Destined by fate update Thursday 14 March 2024

Tingu catches Rashmi disguised as a mehandi artist and asks what plan she has made to stop Kanha and Chaman’s wedding. Rashmi recalls threatening her to reveal her evil intention to Bahar and her threatening him back that he is conspiring with her to stop the wedding, she will reveal howmuch he is in Chaman’s love and wants to control her, she warns him to be in his limits as he is not a leader material and should follow orders as always. Out of flashback, she asks him to let her go as she can’t reveal her plan.

Kanha, Sayuri, and Nakul hope Ammu does something and bring director Rajesh or else Chaman will create ruckus. Chaman asks why didn’t the director come yet and starts getting out of control. Ammu enters in a corporate attire with director Rajesh. Kanha says Chaman’s wait is over and the director who changed many common girl’s lives and made them heroines. He takes a few names. Ammu says the list is endless. Chaman gets impressed and tells director that she will show her talent to him and takes him in. Nakul tells Ammu that she is looking completely different and pretty. Ammu says even she is unable to identify even herself at first and feels happy getting out of her world for the first time. They continue to converse. Rashmi gets jealous seeing them together.

Chaman points at gun at Rajesh and says she will show him how a helpless girl can fight enemies in his film and target practices on Tingu. Rajesh runs away from there and hides. Kanha’s team traces him. Ammu warns him to expose his sins to his wife if he doesn’t help them. They convince him to act and get Chaman’s signatures on papers. Rajesh convinces Chaman to sign the paper. Chaman takes pen to sign the papers but stop at the end moment and asks Rajesh to describe the story first. Kanha describes the story in his style, impressing Chaman. Drama continues…


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