Destined by fate update Tuesday 4 July 2023

Destined by fate 4 July 2023: Sayuri asks Kanha if he is not ashamed to repeat the same question and get the same answer. Kanha says yes, he will repeat until she tells truth. Sayuri says this is the truth. Kanha asks her to look into his eyes and repeat. Sayuri looks into his eyes and says she doesn’t love him neither today, nor tomorrow, nor in the future. Saroj prays god to protect Kanha.

Destined by fate 3 July 2023

Sayuri says she can’t stay in the same house where he stays, so he should spare her and let her go. She says after what he did, she hates him. She apologizes whole family and says she will never return to this house.She steps out of the house in tears while Kanha stand s speechless. Alvida.. song plays in the background. They both recall the quality moments spent together. Kanha tries to run behind he, slips and falls.

Family consoles Kanha. Sayuri also slips and falls. She reaches her home and cries loudly hugging her mother. Family gets worried, and Indu asks what happened to her. Sayuri says she will be punished for breaking Kanha’s heart. She says Kanha was her enemy, then friend, then.. She cannot forgive herself.Kanha says he wants to speak to Sayuri right now. Family insists him to go in the morning and take him to his room.

Indu asks Sayuri to calm down. Sayuri says she is going to her room, nobody will disturb her or question Kanha’s family. She lies on bed and crying vigorously thinks if she had not come here, Anjali wouldn’t have stayed there. Kanha breaks down more looking at the gifts he bought for Sayuri.Saroj pampers Anjali and asks her to promise that she will never thinking of committing suicide. Anjali promises and says as expected, Kanha rushed to her when he found out about her suicide attempt.

Saroj says now that the inauspicious problem named Sayuri is out of this house, Anjali should lure Kanha and make a place into his heart. She says god corrected his mistake and got Sayuri out of Kanha’s life forever, now its up to Anjali how she will handle Kanha. She performs Anjali’s graha pravesh and welcomes her.Nakul tells Kanha that he feels Sayuri is lying. Sayuri prays god to not let Kanha know what happened and let him accept Anjali and hate her. Kanha also says Sayuri lied.

Nakul says they don’t know why she lied. Kanha says the place where he is now took a long time to reach and describes how slowly his and Sayuri’s enmity turned into friendship and then love. He says he wanted to express his love for Sayuri, but today god took away his love. Nakul says they have to prove Sayuri’s lie and know the reason first. Kanha says let us go right now. Nakul says they should in the morning. Kanha says he knows Sayuri also likes him.

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