were both together. Shrishti asks Janki if Prithvi was also with Sherlin behind the fire. Janki says yes, they were behind the Lori fire. She felt dizzy and began to recall something; but it’s still unclear. Bee ji says it wasn’t of any use. Sarla apologizes them as their function was ruined because of Janki. Dadi was sure that Janki’s memories would soon recollect.

Karan goes to drop them but Kareena sends Sameer instead. She takes Karan to her room, as she feels unwell. Karan turns to look at Preeta and was about to bang his head at the wall. Kareena asks where he was lost.

Sameer brings Janki and Aroras home. Bee ji wasn’t ready to go and sleep, but Sarla angrily says there is time for everything in her age. Sarla thanks Sameer
for all the pain. Sameer says it wasn’t inconvenient. Janki says she could notice how he stared Shrishti all along the way. Sarla forbids Janki to joke at such a time. Shrishti goes out to Sameer.

He asks what it was about. Shrishti says she forgot what she came out for? Sameer makes fun of her while Shrishti curses herself. Sameer laughs at her. Shrishti complements he looks cute while laughing. Sameer blushes and was serious at once.
Preeta notices Sameer’s phone was ringing on the table. She doesn’t attend Karan’s call but was annoyed as he cut it soon.

Shrishti was sure Sameer would make fun of him. He promises not to. She tells Sameer he is very nice. Sameer laughs out of disbelief. Shrishti was annoyed at him; they laugh with each other. Preeta watches them together and thinks she would be the happiest if their marriage is fixed. Sameer is a very nice guy and will take care of Shrishti. Preeta brings Sameer’s phone outside. Sameer says Karan would kill him if he doesn’t pick up his call and hurries home.

Preeta watches Shrishti and tells her to bend; she places her hand over Shrishti’s head and prays for her. Shrishti was shocked at the emotional attempt, and asks what did she pray for her? They come inside. Preeta doesn’t tell Shrishti what she prayed for, but wish it comes true.

Karan was irritated that his call wasn’t answered. He asks Mahesh what he is doing in his bed. Mahesh asks if it would suit him to sleep in the hall. Karan asks what he did that Rakhi sent him out of the room. Mahesh explains to the children… Rakhi comes there and asks if Mahesh teased her? Rakhi complains that he emptied the lunch box filled with Laddu. He says tomorrow Mahesh would work out for four hours. Rakhi agrees at five hours of work out.

Mahesh was annoyed and says whatever he did was right and goes to sleep in the room. Rishab was sad that Mahesh had eaten their share of Laddu as well.

Preeta tells Shrishti not to wake her up at night, she is unwell today. Shrishti teases that not even if there is a hurricane or cyclone? Preeta turns the lights off, both lay to sleep.

Sherlin comes to Prithvi’s house. She says she couldn’t have slept in her own house, else would have nightmares of Janki. She says a maid is overpowering them today, she has turned dangerous for them. Prithvi tells her to relax; they have been blessed that their luck was their side. They can plan something to finish Janki up. He asks Shrishti about their wedding date?

Sherlin says Luthra’s would get the date from a Pandit. Prithvi says he can send a good Pandit at Luthra’s. Prithvi’s mom comes in.

Arora’s were fast asleep at night. A photo frame of Preeta and Shrishti with family fell down. Janki dreams about her memory flashback and wakes up sweating.
Prithvi covers Sherlin up with a nearby lying piece of shawl. His mother places the bag over Sherlin. Prithvi picks it up and complements it to be nice. Prithvi’s mother sits over Sherlin and steps her heel over her hand. Sherlin holds her scream.

Prithvi holds his mother up and tells her to go to the room upstairs and rest there; as he plans to watch movie tonight. After she had gone away Prithvi stuffs Sherlin’s mouth and takes her inside.

Janki breathes heavily in bed, wanting to have a glass of water. She gets a flashback of being hit at the back of her head.
Karan sat in his bed and watched Preeta’s photo saying she is simple beyond level. He thinks this is Preeta’s simplicity that makes her different from others. He thinks about calling her, then rejects the idea. He thinks Janki knows something about Prithvi for sure. He is sure there is something wrong about Prithvi. He wish Janki’s memory had recalled.

Janki fell on the floor in the kitchen and gets her memory back. She says Prithvi and Sherlin are betraying Preeta and Rishab. Janki accuses Prithvi and Sherlin and as they attempt to resist the Luthra and Arora’s beat them both badly. Sherlin wakes up from nightmare; Prithvi asks why she is afraid. Sherlin was fearful and shares her dream with Prithvi. Prithvi was irritated that she is crazy and must stop this nonsense.

Janki thinks Preeta is unaware of Prithvi’s reality, she must now unveil the real face of Prithvi and Sherlin before they ruin her life. She leaves home right away.
Karan decides to speak to Janki about Prithvi. He wears a good combination of dress else Preeta would joke about him in the shorts; then decides to leave in whatever he was wearing.

Janki walks into Preeta’s room and tries to wake her up. Preeta doesn’t get up. Janki thinks that Preeta and Shrishti are like her own girls, she won’t spare Prithvi and Sherlin to ruin their lives. She will teach Prithvi a lesson by himself.

Karan goes to kitchen to look for something to eat. Rishab was looking into the cabinets and says he couldn’t find Laddu in the whole kitchen. Karan brings about an apple, Rishab cuts it for him. Karan asks about Prithvi, Rishab says he is a nice guy. Karan thinks Rishab is only saying this because of him, else he has no information. As Karan turns to go outside making up for a walk Rishab accompanies him.

Sherlin was unable to sleep and feared what if Janki’s memory recalls. She was afraid of being disgraced by Preeta and Shrishti. Janki reaches Prithvi’s house and knocks at the door, and rings door bell. Sherlin hears Janki’s call and tries to wake Prithvi up in bed but he doesn’t move. Janki was calling from outside that his time has now ended. Sherlin decides that her nightmare cannot be true and goes to check at the door.

Before she could reach the main door Janki had decided to leave for Sherlin’s house as Prithvi must not be home. At the main door, Sherlin curses herself for assuming things that never happened. She was about to shut the door when Janki pushes it.

He asks Sherlin why is she awestruck. Sherlin murmurs that it must be a nightmare. Janki says this is the reality, and they must be afraid as she now knows what they had done to her. Janki holds a vase and asks if she would continue her drama even if she hits her with the vase like Sherlin did? Sherlin thinks she has a memory recall. Janki says she is well aware they can take lives to hide their devilish acts; but she is alive only to unveil their true faces.

She asks Sherlin to go to her lover. Sherlin attempts to snatch the vase but Janki was alert and defends herself well, warning Sherlin not to act cunning this time.


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