Force of Attraction update Thursday 13 June 2024

Force of attraction 13 June 2024: At the police station, the lawyer tells Ragunath that he couldn’t get bail for Shiv, all are shocked.The groom asks Shakti if she is happy that he said no.. this shouldn’t have happened with you, people must be taunting you because of that doctor, he tarnished your honor badly. Shakti recalls Shiv’s words and says no girl’s honor is that weak that it can be tarnished with ease, Shiv told me that so don’t try to blame him.

He says if you need any help then let me know. Shakti says I don’t need anyone’s help, I am a strong woman. The groom says that doctor did bad with you. Shakti says Shiv made my dream come true, he didn’t do anything wrong. Thank you for saying no to the marriage. The groom extends his hand but Shakti doesn’t

shake it. Manorama hides and spies on them. Shakti leaves from there while the groom eyes her. He tells his brother that he wants Shakti and not Rimjhim. He keeps dreaming about Shakti.

Manorama comes to Shakti and says you asked that guy to say no to the marriage right? Rimjhim looks on. Chacha asks if that’s true? Shakti says yes. Chacha shouts why did you do that? Manorama says you fight with me because of this Shakti, you keep saying that she will be our strength in old age but she just keeps bringing trouble in the house, you did this with Rimjhim because she is your step sister right?

I saw how you kept luring that guy, he kept holding your hand but I kept having faith in you but you destroyed everything. Chacha shouts why did she do it? Shakti says Rimjhim.. she looks at her sadly as she shakes her head. Shakti says I didn’t find the guy nice for Rimjhim. Manorama says who are you to decide who is nice or not for Rimjhim? I know how to read people. I just did a mistake by loving you as a mother. When another groom liked you more than Rimjhim then I thought its not your fault but this time I caught you red handed. Shakti cries and says its not like that. Manorama says you were thanking the guy for saying no to the marriage. I should have thrown you out of the house but I have a soft heart. She says I know how to teach you a lesson, she takes a broom and is going to Shakti but Chacha says you are going to beat your Shakti? Manorama asks him to move away and instead of Shakti, she starts beating Rimjhim. All are shocked and Shakti cries seeing that. Dharam asks why is she beating her? Manorama tells Rimjhim that you must have told Shakti to say no to the guy right? I know you both, I knew when you said to meet the guy. She asks Shakti to not fool her, I know you must have talked to the groom because Rimjhim asked you to. She says you both are grounded, you both are not going to leave house from now on. She tells Rimjhim that she is not going to use social media and tells Shakti that her medical dream is burned, I am tired of your dream. We are in this situation because of you. Shakti says I will do as you say but please take me to the police station, I want to give a statement that Dr. Shiv is innocent. Manorama says who is Dr. Shiv? don’t you know what people are talking about? they are taunting me as your mother. She drags Shakti and Rimjhim to the room and locks them up. Chacha says what are you doing? She says I am going to convince the groom to marry Rimjhim. Shakti is worried about Shiv and says he saved me but I can’t do anything about him, what if he is in the jail? he was just trying to help me. She calls him but he is not picking up. She thinks about Nandu.

Mandira asks the lawyer why he didn’t get the bail? the lawyer says there is a lot of pressure about this case so it will go to court now. Shiv says this is wrong. The lawyer asks whose pressure is it? Mandira asks the inspector who is pressurizing him to keep Shiv in the lock up? He says its Minister Pandey. Mandira says I knew it, he threatened me because he couldn’t get the scholarship for his daughter, she tells Shiv that I told you to not do this, I was worried about you. The inspector says we can’t leave him. Ragunath angrily leaves. Mandira goes with them. Nandu tells Shiv that we will find a solution. Shiv says I know papa won’t let anything happen with me. I am just worried about Shakti.

Mandira is trying to convince the inspector to leave Shiv but he says its minister’s orders. Shakti calls Nandu and asks about Shiv. He says he is not fine, they have locked him up and are not bailing him out. Shakti says what? he didn’t do anything wrong. Nandu says he went against the minister to get you that scholarship, it was the minister’s daughter that he denied the scholarship and gave you that scholarship, don’t call or come near Shiv again, you are responsible for all this. Shakti is hurt hearing that.

Shakti calls Nandu and asks about Shiv but he says Shiv is locked up and he is not getting the bail. Shakti asks why? He says Shiv went against the minister to support you, the minister’s daughter wanted the scholarship but he denied her to give you that, now he is taking revenge from him only because of you. Don’t call Shiv ever again or be near him, he ends the call. Shakti says he is right but I will earn the right to reach out to Shiv, he needs me but how can I reach him? She sees his lab coat and looks at his name, she recalls him giving it to her and saying that she earned that respect in his eyes, how he protected her. She cries hugging his coat. Otherside Shiv feels someone calling out to him too. Shakti says this all happened because of me. She cries for him.

Otherside Shiv says this is all my fault, I am sorry Shakti. Shakti says he fought so much for me, he fought with so many people and I kept fighting with me. I remember him saying that the doctor’s priority is his patient, I won’t be silent anymore.

Mandira asks the lawyer to do anything but bring Shiv out of the cell. He says I can’t do anything. Mandira says Shiv saved a girl then why is he being punished? This is not a justice. She smirks and thinks he challenged me so he has to pay the price. The lawyer says there is a way to save Shiv. She asks how? He says if the girl comes here and says that Shiv didn’t do anything wrong and saved her then he will be brought out. Mandira thinks Shakti can’t come here to destroy my plan. Shiv says we can’t call Shakti here, she must be in trouble already. Ragunath asks him to shut up, he fought with goons for her and now wants to stay in the jail for her? I will go and bring that girl here. Mandira stops him and says you can’t go to that girl. He says we can’t let Shiv stay here because of his mental state. Mandira says I know that but I don’t want the media to see you go there, I have always done my duties so I will go there and bring her. She goes from there. Nandu goes to her and says he bring Shakti there but she scolds him and says you can’t even take care of Shiv so stay here and I will go to bring Shakti here. He leaves. Nandu calls Shakti and says Shiv can come out of the jail because of you only. If you can come here and tell them that he saved you from these goons then he will be out of the jail, its all upto you. Shiv doesn’t think about himself before saving others, that person should be behind bars, you can stop this injustice. Shakti says I have to leave.

Mandira calls Koyal and Keertan. She says that girl can’t come to the police station at any cost, you both have this responsibility. Koyal says just trust us. Keertan says I want Shiv to be jailed for the long time. Mandira says you have already disappointed me so don’t do it again. Koyal says don’t worry, I will make sure she doesn’t come here. Mandira says I am sure Nandu will ask Shakti to come here but you have to stop her. She ends the call and says shiv has to be in the jail to pay for saying he has bigger position than me.

Shakti tells Rimjhim that she has to go to the police station but Rimjhim says Manorama won’t spare us if she finds out. Manorama brings food there and says I am still a mother, she asks them to eat and starts to leave but Shakti stops her. She says you remember you always told me to be with friends who helped me in need. Shiv needs me today, he saved me from the goons but he is jailed for no reason, please let me go and save him. Manorama says you are not a small girl and people will taunt if you go to the police station. Shiv’s family has power to bring him out so you are not leaving the house at any cost. She leaves from there. Shakti says how will she save Shiv now?

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