The Evil Eye Starlife update Wednesday 12 June 2024

The evil eye 12 June 2024: Urvashi says I couldnt stop Vedsheree but I will burn papers of priest. She recalls how she had got one paper from his collection and says this will burn all papers.

Vedsheree comes home and tells that Nishant has papers now.Saanvi says to Nishant that why evil powers are back in Ansh and Adi’s lives? Nishant says we will find answers in these papers. He is about to read them but Urvashi eats her paper and burn it. Nishant’s papers burn too. He says evil powers dont want us to read them.

Ansh says to Adi that you dont have to be scared of anything, if you dont fear then it will fear will run away.Urvashi and Ansh’s engagement ceremony starts. Piya is in lift and says this is not a good idea, I should go back, she tries to stop the lift but it

doesnt. Urvashi makes Ansh wear the ring. Piya arrives at their house to see Ansh holding the ring and about to make her wear it. She gets emotional and goes in lift. Ansh feels her presence and goes to lift but its closed. He thinks why I feel that Piya was here? Vedsheree asks what happened? Ansh comes back and makes Urvashi wear the ring.

Naman and Guru Maa are locked in room. Dilruba says I am hungry. She breaks the door with her teeth. Guru Maa says you have to stop her. Naman gets an idea.Ansh says whats wrong with me? I should not think about Piya when she left us.

Piya comes to house and says how could I tell him that I didnt have powers, it was Pari’s powers, you didnt give me a chance to explain, if you had trusted me then our kids would be together. She cries.Adi comes to Ansh and says if you want to marry then I will be Urvashi’s friend, dont be sad. Ansh hugs him.Pari says to Piya that dont cry, I will not be naughty again.

Nishant says to Saanvi that we have to find out about evil powers. Piya comes there and asks if Adi is in danger? Nishant says dont worry, everything is fine. Piya says I went to Ansh’s house and saw his engagement. Nishant says I knew it, I am sorry for not telling earlier. Piya says its fine, Ansh is moving on and its fine, he has right to do it. I am just worried about Adi. Nishant says Adi is fine, dont worry.

Dilruba comes in room but Guru Maa throws imli at her. Naman takes out his archery kit and says I will need to use it. Dilruba says I wont spare you. Naman grabs her with his rope and asks her to calm down, he says your memory is weak. He shows her their wedding photos and says now you remember? Dilruba says you will free me now? You are not my husband.

ChaiVed were seeing some designs when Bhasmu joined them and frightened Adi. Ved was surprised seeing Adi’s state and a bit hurt when Bhasmu said sometimes kids without mothers behave in such way, she’ll handle him.

Bhasmu met Mo and a FB was shown. Ved in fact put some sense into Ansh’s head and he was ready to bring Piya back. But Mo sent him divorce papers and VedAnsh were shocked to say the least. Mo did the same to Piya and Nishant-Piya were shaken too. Both Ved and Nishant tried their best to convince PiyAnsh that one piece of paper can’t end anything. But Piya declined as it didn’t matter if the whole family supported her or not when Ansh himself didn’t want to stay with her.

Nishant asked her about Adi and she left him voluntarily as she didn’t want Kalishaktis to follow him. Later Ved came to meet Nishant but Nishant sunaofied her and told her that had she controlled Ansh instead of trying to manaofy Piya, things wouldn’t have been turned this messy.

In the present, Mo was mocking humans that when a misunderstanding is created, instead of clearing it they tend to blow it out of proportion. She couldn’t separate DV/Daivik but one misunderstanding broke them apart. She also cautioned Bhasmu about Adi as he is a hybrid and underestimating him would bring her downfall.

Bhasmu tried to persuade Ansh to send Adi to boarding school but he declined.There was a brief scene of Pari using her power without realizing.PiyAnsh came to drop the kids at school. Piya saw Ansh and realized Adi must be studying in that school and ran to see him. She saw him and got emotional thinking the siblings were in the same school.

Bhasmu made an entry and hypnotized Adi’s friend to beat him.

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