Every Girl’s Dream update Sunday 26 March 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 26 March 2023: Krisha and Rati are trying to leave Vamika’s room but Dev comes there and asks what are you both doing here? Krisha says I had to get a bedsheet and leaves from there.Jaya asks Vamika if she is fine? Vamika says yes. Jaya says we can’t do any mistakes, did you eat anything? Vamika says I am fine, we are going to take our revenge very soon. Raghav comes there and he is injured as Jaya’s men beat him. Rati comes there and asks what happened? Raghav jerks away and says I had a small accident but I am fine. Rati thinks if Vamika was behind the attack? They all leave. Jaya tells Vamika that I broke Raghav’s bones and attitude both.

Krisha thinks I will get the test results and it will be proved that Vamika is not pregnant and is a liar. The doctor Ambika calls her and says the blood reports are not clear so we have to do her urine test or sonography. Krisha says we will get her sonography done so come here today. Ambika says okay and ends the all. Krisha says I have 12 hours to prove that Vamika is lying.Dev is trying to practice his wedding dance and says how will I dance with Vamika? Krisha comes there and Dev dances with her. He realizes that Krisha was his imagination. His alter ego tells him to not sacrifice his love for Vamika and his family.

Dev screams and says I love Krisha but I can’t be selfish. I have to think about my family first. I have to live without Krisha and that’s the truth. Dev looks at Krisha’s photo in his phone and locks it in the locker. Krisha comes there and says I will be part of your happiness. She finds their wedding photo in his wallet and asks him to put it in the locker too. She thinks I will end this pain for you soon. She leaves from there.Jaya calls Vamika and says Krisha called her doctor friend. She has figured out that you are not pregnant. Vamika says I should run away before Krisha can do my test.

Vamika is trying to leave the house but Krisha stops her and says let’s get your gift here. Rati calls everyone there. Dev asks what’s happening here? Krisha tells him that Vamika is lying about her pregnancy and I will bring the truth out now. Vamika asks Dev to speak up. Dev looks away. Ambika comes there and starts doing Vamika’s sonography. She says Vamika is pregnant. All are shocked. Krisha says what? Vamika tells Krisha to stop making stories. Dev asks Krisha to stop all this. You keep hating on Vamika so I don’t want to see your face in this house anymore. He throws Krisha out of the house and says I don’t want to see your face in this house.Vamika says Rati should get punished too.. She throws Rati out of the house too… it all turns out to be Rati’s dream. She wakes up and tells Krisha that if we are proven wrong then you will lose everything. Krisha says I have to take this risk for Dev but you shouldn’t take a risk for me as this is your house. I can’t let you take this risk. Rati says I am your sister so I will help you in unmasking the truth about Vamika. Krisha nods and says we are not far away from the truth now.Krisha prays to the Lord and says I have to bring Vamika’s truth out. Vamika comes there and says I won’t let her win at any cost.


She gives money to a servant and asks her to do her job. The servant comes to Krisha and says Dev wants to talk to you before the wedding function. Krisha thinks why did he call me like this? The servant brings Krisha to an underground room and says Dev will come here to talk to you. She leaves from there. Krisha tries to call Dev but there is no network. She tries to leave from there but Vamika comes there and catches her. Krisha says what are you doing? She screams for help but Vamika locks her in a room. Vamika tells Krisha that you will stay here till I get married to Dev. Krisha screams for help but no one can hear her.

Dev is looking around for Krisha. Jaya says you should worry about Vamika instead of Krisha now. She says you have to do changes in your life so you can accept Vamika easily. And you know Krisha can be up to anything so she might not be around. Dev nods and leaves. Jaya thinks don’t know when their love story will end.
Krisha is trying to leave the room and says I have to go out before the marriage happens. She tries her phone but it’s not working.Rati and the doctor Ambika are looking around for Krisha in the house. Rati says she is not even picking up.

Krisha says to herself that I have to leave at any cost. She tried to break the door but can’t.In the house, the sangeet ceremony starts. Raghav tells Ugra that Vamika is dangerous, if she gets married to Dev then she will throw us our of the house.Vamika dances with Dev in the sangeet ceremony. All clap for them. Minakshi is sadly sitting there and says I miss my son. This could have been for him. Dev says the next performance was of Krisha so where is? Vamika says she might have left. Dev thinks I can feel Krisha is around. Krisha comes there and says this is a special occasion for my Dev so I have do dance. Vamika thinks how did she come out of the room? The flashback shows how Krisha found a went in the room and broke it to jump out. The flashback ends. Krisha whispers to Vamika that you can try anything you want but God is with me.

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