Divya Drishti Starlife update Tuesday 6 February 2024

Divya Drishti 6 February 2024: Divya does arti. Suddenly she stabs Rakshti. everyone is stabbed. Drishti says what did I do. Divya is dying. She says you killed everyone. Drishti says I can never do that. Everyone is dead. drishti screams. Drishti says I can’t do this. This can’t be possible. Shekhar.. Chachi.. Drishti saw all this with her third eye. Drishti is scared. She looks at everyone doing pooja. Drshti says I can never harm my family.

Pisachini says she think she locked me here. I will ruin their lives. Divya asks dristi what happened.. She runs towards Rakshit adn says this blood. Who stabbed you. Mahima says this is just sindur. Nothing wrong would happen. Pisachin would end today. Drishit is scared. She says what did I say. Mahima says all of this would end today. Drishti is scared. She says I hope what I saw was wrong.

Ojaswanu says that Pisachini is in our house. Please do something. Divya says don’t worry. I am here nothing would happen.

Romi and shekhar are planning what to do. Romi says let me call Diya. shekhar says se is my wife I would call her. romi says yeah you do.

Drishti stops the car. She says you all screamed?? Divya says no. Let me drive you’re not okay. Drishti is scared. Chachi says Drishti you should be careful while driving. She says sorry. They come home.

Ojasswani says we could die. Where was your mind. Ojaswan says what is this sign on your shoulder. Drishit says in heart is this the reason why I saw all that. Mahima says is this lizard bite? Drishti runs to her room. rakshit says what happened.

Romi and Shekhar bring ice. Dristi says keep it in restroom. I want to get rid of this lizard bite. Pisachini says let me tell you what to do. Divya says shut up. Drishti says I would have to lie on this ice. Rakshit says you would get sick. She says my mind is getting numb. The open the bag. Pisachini says you can’t keep me tied. Open me. They pick her and put her in cold water. Pischini screams. She says stop it. they tie her. Pisachini says I would kill you all.

Rakshit says to drishti would you lie on this? How would you tolerate? SHe says I would. Rakshit lies on it and pulls her. He says I would take this pain for you. He touches her bite to the ice Drihit says you would be sick. Rakshit hugs her.

Scene 2

Mahima checks Drishti’s back. she says that bite is gone. Ojaswan says to Drishit you said you would bring green saree. Pandit ji asked you to wear that. Mahima says its okay.

Romi and Shekhar lock Pisachin. she screams and says let me go.

Rkashit says Dirshit doesn’t recall anything. She is having memory loss issues. someone did magic on her. I am sure Pisachini did this. Shekhar says let’s kill her. Everything would be fine.

Drishit is cooking. She sees herself in a dark room. she recalls stabbing Lava. She says did lava do any magic on me? Drishti is worried. She says I killed my family? Drishti comes to the hall. Simran screams. She says bahbhi shoved me from stairs. Drishit says I can never do that. Mahuima says she would never do that. Drishit says I only saw you falling. Mahima says Drishit that green scar is back. Mahima says this made you do it. Simran says I understand something is wrong.

Drishti comes to pisachini and says I know you’re doing all this. I will kill you. Pisachini says you are doing all this.

Mahima says this pooja is very important. Romi says pisachini is doing all this. Dad says this pooja can’t have pisacini. Rakshit says what are you saying. Drishti is the reason we can have this pooja. He says I know. But what if anything goes wrong in the pooja?

Drishti hears everyone screaming. She comes to kitchen. The entire food is burned. Drisit says I was in Divya’s room. I saw a note there. Shekhar checks the room. He says there is no room. Drishit says I was in this room.. divya says we all trust you. Ojaswani says Drishti because of you, we are doing this pooja. Something is wrong with you. Mahima says we would have to keep you locked. Divya says lock me with her too. Rakshit says me too. Drishti would sit in the pooja or no one would.

The pooja starts. Drishit says I hope we get done with it. Divya hugs her and says don’t worry. THe pooja has started. The pandits start eating. Pandit ji eats it and says what is this.. It has meat in it. You insulted us. Why did you call us here? You fooled us. You did this? Drishsti is scared. She says did I do all this? Divya says calm down. Guru ji says you have ruined everything. Drishti comes to room and says please tie me. Rakshit says we can stay with you. Drishit says just leave me here. Drshit says we have to do this pooja. She says tie me. They tie her.

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