Divya-Drishti update Saturday 6 January 2024

Drivya Drishti 6 January 2024: Drishti jumps and stabs Pisachini. Pisachini says how did you come? She says I tripped. Pisachini asys go back from where you came. She says who are you Drishti says who are you what do you want.

Zucchini says I have only got to do my thing with her. I want her life go from here. Drishti says she is my family member. I wont let you harm her. Pisachini says my locket.. Drishti picks it. Piscini says give it back to me. Divya gets her powers back. She hits Pisachini. Drishti takes her up. Piscahini says I wont leave you two. I will kill your sister too when I find her.

Everyone is released. Rakshit asks divya drishti what happened? Did you two fell in? Divya says yes. Bichu says everyone is normal outside. Pisachni says I have to find the other sister too. Rakshit asks Drishti what happened to tell me.

Mohhana says to Pisachini what did you do? You have told the whole family you are pisaachni. She says please help me. Mohana faints everyone. She says they wont remember anything. I wont help you anymore. Mohana leaves. Pisachini asks Shekhar to go and look if everyone forgot.
Drishti says what happened in the mela? Why can’t I recall it. Something big happened. Divya says why did I feel like I met someone and lost her. Who was holding my hand. Drishti says how do I tell you I am your sister. You hate me.

Scene 2
Shekhar asks Dviya why are tears in your hand? She says I can’t recall what happened in mela. There was something big. I don’t recall it. He says when you were drunk you said you loev me. She says it wasn’t that. I never said that. He says you did, its upto you if you believed.

Rakshit says to Drishti I dont’ recall anything in the mela. And you lost the bet. She says both of us don’t remember what happened. He says you have to do what I ask. She says what? Rakshit comes close to her. Rakshit gets a call and says I am coming. Drishti leaves.

Mahima says no one remembers anything. Was that thandai or something else. Everyone comes. Sunny says you should sit with bhai. Mahima says to Drishti I asked you for kundli. SHe says in heart I can’t let them know my identity. Drishti says I lost it. Mahima says tell me your birth date. She says I don’t remember. Mahima says you are not telling because it must not be very good. Dristi’s family comes. She says my daughter’s kundli is gold. She says you married and didn’t even tell us? Your family is well known. Roomi says we are Drishti’s family.

Lucky says my daughter.. I missed you so much. She says to Mahima you must be Mahima. Rakshit meets them. Ojaswai says we didn’t even know she will be part of our family. Drishti’s dad says she isn’t a bad girl. I am sure something might have happened. Lava says they must have her kundli. Drishti says chachi.. Lucky says she isn’t born by me. We found her on the way.

Roomi says what are you saying. She says how can we hide anything. Lucky says she was in really bad condition. We brought her hope and brought her up. Lava says so she has no identity. Divya says shut up mind your language. Mahima says don’t you remember anything? Your parents birth date anything? Rakshit says enough. She is my wife now. No one will ask her questions anymore.

Mahima says maybe she is the other sister. I will find out tonight.
Rakshit takes them to their room. Lucky says this is such a big room. Roomi says we wont stay here. Lucky says we will. We brought her up. Drishti says Rakshit you go, I will handle. She says thanks. Lucky opens the closet and says so big.

Roomi asks Drihsti is she your sister? She says I know. Mahima comes and says to Drishti come and make sweets. It is your first day in the kitchen. Drishti says I can cook. Lava and Dviya come to cook as well. Drishti makes a dish. Divya says that’s my favorite. Drishti says I know. Divya says your name is Drishti? She says yes. Divya and Drishti cook together. Dviya says in heart she can’t be my sister.

Pisachini says to Shekhar you didn’t kill your wife yet? you have to. Or everyone will know that secret. Pisachini stabs Shekhar.

Pisachini stabs Shekhar and says dont worry, I wont let you die. Scorpio is stunned.

Rakshit comes in kitchen and sees Drishti making pasta for him. He says anyone can bring pasta for me from restuarant, you can order from there, why are you crying? Drishti says its because of onion. Rakshit says you dont have to follow any rituals. She says I can manage this. Rakshit says I think you like doing all this, I am worried what you will make, you have lost challenge aleardy, he leaves. Divya says to Drishti that it can be seen how he looks at you, I mean he keeps staring at you, leave me alone, you have already created a storm in my life.

