Aparajita Zee world July 2023 teasers

Aparajita July teasers 2023: Ashkay loses his memory and starts loving Aparajita, meanwhile Veer is determined to Marry Chavi…

Saturday 1st July 2023
Mohini tries to get Chhavi and Veer married, but Aparajita argues and gives an ultimatum to Veer. Akshay tells Mohini that he won’t rush to get Chhavi and Veer married. Aparajita doubts Mohini’s intentions and decides to expose her antics.

Sunday 2nd July 2023
Veer threatens Manish and later, Mohini receives a threatening letter from the magician. Veer comes to meet Chhavi. Disha and Aparajita execute their ploy against Mohini. Disha finds Chhavi unconscious and rushes to help her.

Monday 3rd July 2023
Aparajita learns that Chhavi’s injuries are not self-inflicted. Akshay takes care of Chhavi and learns about her panic attacks. Mohini comes to get Akshay home, but he refuses to go with her. Mohini feels distraught and shouts at Niya as well. Later, Akshay spends time with Disha.

Tuesday 4th July 2023
Akshay talks to Aparajita about Veer and Chhavi. Mohini tries to leave the house, but Akshay stops her and later, they celebrate their anniversary. Mohini confesses her crime and Aparajita shoots a video of her. She threatens Mohini to expose her.

Wednesday 5th July 2023
Aparajita shows Mohini’s confession to Disha. A bedridden Chhavi misses Akshay. Disha asks Aparajita to show Mohini’s video recording to Akshay. Niya comes to meet Chhavi. Mohini gets angry seeing Niya cleaning Aparajita’s house and locks her in the room.

Thursday 6th July 2023
Mohini hatches a ploy to get Chhavi married to Veer. Akshay takes a decision, and Aparajita tells him about Hrithika. A cop tells Aparajita the truth about Hrithika. Mohini gives Veer a piece of advice and he visits Aparajita’s house. Later, Chhavi slaps Veer.

Friday 7th July 2023
Mohini’s ploy works and Aparajita is proven a liar. Mohini lies to Akshay as Veer’s father calls her. Later, Veer gets furious over Aparajita’s condition. Aparajita gives a stunning reply to Mohini’s words. Later, Aparajita wonders about the motives of the person who is spying upon them.

Saturday 8th July 2023
Asha surprises everyone at home and gives some good news. Chhavi’s Roka ceremony begins and a strange girl enters the house with a knife. Veer’s father insults his wife in front of everyone. Aparajita worries about Chhavi’s future.

Sunday 9th July 2023
Aparajita receives a message from the stranger and shows it to Disha. Aparajita and Disha meet Ritika’s sister, Deepika, who tells them the truth about Veer and gives them proof as well. Akshay announces Chhavi and Veer’s wedding at the party. Aparajita tries to show evidence against Veer to Akshay, but Mohini ends up intervening.

Monday 10th July 2023
Despite Amma telling him otherwise, Akshay leaves to get Aparajita’s phone repaired. However, he gets kidnapped. Niya and Disha find evidence that Akshay has been kidnapped. Aparajita doubts Mohini. Later, Chhavi speaks to Veer about Akshay.

Tuesday 11th July 2023
Aparajita tells Mohini that they need to fight against Veer and find Akshay using her sources. Disha and Niya, along with the police, search for Akshay. Mohini requests Aparajita to do the ‘Tapasya’ for Akshay’s sake.

Wednesday 12th July 2023
The inspector doesn’t let Disha find the evidence. Chhavi sees a mark on Veer’s hand and questions him. Veer tells his goon to burn the truck down. The priest tells Aparajita that Akshay is still in danger. Veer kills his recruit to avoid being exposed. The family rescues Akshay and takes him to the hospital, but he slips into a coma.

Thursday 13th July 2023
Aparajita applies vermillion as Akshay’s wife. Akshay comes out of the coma but loses the memory of the past twenty years. Mohini learns that Akshay doesn’t remember her as his wife. Veer worries about Akshay regaining his memory.

Friday 14th July 2023
Mohini cries as Akshay doesn’t remember her. Disha tells Asha and Chhavi that it is their chance to torment Mohini. Asha and Disha look for a girl who resembles Chhavi. Aparajita stops Akshay from going to Mohini’s house.

Saturday 15th July 2023
Akshay behaves with Aparajita as he did 20 years ago. Veer tells his father that Akshay has to die. Akshay doesn’t remember his daughters. Mohini and Manish come to meet Akshay but her questions trouble him.

