Divya Drishti update Saturday 13 January 2024

Divya Drishti 13 January 2024: Light emits from the star. Guru ji appears. Roomi says this was my uncle. Pisachini is looking for them. She says I have to find where they are. He says you two are together. Divya and Drishti. I know you who you are. i am not happy that you two have met. But your fate was written and no one can deny it.

You two must have seen her. That witch with one eye. She is after you both. Her name is Pisachini. She has been after you two when you were unborn. I met your mom. They are both in tears.

Pisachini comes upstairs. She stops outside a room. Guru jii says she has so many powers, no one can stop her. There is only one thing that can help her win or even be defeated. The third stone in her pendant. You two have it. Protect it. Never let her have that stone. Like you two met in this dark night. You two might separate too in this night. He disappears. Shekhar comes. He says what are you two doing together. He gives Divya medicine.

Drishti picks the stone. Shekhr, roomi and divya leave. Drishti sees that hand on her neck. She says that woman will kill me.
Rakshit says where is sunny, it’s his flight time. Sunny comes. Rakshit says call me when you reach there. Lava says thsi bag is so heavy. He speaks in punjabi. Everyone feels strange. He says why are you all looking at me like this?Ojaswani says eat lunch. Divya wonders what magic is on him, Ojawani says take care. He leaves. Lava leaves too.

Drishti sets her room. She says what stone was he talking about? I don’t have any stone. SHe wants to kill me. Rakshit comes in. He says who wants to kill you. Drishti says nothing. He says who wants to kill you? She says sunny left? He says you didn’t come downstairs? What is wrong? She says I am not well. I have a disease. I see things and stories that don’t exist. He says you mean you have a mental health condition? She says yes. I should have told you before wedding. Rakshit says look at me. You are very intelligent and smart. You are lying. Rakhshit says wat are you hiding from me? She says nothing. She leaves.

Sunny drives. He looksa at the moon and says such beautiful moon just like me. His eyes sparkle. Roomi follows him. He goes to jungle.
Divya says there is soemthing wrong. Drishti says we have to do everything in this night. We have to kill Pisachini. Shekahr comes and says I might help.
Roomi follows Sunny. He disappears.
Divya says what are you doing here? Shekhar says I know you two are sisters and you know so much now. I followed you two at every step. I want to help you. Divya says we can’t risk your life. drishti says this is our battle. He says I know Pisachini more than you. Drishti says how can we trust you? He says I am not what you think who I am. 18 years ago a kid went to boarding school and went missing. After two years he comes back home and his family gets very happy. But the kid who was lost and kid who was found aren’t the same. I became son of this house. I had to do it because of Pisachini. I met her in childhood. I met Divya in childhood. She came back to my life again as my wife.. You think this is your battle only? no it’s not. Drishti says how can we trust you. He says if you don’t trust me I will step back. Drishti says we trust you. He says we will kill her tonight. Divya says thanks. He says I should thank you.

Divya says he was our friend all along? Drishti says we can trust him. Divya says how will we find that stone. Drishti says I am worried for roomi. Divya and Drishti hold the start together. Drishit says nothing is happening. Please see something. How will we kill her. Drishit says cal down. We can’t be hasty. I know what to do.

Shekhar asks Pisachini to talk to her. Pisachini says are you boring me? Shekhar says I have a big news for you. I know how can you get the stone. Those sisters are planning to kill you tonight. Pisachinil laughs. He says they are such idiots. I fooled them. I told them I am their friend. Pisachini says this night would be fun. Pisachini says they would be in front of me. They wont even know what’s happening.

Rakshit says to Drishit were you going somewhere? he says sit and tell me what were you saying. She says everything is okay. I told you I have an issue. He says you have seen soemthing. What have you seen. Tell me what were you saying. Divya comes there. She says di I want to talk to you. Rakshit says we are talking. Divya says ask your wife first who is her priority. Ojaswami comes and says let’s go. We have a pooja and party after it. they take Drishti downstairs. Rakshit says something is wrong.

