Twist of fate update Sunday 7 January 2024

Twist of fate 7 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ranbir telling that he likes very spicy sandwich and eats chilli. Prachi asks him not to have it. Ranbir tells that he will have another chilli and eats it. Prachi says you will get unwell. Ashok asks him to stop it. Akshay says you will get unwell, it is not a competition. Mihika says the same. Ranbir says he will have 4 chillies. Vishaka asks him to have some honey. Prachi says he might be habituated to eat chillies daily and says he is having it with much enjoyment. She asks him to have more chillies and says she will bring. Manpreet says she is joking. Ranbir asks with what right, she is saying this.

Vishaka asks Mihika to take him to have honey. Ashok asks what happened to him, take care of him. Akshay says don’t know why he is competing with me. Mihika makes Ranbir have the honey. Ranbir thanks her. He comes out of the kitchen and sees Prachi. Prachi asks him not to touch her. He says you are bahurani. Prachi asks him not to come to her, if he feels the burning sensation. Ranbir says when I had hopes from you, you didn’t do anything. Prachi looks at him and recalls their moments. They get teary eyed.

Akshay comes there and asks Prachi what happened to her. He sees Ranbir teary eyed and asks him. Prachi says he is feeling burning sensation. Akshay tells Prachi that they are decorators, and tells them that she is Prachi. Ranbir says she is bahurani. Akshay says he is right and asks Prachi to handle the decorators. Prachi says she couldn’t handle him (Ranbir).

Manpreet is in the kitchen. Vishaka comes there and taunts her, says if you had handled the house then I wouldn’t have been here. She asks Manpreet to keep eyes open and see Prachi and Ranbir. She taunts her and goes. Manpreet thinks what she saw between them. Prachi tells Akshay that he has clothes, then why he said that there are no clothes for him. She says she has so much work to do. Akshay smiles. Prachi looks at him and tells that she shouldn’t have talked like this. Akshay says its ok. Ranbir hears them and thinks they were arguing like husband and wife and now getting formal like friends. Just then Akshay keeps his hand on her shoulder and asks her to listen. She says she can’t and says she is busy and has so much work. Ranbir gets shocked. Akshay goes behind her. Prachi refuses and says there is no chance. Ranbir is upset and goes from there. He thinks Prachi might be refusing to give him a kiss. He says I don’t care and goes.

Prachi tells Akshay that she can’t press his kurta as she has so much work and goes. Akshay says Prachi knows that he doesn’t like to iron the clothes, she should have helped as a friend. Ranbir makes the decoration stuff falls down and asks the decorators to pick it.

Ranbir asks Prachi what is going on. Prachi asks what? He asks why did Akshay touch you and kept hand on your shoulder. Prachi says he is my husband, I am married to him. She says you shall not be possessive. Ranbir asks what to do? Prachi asks him to go from there. Ranbir asks if it will be good for me or you, and says you are jealous seeing me with Mihika. Prachi says no, I am happy in my sasural and knows that you are not happy with mihika. She says I have moved on. Ranbir says even I have moved on. Prachi asks why he is using Mihika for his revenge. Ranbir says no. Prachi asks him to swear on her head and say that he didn’t come here to take revenge from her. He recalls saving Mihika and coming there to help her. He swears on Prachi’s head that he didn’t come to take revenge on her, and says he didn’t come for her. Manpreet comes there and sees Ranbir’s hand on Prachi’s head and recalls Vishaka’s words that Ranbir and Prachi are not stranger to each other. She calls Prachi.

Divya asks Mihika why she didn’t tell her about Ranbir, and asks if she thought that she will snatch him from her. Mihika says even I didn’t know that I will get such a good guy. Divya asks her to give his brother’s number. Mihika thinks if he has any brother and says first let him pass in everyone’s test. Divya says if you don’t want to elope with him then I will elope with him, and says Ranbir is a really nice man. Mihika thinks of him and thinks he is really a nice guy, and thinks who was that girl who broke his heart.

Manpreet asks Prachi what is happening? Prachi says I…and struggles to answer. Ranbir says she was doubting me so I swear on her head that I will not betray Mihika and has come for her only. He saves Prachi and tells that he is missing Mihika and will leave. Prachi makes an excuse and goes.

Ranbir comes to his room and scares Mihika to tease her. She falls in his embrace and asks him to give that look. He says if I give that look that you will get mad for me. Mihika says do you think that I will fall in love with you. He says not really as I will leave from here, within a week. He says her to let him change his clothes. Mihika says you are good. Ranbir says yes, but the girl who shall think this way, feels that I hurt her. Mihika goes. Ranbir closes the door to change his clothes for Teej.

