Divya Drishti update Sunday 11 February 2024

Divya Drishti 11 February 2024: Mahima says none of us needs to go in. Pisachin says my bichu you came back for this reason. She throws him in the fire. Pisachini says this is how you give sacrifice.

Pisachini gets in and gets tetwa ratan.. She says now you all sit here, I am going. Divya says I told you let me sacrifice my life. drishit says I couldn’t let you risk your life for this ratan. Mahima says lets go home. Rakshit says its late and they aren’t back. What is happening there.

Pisachini puts the ratan in the fire.

Divya drishti come in. They hear a noise. drishti says in heart I heard the same noise in the jungle they come in. Kaal is inside the house.

Mahima comes to Drishti’s room. She says you have to eat this for your fast. Rakshit says fasts are for husbands but you

dont’ consider me your husband. He says I am doing this fast for Mom’s happiness. You won’t understand how it feels to find someone you lost. He says for everyone you are fasting for me. Be careful. Don’t slip in the restroom. Drishti says go plan how will we get the ratans.

Rakshit says this time I will go with you. You will be bored without me.

Mahima decorates the whole house.

Kaal comes. He says you have two more levels and ratan left.

Everyone is ready for the festive. Everyone celebrates.

Pisachini looks outside the window. She hangs her ratan.

Chachi says where is shekhar.. SHe slips there are banana peels all over. Drishit says there is a snake.. Romi says it was some animal. Mahima says it was a tail. Rakshit says pisachini did something.

Rakshiit tells a plan to Drishti. Dtishti says I saw an animal. I don’t know what to do. My powers can’t control it. He says you a precious power. He shows her that all bananas are connected with a thread. He says when the animal picks it it would be trapped. They all come near the pool. A weird animal comes there. Everyone is scared.

Divya tries to hold it from her powers. It hits Cehtan. He throttles Rakshit. Everyone screams. Divua shoves him. It turns. Romi says what happened.. He says I went out.

The animal comes to Pisachin. Pischini says look what I have now.

Simran says I have been trying to call Shekhar his phone is off. Drishti says it was a devil monkey. Pisachini did it. Chetan comes and says I read about it in the book. It says any human can be done magic on and converted into any animal. Divya says was it one of us? Romi says how can it be one of us? Rakshit says she has powers of tatwa ratan. Drishit sees herself falling from a building. Rakshit says what.. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Everyone tries to look for the monkey. They see a door but it shuts down. Drishit says we will find something in Pisachin’s cave. the monkey hides. Drishti finds a clue to second ratan.

Divya is following Pisachini. She says bye bye you can’t follow me. She runs. Romi says she left. divya says you came late as always.

Divya says I will go after Pisachin. Drishit says no one will go I will go. They hear a noise. The monkey comes in. Divya stops it.

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