Divya Drishti update Sunday 14 January 2024

Divya Drishti 14 January 2024: Pisachini comes in Dviya. Rakshit thinks about Dristhi. He says what is wrong with her. Divya sneaks in his room and goes to washroo. Rakshit think it was Drishti but no one is inside.

Roomi shows Pisachini’s ashes to Drishti. Drishti says what to do with it. Roomi says we have to be careful.

Bichu says I am free. Who did. Divya comes there and says I did. She floats like Piscahini. Bichu says you. He sees her burned eye. She says no one can stop me. I am Pisachini. I am Divya and Pisachini now. They killed me but I became them. Pisachini never dies. Divya silent, Pisachini violent. He says do you have divya’s powers too? She says yes. She floats him.

Drishti sneaks out of the house. She says to roomi you are here. what happened. Roomi says says nothing.

Drishti touches him and sees a bichu. Chachi comes and says we are going on picnic tomorrow. She says what was that. Bichu is disguised as Roomi. He leaves. Shekhar stops bichu and asks him whats going on. He says pisachini died. My powers are gone.
Roomi walks in the jungle. He is scared. Someone says you are here. Do you have her ashes? Give them to me. Roomi is scared. He says walk with your back towards me. The box falls from roomi’s hand. He says this is not ashes. Were you fooling me? The man hangs him with tree.

Scene 2
Divya does makeup. Dirshti says come I want to talk to you. Divya says I am not ready drishti. Drishti says we didn’t see pisachini dying. Divya says we saw the ashes. Divya says relax Drishit. Drishit says why are you calling me by name? Divya says we are preparing. Drishit says you are looking changed. She says I like changes.

Divya leaves with Shekhar. drishti ties stopping her but she leaves. Drishti sees blood on her forehead. She says where did this blood come from what is it.. rakshit comes and says what happened. drishti hides her forehead. He moves her hand but blood isn’t there. Rakshit says can we leave now? Everyone has left. Only we are left. drishti goes with him.

Drishti plays music. Rakshit says you have weird music choice. She says I like it. He says you always run from my questions. She says come out of car. He comes out of car. Drishit says why don’t you call me with my name? You keep getting angry. Ask what you want to ask. I told you there is no such woman I know. He puts finger on her lip. He says I know you are lying but I wont ask you about that woman again. He caresses her face. Drishti goes towards the car. Rakshti sits on pessanger seat and says you drive. drishit drives.

Mahima says it was such a good decision to come here for picnic. Shekhar and Divya arrive too. Drishti and Rakshit arrive too. she says dont’ challenge me aain. Divya sees dirshit coming. She trips. Drishti sees Divya going to jungle. Drishti goes after her. She is worried. Drishti says where are you Divi. Divya fools her. Rakshit asks where is drishti? Lava says she went towards jungle. Drisit sees an hold castle. Divya says finally you came here. Roomi Drishit and says that Pisachini’s ashes are gone. Drishti says I am really scard. Divya is nowhere. I am in jungle. roomi says I am coming.

Drishti comes inside the castle. Divya locks the door. drishti tries to run out but she falls. The gate is locked.

Divya floats in front of Shekhar. Shekhar says wow I get it now why she wanted to come alone. Divya says don’t dare going against me. Shekhar says I and Pisachini were partners. So give me what I want or I will ruin all your plans.

Drishti screams for help. She says I have to look for light. Drishti looks everywhere.
Rakshit is looking for Drishit everywhere. Drishti tries connecting her phone. She screams for help.

Rakshit has anyone seen Drishti? Divya says you must have fought with her and she must have gone home. I am so hungry. Mahima says she is so irresponsible. How can she leave for home. rakshit tried calling home. Divya says to Bichu text Rakshit from drishti’s phone that I am going home.

Divya looks for the way out. Ojaswani says lets go to shiv temple. Rakshit says she isn’t home. Mahima says she left us. rakshit says something wrong might have happened. Shekhar says I saw her on the way back. I think she didn’t want to be here with you. Mahima says we are leaving a car. She will see the car and come back. rakhshit says I will come back with her only. Everyone settles in the cars.

Rakshit is worried for Drishti. Everyone is on the way to the temple.
There is molten fire in the house. Diya says to Shekhar call mom and tell her I am ill and we are going home. They stay in jungle.
Drishti screams and cries from fire. Rakshit comes out of the castle. He says why do I feel like she is around. Drishti screams for help. Rakshit tries to hear inside the castle. A guru ji comes and breaks the wall. He says look at me. Drishti is dazed. Drishti says please save me. Help. The person jumps in the fire and saves her.
He leaves her in the jungle. rakshit finds Drishti. Drishti says save please.. Rakshir picks her. He says you are safe. I am with you. Rakshit takes her home.

Rakshit dresses Drishti’s wounds. She recalls the fire. Drishit says who was I found there? Why he saved me? Who is using those powers? Someone from this house? Is Pisachini back? Divya looks at her and says she is still alive. Rakshit says Divya what are you doing here. She says looking at Drishti. Rakshit gives Dristi water. He says were were you doing there? She says it looked interesting. She says thanks for saving me. He says I would have saved anyone. Drishti says can you do something for me? Rakshit says yes.

Rakshit brings Drishti to pooja. She says I will do the arti because I am given new life. Divya says she is doing this to find out who has Pisachini’s power. Roomi upstairs. He recalls Drishti said someone helped Pisachini locking her in the castle. Rommi looks around. Drishit does pooja. Bicu comes upstairs. Roomi hides. Bichu leaves. He goes to Divya that Roomi is in your room. I took that bag.
Drishti applies tika to everyone.

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