Divya says she will do something. What will we do. Did you see anything? Drishti says no. Drishti says calm down. Divya says what if she kills us. Drishti says I wont let anything happen to you. I wont let us separate.
Everyone gathers in hall Pinki has arranged it. She says this night would be fun for everyone. Poranmashi makes things happen. She applies tilak on everyone’s forehead. Divya says why is she doing this drama. Pinki says husbands come and apply tilak on their heads. Rakshit applies tikka on Drishti. Shekhar applies it to Divya. Pisachini says come lets sing Pisachini says to Drishti have a drink.

Mahima sings chita kokar. Divya and Dristi sneak out. Divya says to Shekhar you said you will bring her to us. He says I told you it would take time. We have to trick her into it. Rakshit comes there. Shekhar says bhabhi I need something to eat. Divya dirshti go upstairs. Pisachini comes up too. Divya and drishti’s head hurt. Divya says my head hurts. Drishti says mine too. But we have to get up there. She removes tilak. Divya says I feel better. drishit says I don’t know what will happen upstairs. Drishit says we have to di this for our mom. Drishti goes up. Divya can’t see stairs. Divya says I can’t come from here. Drishti pulls her up. Drishti says we have to see many things like these.

Mahima says to rakshit did you ask about that one eyed woman? Your papa disappeared because of that woman. Rakshit says you have to wait. I will find out even if its Preto mausi. But how she? Mahima says she isn’t here. rakhit says in heart where is drishti? She has to answer my questions now.

Divya drishti are on roof. Pisachini comes and says hello Divya drishti. You thought you two would come here and kill me? Come close to me. Come. Why are you scared? Should I come near you. She comes near them. She says I will get my kal vijay. she shows them their mother having Kal vijay. Drishti says you are a murderer. She says yes I killed your parents. You two couldn’t do anything. Diya says shut up Pisachini shows them her eye.

They are scared. Pisachini says it was very easy to kill your mom dad. she shows them killing their parents. Drishti says you will pay for your sins. we wont let you kill anyone nw. Pisachini says your mom died in a blink. you two can’t do anything. Diya Drishti hold hands and attack her. she falls down. Divya says you will die. Pisachini gets up. She hits them otha dn they hand on the balcony. Drishti fights her. Their powers collide. Drishti looks at the stone and says please help us. She puts the stone near moon.

Everyone is doing pooja downstairs. Strong winders blow. Divya is fainting. Drishit says you can’t beat us now. They shoves power towards her. Pisachini burns. She screams and falls down. Divya Drishti get up.
Rakshit asks Roomi have you seen your sister? Where were you? he leaves without answering. Divya says did we kill her? Drishti says yes we did. they cry. Drishit says we did it. Divya says avenge death of our parents. They hug each other. Drishit says you don’t have to cry anymore. Divya says mama papa must be so happy right.

Drishti says I would leave Rakshit. No one needs me in this house. Would you come with me? Rakshit says where are you two going? She says downstairs. Rakshit says everyone is waiting downstairs. Divya says that’s what we were saying. Rakshit asks Drishit why were you on roof. Divya comes there. She says what are you talking about? Divya sees Pisachini donwstairs. She says di.. Come here. They are scared. Drishti sees a smoke coming near her. roomi saves her with his locket and locks it in a jar.

Rakshit comes downstairs. He says you have to answer my questions Drishti. You stayed there again. Divya looks at Pisachini in shock.
Roomi says this locket.. We can stop bad powers from it. He tells her what he saw in jundle. Drishit says we killed her but she came back.
Ojaswani asks Preto why is your skin burning? She says its an allergy and goes in. Sheela takes the jar from roomi.

Bichu says why is my skin burning. Rakshit asks Drishti what are you upto. Roomit tries to take the jar from the tray. Lava says why are you taking it. They both try to snatch it. Lava says rakshit please open it. Lava screams and says I saw a scorpion. The jar falls from Rakshit’s hand and breaks. Drishti and roomi see the smoke coming out of it. Drishti is worried. Pisachini takes of Divya’s body. She says Pisachini doesn’t die. She is born inside you.

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