 Vishaka asking Mihika where is she going? Mihika says she is going to swing. Vishaka says we all will go altogether. Mihika sees Ranbir and goes to her. Ashok and Manpreet look at each other. Vishaka calls Manpreet and asks her to learn some manners from Mihika and Ranbir. Manpreet asks what did I do? Vishaka says you want me to tell you. Akshay comes there and asks what happened. He makes her sit. Prachi comes downstairs. Ranbir walks towards her, but stops seeing Akshay walking to her. Akshay says as usual, there is no words. Prachi asks for whom? Akshay says no, I don’t know how to praise you, I don’t have words. Ranbir gets jealous and thinks say something which she doesn’t know. Akshay then introduces Prachi to the guests and says he is my life. The lady tells she wishes that her husband would have praised her like this. Akshay says he is lucky to have Prachi in his life. Prachi stumbles and Akshay holds her. Ranbir gets upset. The guests ladies ask Vishaka if there is any goodnews, if Prachi is pregnant. Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room and imagines Akshay and Prachi dancing in the room. Sun le zara plays……He gets upset and tries to go, and pulls the bedsheet. He says you have love someone like you had loved me. He can’t love someone to that extent, and says I can’t bear you with someone else, you are mine.

Vishaka prays to God and says you knows well what I want to tell you. She tells God that Akshay is not getting what he deserves and tells that Prachi is stuck in her past. She tells god that she is sure that Akshay lied to her. She asks clear the hurdle or any misunderstanding which is between them. Ranbir hears the last line and thinks if they had any fight or misunderstanding. He thinks Vishaka must be praying as a mother. Ranbir asks Prachi what is she hiding from him. Prachi looks at him. She slips and Ranbir holds her. He recalls Ranbir’s words that Prachi is his life, while introducing her to guest.

Prachi tries to go. He asks if you like Akshay. Song plays….galliyan…He asks again. Prachi asks what kind of question is this? He asks her to say. Prachi says this question is very personal, why you want to know. He says I want to know. Prachi refuses to say. Ranbir asks her to say. Prachi says I like him..I like him very much. He asks if you don’t think about me when you are close to him. Prachi says you are crossing your limits. Ranbir asks what is my limit? Prachi says you have sworn on me that you didn’t come for me. Ranbir says my sight is not on you, but your sight is on me. Prachi says I am married and is not thinking about anyone. He says I feel that you think about me and can’t give my place to anyone, as I am the best person for you. Prachi says I feel that you love me even now and you can’t bear the fact that I have moved on with Akshay and loves him too. She says I feel that you don’t love Mihika, and have come here to make me feel jealous, but I will not get jealous. She goes and thinks she has to show him that she loves Akshay.

Vishaka thinks of Mihika and Ranbir. Manpreet comes there and says everyone is searching you. Vishaka asks if you can’t really see. Manpreet asks what did I do? Vishaka asks her not to make helpless face and says you just mingle with guests and just wants them to praise you. Manpreet asks her to say clearly. Vishaka says you have to do something else I have to find out. She tells her that Mihika and Ranbir are like two strangers who are forced to be together. Manpreet says she don’t think so. Vishaka says today everything will be found during the rituals, I will find out the truth between them. Mihika hears them and gets tensed.

Ranbir asks the house help if she saw Mihika? House help says no. Abhay comes to him. Ranbir asks did you see Mihika? Abhay says no. He says he wants to ask him and asks if he met Mihika in India. Abhay says he wants to ask him being her brother. Ranbir asks why everyone talks about rights. Abhay says it is responsibility. Ranbir asks him to ask. Abhay asks him if he loves Mihika. Ranbir says yes. Abhay says then why you are here? Ranbir says then why I am here, and tells that he is here, celebrating the festival and had chillies as he loves Mihika. Abhay asks why did you say that you don’t love her first. Ranbir confuses him and goes. Abhay doesn’t understand anything. Ranbir asks Divya and Neha where is Mihika? They introduce themselves to him and pulls his leg, saying he can’t stay away from Mihika. Ranbir smiles thinking Prachi’s words.

 Ranbir asking Divya and Neha about Mihika. Divya and Neha asks him to talk to them, as they are his sister in laws. Ranbir says right now, I need to meet Mihika and asks them to say where is she. Mihika calls him. Ranbir says bye and goes to her. Akshay tells Prachi that they are strange, sometimes it look like they love each other, and sometimes their relation seems to be fake. He asks Prachi if they are in love? Prachi says may be? She says they might know what they feel for each other, how we can judge them. Ranbir and Mihika tell each other they are doubting on us. He says I have been here until they reject me, but they are doubtful. Mihika says Vishaka Bua is doubting.