Sunday 16th July 2023
Akshay’s loving behaviour worries Aparajita, but Mohini resolves to get Akshay to remember her. To forcefully remind Akshay of the past, Mohini tries to get close to him and loses her cool when Akshay applies vermilion to Aparajita’s forehead.

Monday 17th July 2023
Aparajita tries a trick to keep Akshay away from the truth, but Mohini prepares to foil her plan. Disha fights a customer at the laundry for speaking ill about Aparajita. Akshay’s condition worsens as Mohini takes him to his house to make a few revelations. Aparajita arrives there. Akshay confesses his love to Aparajita.

Tuesday 18th July 2023
Mohini is furious with Aparajita and says that she will take her revenge. Amma gives a task to Disha, Asha and Chhavi. Later, Veer vows to get his revenge on Akshay. Veer tries to kill Akshay, who fights with him. Later, Aparajita throws Mohini out of Akshay’s room.

Wednesday 19th July 2023
Aparajita learns a secret Amma has been keeping. Aparajita takes Akshay to the hospital. Mohini decides to take a drastic step for Aparajita and Akshay’s anniversary. Veer manipulates Chhavi. Chhavi slaps Disha as she accuses Veer and doesn’t believe Aparajita as well.

Thursday 20th July 2023
Chhavi defends Veer in front of Aparajita. Mohini brings a group of women, who insult Aparajita and she tries to defend herself. The women supporting Mohini throw stones at Aparajita. Disha feels that Aparajita, once again, has developed feelings for Akshay.

Friday 21st July 2023
Disha argues with Aparajita over Akshay and asks her if she is in love with Akshay. Disha, Asha and Chhavi get into danger due to Mohini’s plan. Aparajita worries about Akshay’s health.

Saturday 22nd July 2023
Aparajita receives a call from the inspector. Akshay waits for Aparajita, but she makes an excuse and goes to save her daughters. Aparajita realises Mohini’s ploy but stays with her daughters and gives them courage.

Sunday 23rd July 2023
Akshay learns that Aparajita has gone out of the house. The police inspector doesn’t release Aparajita’s daughters, and Akshay comes to the police station. The police arrest Akshay for lying to them. Aparajita refuses to accept Mohini’s condition and challenges her.

Monday 24th July 2023
Aparajita succeeds in getting Akshay and her daughters out of jail. Mohini manages to prove Disha to be a thief in Akshay’s eyes. Aparajita realises it was Mohini, who made Asha sick and hurts her. Veer invites Chhavi to a ceremony.

Tuesday 25th July 2023
Akshay slowly remembers the past. Disha berates Mohini in front of everyone and gives her a warning. Aparajita tells everyone that she will try to make Akshay regain his memory. Later, Akshay conveys his thoughts to Amma.

Wednesday 26th July 2023
Aparajita brings Akshay home, and he starts remembering the past. Meanwhile, Mohini meets her lawyer. Akshay cries and asks questions to Aparajita. Later, Mohini tries to tell the truth to Akshay but his condition worsens.

Thursday 27th July 2023
Akshay regains his memory and goes back to Mohini. Later, Aparajita feels hurt and Chhavi tells her to fight for her love. Mohini creates a scene, in order to prove her love but Aparajita ends up giving her a warning. Later, Mohini tells Manish the reason she wishes for Akshay to go back to Dubai.

Friday 28th July 2023
Aparajita argues with Akshay over Chhavi. Chhavi questions Asha and later resolves to marry Veer. Mohini spoils the situation of Chhavi’s marriage further. Veer rebukes Mohini and shows the proof he has. Later, Mohini comes with Veer’s family for the wedding, but Aparajita stands firm.

Saturday 29th July 2023
Aparajita stops Chhavi’s wedding, and the latter elopes from the house. Aparajita is shocked to find Chhavi at Akshay’s house with Mohini. Akshay finalises a date for Veer and Chhavi’s wedding. He warns Aparajita to not create any problem in Chhavi’s wedding.

Sunday 30th July 2023
Aparajita behaves nicely with Veer’s family which scares him. Mohini worries about Aparajita’s plan. Aparajita puts Veer in a fix and he ends up making a mistake. Aparajita switches Mohini’s phone with hers. Disha and Asha lock Veer in the washroom. Trapped in Aparajita’s plan, Mohini asks Veer a question.

Monday 31st July 2023
Disha hides a purse and Veer follows her. Mohini pretends to have a sprain in her leg. Veer finds a key inside the purse. Mohini gets irked on seeing Akshay and Aparajita. Veer worries about the key. Chhavi tells Akshay that she wishes for him and Aparajita to do the rituals together.



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