Timeless love update Thursday 18 January 2024

Timeless love 18 January 2024: Dev says to Vidhi that he has to leave for some emergency. He asks her to be his safety parachute for her. Hariprasad asks Bimla if she contacts Dev? She tells him that she informed him everything. Hariprasad requests Vijay Babu to leave the temple.

He says to him that he isn’t making fun here. The goons tied up Hariprasad and Bimla. Mr. Jai creates a scene there when Dev leaves from there. He says to him that he can’t ruin his image like that.

Vidhi says to Aviroop that Dev left for some emergency situation. He asked her to take the stage instead of him. He asks her how it is possible. She asked him. Aviroop stops Jai from leaving and tells him that Vidhi will take the stage on behalf of Dev. He says that he is making fun of him. Aviroop tells him that if he leaves from here then his event will be ruined. Jai returns to the state. Aviroop says to everyone that due to some emergency. Dev Raichand left the venue. But everyone came here to attend his speech.

Dev Raichand’s wife Vidhi Raichand is going to share the stage with them on behalf of Dev. He asks them to welcome her. Vidhi enters the stage and greets everyone. Vidhi shares the situation with them. Jai says that he has to face all this. Vidhi tells him that she is aware he is a famous influencer, but that doesn’t mean they are also less. She says to them that she feels proud to attend this speech. Vidhi thinks what Dev would have planned to say here.

Meanwhile, Vijay asks the goons to set fire there. They can steal the idol using that situation. He sets the fire there. Bimla and Hariprasad pleaded with him not to do it. Vidhi says to everyone that she is going to share with Dev Raichand, who is her husband and mentor. Raab says to her that everyone has the duty to share the stage. She doesn’t have stage fear, so they will motivate her.

Vidhi says to them that she worked under Dev Raichand. She adored his business ethics and punctuality. He is a good business person. He follows ethics in his business. Jai says that a businessman’s target is money, not ethics. Vidhi says that this generation’s mind set is like that only. A good businessman’s aim is to make money. But good industrialists give more opportunities to others.

Jai asks Vidhi if she does any business? She tells him that she isn’t doing anything but she is here on behalf of her husband. She saw him following the ethics in this business. Jai says to her this is why Mehtha industries take over their business. Dev reaches Milapini’s Devi temple. He is shocked to see Hariprasad and Bimla’s state. He shouts at Vijay Babu. He asks Dev to burn in this fire. His work is over. Dev fights with the goons. Vidhi says to him that everyone thinks that Mehtha industries will take over the business.

Jai says to her, from his point of view, this is what happened? Vidhi tells him that everyone’s point of view is different. Dev fights with the goons. The police reached there and saved them. Hariprasad says to them that Dev was stuck inside. Even Milapini’s idol is there. Vidhi says to them that Amba betrayed them and stole the shares secretly. But she can only steal the shares from them, not the potential. They will be able to start it over again.

Raab feels proud of her. Jai is impressed by her speech. Vidhi praises Dev Raichand and his ethics. Meanwhile, Dev carries Milapini’s Devi idol on his head and comes out. Bimla thanked him for the help. Everyone offers prayer. Vidhi says to them that next year Dev will definitely prove himself to everyone. She will sit in front of him and watch his speech. She gets a phone call so she excuses everyone. Meanwhile, Hariprasad reveals the truth to Dev. Vidhi reaches there and is shocked to see their house state. Hariprasad reveals the truth to Vidhi. She was shocked to hear it. Vidhi asks them to accompany her or else she has no relationship with them.

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