He says even Prachi and then says Prachi bhabhi is doubting.. He says we have to act like couple. She asks how? Ranbir asks if she didn’t know how couple behave? She says they have to dance with intensity, couple wala dance. She calls Neha and whispers to her. Neha announces their dance. They start dancing on the song as if they are the real couple. Prachi, Vishaka, Akshay and others look at their dance. After the dance, Ranbir and Mihika have a hug. Divya and Neha hug Mihika happily. Ranbir goes and takes the water. Prachi asks him not to play with Mihika’s heart. He asks what do you want to say. Prachi says I know you well, what you do and think, and says I understand when you don’t say anything as I know you from within. He says you was not with me for 6 years, and says if you think that you know me then you are wrong, I have changed a lot. Prachi says you are playing with Mihika’s heart which is not right. He says come on Yaar. She says I am not your Yaar, don’t call me. They look at each other. Music plays….

Some guests come and greet them. They leave. Prachi says she don’t want him to do love act with Mihika and says she knows that he don’t love her. He says didn’t you see Mihika and I were dancing passionately, intensely and with love. She says it was passionate dance acting. He says it was real and says even I can say that Akshay and you are acting to be in love, but I didn’t say. He asks if you are acting with Akshay? She says bad people does this with helpless girl. Ranbir says even you had played with someone’s heart, and asks if you are bad too. He goes.

Prachi says liar, baklu..he don’t love anyone. He loved and married me, and then may be he loved Rhea and married her too. She says now he is with Mihika. She thinks what happened between Rhea and him. She goes and asks him. He refuses to say.

Prachi takes the mic and tells everyone that you all know about Akshay and me, but nobody knows about Ranbir Kohli. She says we shall know about Mihika and Ranbir and their love story. She says we are curious to know, as we want to be part of their love story. She says we will make them sit and question them, to know about their love story. Ranbir thinks she is playing game with me. Prachi calls Mihika to come and ask Neha and Divya to make Ranbir sit. They make Mihika and Ranbir sit on the sofa. Prachi asks Mihika why is she nervous? She says we will actually question them and says I hope you don’t mind. Prachi says I don’t care. Akshay says even I don’t care, and says I will ask the question. He asks where did they meet? Mihika says in the party. Ranbir says on the road. He then says that I fell in love with her when I saw her on the road and she fell for me in the party. Manpreet asks if they will be with each other always. Ranbir says we will always be together, until you reject us. Prachi asks who fell in love first? Mihika loved Ranbir first, or Ranbir loved Mihika first. Ranbir thinks she wanted to know if I came for her, and thinks he didn’t come for her, but since he came to know about her, he can’t go. He says Prachi…you have forced me, so I will tell the story. He says I was going, when Mihika hit my bike with her car, as she drive fast. He says he got angry and went to see her, but when he saw her, smile came on his face and all his anger went. He says it was love at first sight. He says then Mihika went, but her thoughts didn’t go. He says he stood on the same place, but she didn’t come there again. He says but if you love someone then all the universe help you to unite with her. He says I met her in the party where I dancing, and she fell in love with me. Mihika says yes. He says something happened after that…

Mihika says a big storm had come that night and I asked for his help, I fell in love with him seeing his help. Ranbir says our story is over, we came here and our story continuing here. A guest asks Manpreet for water. Manpreet asks waiter to send juice to the lady. She sees Vishaka tensed. Prachi collides with her and says sorry. Manpreet asks she is looking worried. Prachi says we shall go and ask her. They go to her. Vishaka asks Manpreet, did you see? Manpreet asks what? Vishaka says Ranbir and Mihika. Manpreet asks her not to start again. Vishaka says you shall think about Mihika, and shall not give Mihika’s hand in such a guy’s hands whose intentions are not known. Prachi says Bua ji is known. They hear Ranbir talking in mic. Vishaka says we shall hear what he will say. Ranbir tells that today is Teej and he thought to do some masti, a little bit. He says this festival is for the couples and tells that the jodis which are made today is for lives. He says his good friend Akshay stays here, who is newly married. He says he wants to test Prachi and Akshay’s love, and says he wants them to play game and asks Ashok and Manpreet to play too. He says the husbands shall be blindfolded and shall find their wives. He says whoever finds their love of their life, truly loves his wife.

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