Destined by fate update Monday 3 July 2023

Destined by fate 3 July 2023: Anjali asks Kanha why did he save her when he cannot stay with her. Kanha asks her to stop. Anjali says its better to die if she cannot spend her life with him. He scolds her to stop thinking so. Anjali apologizes. He asks her to come home with him and promise to never attempt suicide again. Anjali promises and asks him to stay with him forever. He promises and asks her again to accompany him to his house.

Destined by fate 2 July 2023

Sayuri walks out with her bag and imagines Kanha trying to stop her and she refusing to stay back saying its better for them both. Kanha drives car and tells Anjali that she will feel better after reaching home.Sayuri walks to Saroj and says she is leaving the house respecting Saroj’s wish. Saroj says thank you. Sayuri requests her to take care of Kanha as she cannot separate him from her heart and walks towards door saying she needs to go before Kanha returns home with Anjali. Kanha enters with Anjali just then and is shocked seeing her with her bag.

Saroj hopes Kanha doesn’t stop Sayuri. Kanha asks Sayuri if she is going on some official work, she should cancel it as its her birthday. Sayuri says she is going to her mother’s house. Kanha says she can go in the morning and even he will accompany her. Dhanraj with Tej returns home and asks what is Anjali doing here and where is Sayuri going. Nakul also walks down and asks Sayuri if she is going somewhere. Sayuri says she is going home. Kanha tries to stop her and Sayuri gets adamant.

Indu frames Kanha and Sayuri’s photo and shows it to Bhanu. Bhanu likes it. Sayuri gets adamant to leave and warns Kanha not to touch her. Kanha asks him the reason first and then go. Sayuri says he wrongly wrote about her in his diary. Kanha says she already knew about his feelings for her. Sayuri says they are just friends, but he is going overboard and thinking wrong about her. Saroj thinks Sayuri made a good excuse and hopes Kanha gets convinced. Sayuri says she doesn’t have any feelings for Kanha and asks him to let her go. Kanha argues and accepts that he loves her. Everyone stand stunned hearing Kanha openly expressing his feelings for Sayuri.

Kanha asks Sayuri to accept his feelings and agree that she also loves him. Sayuri says she doesn’t love him. Kanha says he knows what she feels for him. Sayuri says she doesn’t feel anything and even he shouldn’t think much. Kanha says thinking is brain’s job and feeling is heart’s job and says she knows that life is giving her a second chance via him and she should reject it. Kusum hopes Sayuri doesn’t give up and stay back. Kanha says he truly loves him. Sayuri says she doesn’t accept this made up relationship. Kanha asks if a premature baby is born, will it be same whole life. Sayuri says it can get well with proper care. Kanha asks why can’t their relationship get well then.

Sayuri says she doesn’t have answer for his questions and says he promised his brother nad married her, but she doesn’t want to be bound in this relationship. Kanha says he will respect his brother’s wish till he is alive. Sayuri asks what about her wish. He says she doesn’t know what she needs. Sayuri says he should understand that she doesn’t have any feelings for him in her heart, they were enemies and then friends and now will be strangers, he can lead the life like he wishes to and let her live the life she wishes to.

Induu plans a pooja for Sayuri and Kanha for the new beginning of their lives. Sayuri apologizes Dhanraj, Tej, and Nakul for supporting her always and apologizes them for leaving the house. Nakul says she should forgive him if he made any mistake. Sayuri says its not his mistake and frees her bag. Kanha asks Sayuri if she really doesn’t love him. She says no. Kanha asks her to look into his eyes and say that.

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