Destined by fate update Wednesday 5 July 2023

Destined by fate 5 July 2023: Sayuri continues to cry vigorously after leaving Kanha’s house. Her family tries to console her. She imagines Kanha and says she has to goa way from her. Kanha imagines Sayuri and says he will not let her go away from him. Pyar Hai Ya Saza.. song plays in the background. Saroj makes Anjali stay in Sayuri’s room. Anjali recalls Kanha’s concern as a friend for her.

Destined by fate 4 July 2023

Indu gets angry and tells Bhanu that she will confront Saroj for her heinous act. Bhanu stops her.Next morning, Saroj thanks god for getting Sayuri out of the house at last and thinks Kanha must be still in sorrows, she will serve his favorite breakfast and comfort him. Kanha keeps himself away whole night recalling Sayuri’s words.

Anjali wakes up and hopes today’s morning brings a new hope in her life and she makes this house as hers forever. Saroj enters and says she should make this house and Kanha as hers forever. Anjali takes her blessings. Saroj says Kanha is in deep sorrow, so Anjali should end it completely.Kanha gets ready excitedly to meet Sayuri and recalls Sayuri’s bitter words. Nakul asks why he got ready so soon. Kanha says he has a meeting which he has fixed himself with Sayuri.

He says he thought whole night the reason behind Sayuri’s reaction and realized that Sayuri reacted as she thinks she is coming between him and Anjali. Nakul says he is right. Kanha says if Anjali had not attempted suicidee, he would have expressed his love for Sayuri and even Sayuri would have done same. He says he will convince Sayuri at any cost and bring her back home. Rashmi tries to comfort Sayuri and asks reason for her leaving Kanha’s house. Sayuri tries to ignore her. Rashmi continues to confront her.

Sayuri says she came between Kanha and Anjali, Kanha wold have married Anjali if she had not interfered. Rashmi says Kanha loves Sayuri and she is Mrs Chauhry, so she should stop feeling guilty.Kanha prays god to help him convince Sayuri and get her back. Nakul informs him that he saw Sayuri in his room. Kanha happily rushes to Sayuri’s room thinking his magic worked even before trying. He feels disappointed seeing Anjali instead. Anjali says she feels good seeing him normal and asks if she can stay in Sayuri’s room as Sayuri is not here. Kanha says she can shift to guest room downstairs.

Anjali says Saroj shifted her to Sayuri’s room as the guest room is stinking and she is allergic. Kanha says this room belongs to Sayuri and she has just gone to her maika, she will return and take back her right on the room and him, he will get another guest room ready for Anjali. Sayuri misses her room and Kanha and thinks will she forget him.

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