Divya Drishti Starlife update Monday 12 February 2024

Divya Drishti 12 February 2024: Pisachini comes to a building. Mataal asks her to give him ticket. He says read it.. two peopel can go in. She says I am alone. He says you can’t go inside. I can’t break the rule. Drishti and Rakshit come. She says we are two. We can go in. He says come in. Pisachini says it is mine. He stops Pisachini out.

The monkey comes in the house. Divya stops it. It hits Mahima. Divya shoves him. He catches Rashi. Chetan hits him. They put a sheet on him and tie him. Dviya throws him in a store and locks him.

Metaal says here is the first clue of the first ratan. Dristi says wha’s the mission? He disappears Rakshit. Drishti says rakshit… Where did he go? Where is my husband. He says you did this. He says there are three of them. Three rakshit’s appear.

Drishit says what is this. He says one is Rakshit, one is Mr. Shergill, onr is sir. One of them is your husband. Find him. Drishti is worried. He says if you touch the wrong one, you will lose this wateer that will lead you to ratan. Pisachini says wow you have three husbands now.

Everyone in the house hear a noise. Divya says it is from store. They come in and lights go off. They see Shekhar. He is fainting. Divya says you went out. He says I came back someone hit me on head and I don’t know what happened. When I opened my eyes I was in store. They tell him about the monkey. He says someone with black jacket hit me. Mahima says romi was wearing black jacket. Everyone says yes he has been missing all day too.

Drishit says rakshit please help me identify you. Only a minute is left. Drishti says I cant’ do this. Pisacini says yeah you lose. She steps back an falls from the building. The real rakshit runs to save her. He says what were you doing. what is something happened to her. she says I knew only you would save me rakshit hugs her. They take the water.

Romi comes downstairs. Everyone asks him where were you? Chetan says hit him. He was the one. Drishit and Raskhit come in. Romi says di are you okay. Divya says donn’t come near by di. Rakshit says how can you blame him. Mahima says we need a proof. Chetan says we don’t need any proof.

Divya comes witha drum and plays it. Rays what is this? Romi says stop it. It’s hurting me. Shekhar turns into a monkey. Everyone is shocked. Shekhar’s mom says what did you do to my son. Rkshit says he didn’t do this. Divya says so you are the monkey. I don’t believe this. He runs upstairs. Everyone is crying. Divya says he si the one.

Pisachini says I still have mayavi ratan. She tries uniting her ratna. She says where is my mayavi ratan. Divya says ow can he be.. Drishti says he isn’t in his control. Chachi says Pisachini did all this. Rakshit says we won’t let anything happen to him. He is under her magic. Simran says he isn’t in her room. Divya plays the drum. Shekhar comes downstairs. He tunrs into himself. Cahchi hugs him. Shekhar hugs Diya. He says please save me. I dont’ want to be the monkey. Rakshit says nothing would happen. He hugs Shekhar.

Divya is crying. She says I don’t know what to do. He told me he wanted me to trust him. I want to trust him but how. Drishti says he has changed. He is on our side. We will get him out of this.

Divya comes to shekhar. He says tie me. Divya says do you know who attacked you? He says I know you won’t trust me. She says I want to give this relationship another chance. He kisses her hnd. She says everything would get better. divya gives him drink. Drishti comes there. Rakshit says where is mom. Mahima screams. Pisachini is throttling Mahima.

Pisachini says see what I can do. Divya shoves her. they take mahima inside.

Divya asks Romi is shekhar? He says Shekhar is sleeping.

Drishti brings the water for shekhar and throws it on him.

Kaal comes to pisachin. She says please listen. He says if no maya no you. She says I would get my ratan back. Shekhar comes there. He says you thought I would dance on your actions. It is me. I have the ratna. She says if you give it to your love.. Shekahr says she wont’ ever know I am doing drama. I will help you in killing them.

Pisachini says we were always partners.

Shekhar takes the water from Drishti’s room. Pisacini says to kaal Shekhar gave me the mayavi ratan.

Shekhar has fainted. Chachi says you saved him. They hear the drum. Shekhar turns int mnkey again. Drishit says how is this possible? The water disappears.

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