Every Girl’s Dream update Saturday 25 March 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 25 March 2023: Krisha sits in the water tub and recalls Vamika getting engaged to Dev. Subhakar is trying to call her but she left her phone on the bed. He sends a voicenote to her that Vamika is Jaya’s daughter so call him. Some goons attack him and he calls Jaya that this PI was trying to get the news about Vamika and messaged someone but we broke his phone. Jaya says find out who he was trying to contact.Krisha finds Subhakar’s missed calls and calls him back but he doesn’t pick up.In the morning, all sit down together. Vamika comes there and says I am totally fine so don’t worry.

Dev says I won’t spare the person who tried to attack Vamika. Ugra says she shouldn’t have gone out of the house. Krisha says Vamika should get her check up done.Vamika says I am fine. Dev tells Vamika that it’s about your baby so you should be careful. Vamika serves food to Dev. Krisha thinks Vamika doesn’t act like a pregnant woman.Kach tells Jaya that I am sure Ugra and Raghav were behind Vamika’s attack. Jaya says why would they do it? I don’t think so, I will get more security for Vamika. She thinks if Raghav is behind the attack then I won’t spare him.

The party is going on, Vamika tries to dance with Dev. She dances with him and he imagines Krisha with him. All clap for them, Dev tries to leave but Vamika stops him and says we should have another dance. Vamika dances around him, Krisha is angry seeing that. iKrisha talks to Rati and says Subhakar is not picking up my call, she says I am sure Vamika is not pregnant so I have to bring her real face out.In the morning, haldi ceremony is going on. Jaya makes Dev sit down there. Krisha thinks Vamika is playing a game with him so I have to bring the truth out. Krisha brings a friend Ambika there and says I have to do all rituals of my ex-husband.

She applies haldi on Dev. Vamika comes there and says you should have joined from my side. Krisha says don’t worry, I will join your side too. The music starts, Vamika starts dancing. Krisha tells Rati that this friend Ambika is a doctor. Ambika says Vamika is not pregnant, she is careless. Krisha says how to prove it? Ambika gives a pill to Krisha and says Vamika will sleep then we will take her blood sample. Krisha goes to Vamika but slips so Dev holds her and haldi falls over them. The priest says this haldi was for the groom and bride only.

The haldi falls on Krisha and Dev. The priest says that this is not a good omen for the bride. Krisha says this is God’s way of showing that whatever is happening is wrong, she leaves from there. Dev looks on. The priest says we will start the ceremony again. Jaya makes Vamika sit down.Vamika tells Jaya that I don’t care about marrying Dev, I just want to my revenge. Jaya says I have lost my family so I can’t let you get hurt, Vamika nods and leaves. Jaya’s goon calls her and says we found the goons who attacked Vamika. Jaya says beat him so much that he can’t walk again.The goons beat up the attacker of Vamika.Vamika sits with Dev in the haldi and asks him to apply haldi to her.

Dev sadly looks at Krisha and imagines her with him. He smiles and applies haldi to her. Vamika kisses his hand while he imagines Krisha there. Krisha angrily leaves from there.Vamika and Dev are having a photo shoot. Krisha puts the medicine in Vamika’s drink and asks Rati to make Vamika drink it. Rati brings the juice for Vamika but she doesn’t take it. Rati tells Krisha that we have to find another way. Krisha takes the juice and tells everyone that I want to toast to Dev and Vamika. She makes Dev drink the juice and is about to drink the remaining but Vamika drinks it saying that I own everything that Dev has.

Dev is choosing wedding clothes so Vamika helps him in selecting them. Krisha and Rati hide to check up on Vamika. Vamika faints on the bed. Jaya says she must be tired. Dev says I will take care of her. Jaya asks him to tuck her in. Dev does and they all leave the room. Dev is sitting outside Vamika’s room. He goes to sleep so Krisha, Rati and the doctor Amibka leave from there. They enter Vamika’s room. Ambika takes Vamika’s blood sample. Jaya is coming there so Rati asks them to be fast. She comes to Vamika’s room and finds Ambika there, Ambika says I got lost looking for Krisha and leaves there. Jaya thinks this is weird and leaves from there. Krisha and Rati were hiding in the cupboard and got locked in the room.

In the morning, Vamika wakes up and says I have a headache. Jaya takes her from there. Krisha and Rati try to leave the room but Dev comes there and asks what they are doing there? Krisha looks on.

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