Force of Attraction update Tuesday 11 June 2024

Force of attraction 11 June 2024: Shakti is in the market and some goons snatch away her dupatta. Shiv comes there and catches her before she is about to fall down, all look on there. Keertan is angry seeing that. Shakti stares at Shiv and recalls him pushing her away but also helping her, Sun saathiya plays as they keep looking at each other.

Shakti stands up, Shiv says sorry for pushing you away that day, I have a problem. Shakti starts crying and tries to cover herself. The people taunt her that she lost her dupatta so she lost her honor. Shiv says how that makes sense? you people are obssessed with dupatta, what about guy’s honor? a girl’s honor is not that small but you people have narrow thinking, the honor is not related to the dupatta but to this.

He goes to his car and brings his lab coat and says the honor is earned like we earn this coat after working hard. He tells Shakti that you have already earned honor in my eyes by saving that kid’s life and you will earn this coat soon, nothing was your fault so don’t be embarrassed, he makes her wear the coat while all look on, Shiv smiles at her. He tells her that whoever tries to dishonor her should shut up. Keertan is angry and thinks to punish them. Shakti tells Shiv that her chacha is in danger, she needs to go. Shiv holds her hand and stops her. He says I have some questions. First one is how did you get locked in the store room? and do you doubt someone to publish our news? Shakti says I did a mistake by crossing a line, I should be punished but why is my family getting punished? she tells him everything and says its better if we don’t cross paths anymore. Shiv says why? we aren’t wrong, you helped a kid when I should have but you showed me the right path.

Shakti says you are very nice but sometimes I can’t understand you. I am a strong woman but I can’t see my family suffering because of me, you shouldn’t be seen with me. Shiv says okay, he puts his number in her phone and says you can call me anytime you need. He starts leaving from there. Shakti goes from there too. Keertan sits in his car and says I can break him easily. He calls his goons and tells them to targete Shakti. The goons go to Shakti and try to harrass her, they surround her and don’t let her leave. Shakti asys please let me go. They taunt her to give them a chance, they can make her their doctor. Shakti tries to compose herself but the goons keep blocking her. Shakti asks for help but no one helps her. Keertan smirks seeing all that.

Shiv is in the hospital and calls the nurse who was outside the room where Shakti was locked. He says you looked stressed that day, are you hiding something? she says nothing. He asks who locked Shakti in that room? The nurse says I don’t know, Shiv says Shakti was screaming from inside so why didn’t you help her? this is my hospital and I won’t let anything wrong happen here. He asks her to tell the truth otherwise she will lose her job and he will call the police.

Rimjhim and others tell Chacha to trust lord, everything will be okay. Chacha says I am worried about Shakti. Rimjhim tells Manorama that I am worried about Shakti, I don’t know what’s happening with her.

The goons are harrassing Shakti, Keertan says she needs to bear this for playing with my feelings. The goon asks if she wants to hug him? Shakti slaps him hard and asks him to shut up. She tries to leave but the goon grabs her and phone falls down, the call goes to Shiv. He picks the call and hears her screaming, she is screaming for help. Shiv rushes to help her.

Shiv gets Shakti’s call and hears her crying for help so he runs from the hospital. Otherside the goons are grabbing shakti and tells her that she should be punished for her crimes. A goon says we should throw her in the tank to cool her down. Keertan sees all that and smirks.

Dharam tells Manorama that he will go and look for shakti. Manorama says no, I can’t let you get beaten up again, I don’t have many kids. Rimjhim and Dharam say that Shakti is their family too. Manorama says I said my family won’t go but I will go to look for her. Shakti might not have been a good daughter but I will be her mother. I used to protect her before this Dharam was a grown up, I will bring her back, she leaves the house.

The goons throw Shakti in the tank and start drowning her. Keertan smirks and says Shakti wants to fight the world alone but I will save her from these goons and show her that I am her hero. I needed to give her this shock so she can come out of Shiv’s magic. Shakti is drowning and recalls how she drowned in childhood too. Keertan says its time for hero’s entry but Shiv arrives there and is shocked to see the goons drowning Shakti. Keertan is angry seeing him and says he should be punished too, he calls the goon and asks him to beat up Shiv if he tries to save her. Shiv sees Shakti drowning and starts getting flashbacks of his accident. Shakti sees him and screams to help her but a goon hits Shiv on the head and he falls down. Shakti screams for Shiv while he is fainting. Keertan thinks this is payback for trying to snatch my girl.

Ragunath tells Dadi that there is a difference between old and new Shiv, we have to stop him from running the hospital. He glares at Gayatri and says she and her son are like this, they are out to destroy this family. We have to take the hospital from Shiv otherwise we will lose our honor. Dadi says then what? we got this honor and this wealth because of Shiv, he built that hospital with his hardwork. You can say anything to Gayatri if you want but injustice happened with Shiv and I won’t let anyone take the hospital from Shiv and nobody would question his decisions. Gayatri thinks she is ready to get beaten but she doesn’t want Shiv to bear anything. mandira and Padma hear them. Padma says Dadi doesn’t agree with you. Mandira says soon Dadi will be begging me to take over the hospital responsibilities.

Scene 2Shakti shouts for Shiv to get up but he is getting dizzy. A goon tries to go to Shakti but Shiv grabs his foot and pushes him away. He gets up and says my name is Shiv and I have to live up to my name, I can’t let them harrass a girl. He starts beating the goons while Shakti looks on. Shiv says no power can stop me from doing good or bad. He sees some goons grabbing Shakti and beats them up. He goes to her and pulls her out of the tank. He asks if she is okay? she asks if he is okay? He says yes and these goons might need my treatment now. A goon comes behind him and is about to hit him but he grabs him and pushes him away.

He beats up the goons. Shakti says I thought he was like Bholenath and very calm but today he is like Mahadev and fighting to protect me. Keertan is shocked seeing Shiv beating up the goons. The goon goes to him and says this guy is beating up my goons, do something and save us. Keertan says I can’t do much. The goon says I know you are mandira’s son, he takes his photo and says I will tell him that you gave us money to do all this. Keertan stops him and says if you want more money then I will give it to you. The goon says you have to stop Shiv from beating my goons. Keertan looks on.

Mandira calls Mr. Mehta and tells Padma that Shiv’s reign will end tomorrow. Padma says you shouldn’t be so confident, I feel like there is going to be storm coming around Keertan. Keertan calls Mandira and says I made a plan to send goons to harass Shakti and then I would save her like a hero but Shiv came here and is beating goons, the goon is threatening to expose me now. Mandira says you did all this for that girl? stay there and I am coming to do something. She ends the call. Padma says I knew it. Mandira asks her to shut up otherwise she will. She calls the minister and says I know you are angry at me but you should throw your anger out on Shiv as he is your real enemy, I tried my best to give the admission to your daughter but Shiv destroyed our plans so you know what you have to do.

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