Every Girl’s Dream update Friday 24 March 2023


Every Girl’s dream 24 March 2023: Krisha prays to God to show her a way. She starts doing pooja, all family members come there. Krisha’s saree catches fire, Dev saves her and the wedding card burns in the fire. Minakshi says this is a bad omen. Krisha smiles and thinks God has shown the way to me.Subhakar is searching for Vamika’s aunt, the priest shows a woman Savitri to him.Vamika cries and says my wedding card got burned. This is not right. Jaaya says nothing big happened, don’t worry. Dev thinks if God is giving a hint that I am doing something wrong?

Savitri tells Subhakar that I used to work in the palace and Vamika was adopted from a village. Subhakar thinks she is not a royal princess, I will find who she actually is.
Krisha tells Rati that God showed me that I am on the right path, Dev and I are one.
Jaya brings another card. Dev and Vamika put in the mandir for blessings. Dev thinks why do I feel like I am doing something wrong, please show me the right path. A flower falls in front of him. Dev looks on.

Rati tells Krisha that I heard Raghav telling Ugra that they will kidnap Vamika. Krisha says we can’t let them succeed as then it will be a big problem. We can’t out Vamika in trouble because she is pregnant, I want to expose her but I can’t let her get hurt. Krisha asks Rati to keep an eye on Vamika.Subhakar comes to Vamika’s village and shows her photo to people. All people avoid answering him. He says there is something going on. He messages Krisha that Vamika was adopted. The message doesn’t go through. He says I will send it the letter. A goon follows him.

Dev sits alone in his room and says I wish I could do something. I am doing such wrong things with Krisha. I hope she can forgive me. Krisha comes there and says we have to fulfill what we decided, you are doing your duty and I will do my duty. She makes him get ready as a groom for the engagement. She makes him wear a turban, he says I am sorry. Kach comes there and says it’s time. Krisha leaves. Kach thinks once Dev marries Vamika then I will kill him to get all this power based on Vamika’s baby.The engagement ceremony starts, Krisha asks Rati to keep an eye on Ugra and Raghav. Dev comes there and stands with Vamika.

Krisha sadly looks at him. Vamika is about to exchange the rings but Dev is still wearing Krisha’s ring. Vamika says you have to take it off, she tries it but it’s stuck. Krisha brings soap and stops Vamika. She says I will take it off as this ring doesn’t make sense if there is no relationship. She washes Dev’s hand and takes off the ring.Krisha takes off her engagement ring from Dev’s finger, he holds her hand and says to her that our relationship might have ended but I have rights on our memories too. He takes the ring from her. Vamika is angry seeing them. Dev goes in the mandap and exchanges ring with Vamika. They get engaged. Krisha is hurt and goes from there. Raghav steals Dev’s phone by hugging him. He messages Vamika to meet him around 12 am alone as he wants to forget Krisha and move ahead with her.

Vamika th inks I want that too, I will go there.Subhakar meets an old man in the village and he tells him about Vamika. He says Vamika’s father used to work for the king but her mother Lakshmi was greedy and used to sell palace’s information to the enemies. The king got to know about it and was about to punish Lakshmi but she kidnapped the prince and would kill him if the king didn’t give her money. The king kidnapped Vamika and her siblings as he was not sure if Lakshmi would free his son (prince). Lakshi attacked him so Vamika’s father and siblings died. Lakshmi got the money but her family was destroyed. Subhakar asks if he has a photo of Lakshmi? The old man says my son look her photo but her goon beat him so much that he died in front of me.Since then this village people are scared to talk about Vamika and Lakshmi. I lost my son so I am not scared of anything.Rati tells Krisha that Raghav went away so he is up to something.


Scene 2
Vamika comes to the place that Dev sent her. She tries to call him but he is not picking up. She looks around for Dev but some goons gather around her. Raghav hides and gives the instructions to his goons to kidnap her for some days. He leaves. Vamika is scared and tells the goons to leave her alone. She calls Dev. the goons try to catch her but she runs away from there. Krisha and Rati are running to save her. The goons catch Vamika and she faints. They are about to put her in the van but Krisha attacks them. She beats them all and ask a man to help them to take her to hospital. She asks Krisha to go the palace and tell everything to Dev.

The old man tells Subhakar that I have to find Lakshmi’s photo so help me.Krisha brings Vamika to the hospital, she wakes up and asks who brought me here? Krisha says you fell down so we have to find if your baby is hurt. Vamika shouts at her to stop it, my baby is fine. She thinks thank God I stopped her otherwise she would know that I am not pregnant.Vamika comes back home, Dev asks what happened? Vamika says some goons attacked me but I am fine and my baby is too. She leaves from there. Dev goes behind her. Rati asks Krisha what happened? Krisha says I took her to the hospital but she panicked when I asked her to get the check up done.

The old man shows Jaya’s photo to Subhakar and says she is Vamika’s mother.
Jaya tells Vamika that I am your mother so I got scared. Vamika pushes her away and says no one should find out that you are mother, don’t show emotions in front of others. I will become Dev’s wife and that was our plan all along.Subhakar takes the photo and says I have to show this to Krisha. The old man asks him to be careful. Subhakar leaves from there but some goons follow him.Vamika tells Jaya that I had to take Krisha’s favor which makes me angry. Jaya says I will punish the person who tried to hurt you.

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