Lava brings food for everyone. All come there. Divya brings food there and says dont point at me again. Lava says she is just bringing food,

I made all this. Drishti brings rotis. All family members take selfie. Rakshit comes there and tries to wipe flour from Dristhi’s forehead, he cleans it. All smile at them. Shekhar comes there in blood. All run to him. Divya holds him and asks what happened? who did this? Pisachini comes there dressed in yellow dress. Dristhi calls doctor. Lava looks at witch and is confused. Pisachini recalls how scorpio said that she cant recognize you as I trapped her in my magic. All make Shekhar lie down on sofa. Ujaswani says what happened to my son? Pisachini says he was fighting with some robbers on road, they brought knife out and hit him but I saved him and brought him here. Mahima thanks her for saving him. She asks Ujaswani to tell them who I am? She says yes.. she is my cousin Preeto. They all take Shekhar from there. Divya cries, Drishti says it will be okay. Divya recalls her harsh words to Shekhar. Drishti thinks why I couldnt know about this incident before? Pisachini thinks that nobody can know what happens in my den, its protected by magic so future predictor couldnt tell it before.

Doctor checks Shekhar and says to Rakshit that he is fine now, I have given him pain killers. He leaves. Rakshit asks Shekhar why you fought with goons? Shekhar says I am sorry. Rakshi says tell sorry to mom. Shekhar says sorry about marriage.. Rakshit says dont talk about it, he goes to bring water. Shekhar says Pisachini have put me in this spot and I have to act like injured person. Divya comes there. Shekhar murmurs I dont deserve Divya, she is very nice.

Mahima thanks Pisachini for saving Shekhar. She says dont worry about it, Mahima asks what about your things? Pisachini says my servant will bring it, scorpio comes there with things. Mahima asks her to take rest. Pisachini says we have to start our plan.

Divya brings soup for Shekhar and says I am doing all this because you are ill, dont take any other meaning.

Drishti comes out of washroom after bath. Rakshit stares at her. She says you are staring again. Rakshit says I used to stare an old lady, you remind of her. Drishti says you cant even joke. She sits down infront of mirror. Rakshit moves closer to her. She says what? He touches her face. Drishti is tensed. She says you.. Rakshit says stay silent, you look good like that. Sister comes there and says you have to come in bridal dress for Satsang.

Sister tells it to Shekhar and Divya too.

Rakshit and Drishti comes in function. He asks her to stay with him, she says you swapped grooms in marriage, not me. Rakshit says I am best husband for you. Drishti turns to him but slips. He holds her. Pisachini says all are looking good. Lets start jagrata. They all sing bhajan. Ujaswani says to her husband that I dont know what she is upto. Piachini brings Shekhar and Divya to front too. Romi dances with Drishti. Pisachini is standing on roof too and says I can be on two places in one time.

Shekhar asks Divya why she is smiling so much? She asks him to not talk too much. Shekhar slips and is hurt again. Pisachini asks Divya to take him to room.

Divya brings Shekhar to room, he is in pain. He asks her to do his bandage. She looks around for band-aid. Shekhar leaves from there. Divya asks where did he go?

Pisacahini comes to Shekhar. He asks what are you upto? Pisachini wears his dress and says now I will start horror show.

All do pooja in function. Drishti imagines someone in veil (Pisachini) stabbing Divya and killing her. Drishti is tensed and thinks who is that person? I have to save her. She leaves from there.

Pisachini says I can attack Divya and other will come to save her, I will finish them both. Where is other one?

Divya comes to balcony and sees Drishti there.

In function, Rakshit thinks why Drishti seemed scared and where did she go? he leaves from there. Rakshit finds Drishti’s earring and goes to balcony. In function, Lava thinks they are missing, I should find out what they are upto.

Drishti says to Divya that thank God you are fine. Divya asks her to leave, I came here to find Shekhar. Drishti says I saw someone attacking you in future. Divya says as if you can see future. Drishti says I can see future, I am your sister. Divya says why should I listen to you? I told you that I am not interested in your husband. Drishti says you have to listen to me, come with me. Divya says go from here and pushes her off but Drishti loses balance and falls from roof. She is falling down. Divya sees someone coming there in veil and sword. Divya thinks it means Drishti was right and she is my sister, she uses her powers to try to save Drishti. She thinks I am sorry, I couldnt recognize you, I hope you are fine.

Divya’s laser power makes Drishti land safely on ground. Drishti says I know she saved me. Divya thinks who is this person? Pisachini thinks to wait till other one comes there too. Drishti thinks that my sister’s life is in danger, I have to go. Pisachini is about to attack Divya but Lava comes there and says I saw you, who are you? dont attack her. Pisachini thinks that Lava has powers to know truth? how could I not recognize it before? Divya sees locket in Pisachini’s neck and recalls how her mother took it off from witch when she attacked her.

Divya and Drishti hug each other. Drishti says dont know who is behind all this, I saw same thing on marriage night, someone wants to kill you, Divya says its not Shekhar. Drishti says then person in veil and groom’s dressing must be related to this house, who it can be? Divya says Rakshit.

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